Mongoose Xr Pro mountain bike: why it’s one of the best

Bikers usually fantasize about the adventurous creativity they can come up with on their bikes. Every biker loves to have the grit of control on his bike and create that feeling of connection when riding it. If you own a bike long enough, you will understand this sensation. But have you tried the 29″ Mongoose XR PRO mountain bike?  If not, after reading through this Mongoose Xr Pro mountain bike review, go get one and take it for a spin. But there is a caveat: this bike is not meant for the streets or playgrounds. It is designed for sports and mountain trailblazers.

Mountain bike build-up is different from regular bikes. For instance, the tires are bigger and tougher, and not meant to screech on smooth surfaces. The Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike is designed to climb mountain trails, and navigate through humps and bumps. Without further ado, let’s get on with the Mongoose XR-PRO 29 review and find out what you have been missing. 

Features of the 29″ Mongoose XR PRO Mountain Bike 

So the 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO men’s mountain bike is a full suspension bike and has a loyal cult following. Here are the reasons why that is so. 

Full Alloy Body Frame

Although the bike is very large, it is actually lightweight and it looks great as far as components are concerned, it is not bad. The Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike has beefy handlebars as one would expect of a quality mountain bike and the Zoom branded steam looks well made.

mongoose pro mountain bike review

So when you ride, expect that full grip that won’t get your hand unnecessarily uneasy. Aside from the comfort of these handlebars, the Mongoose branded grips feature a honeycomb design which makes it very more fanciful in appearance. 

A look at the SRAM X4 rear derailleur

The chain stays as basic Mongoose branding, and the seat stays void of any branding but it makes up for that with a stylish-looking rear suspension mouth. The saddle is a WTB Speed V and it looks decent. Upfront, the bike is equipped with Zoom steam and it also has an alloy Zoom seat post. There is a 24-speed branding on the top of the seat tube and the lower part of the seat tube is powered by SRAM.  The entire makeup of this bike is full alloy aluminum and the welds look smartly good.  

Functionality plus Aesthetics 

Consider riding a bike that is superbly functional, yet at the same time full of aesthetics to delight in. because next to the handlebars of 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO men’s mountain bike are the alloy brake lever housings made up to polish brake levers. Even lovers of Shimano trigger shifters would fall in love with the SRAM X4 of the mountain bike. They function perfectly and look good on the bike; very low profile and out of the way.

mongoose xr pro 29

The head tube is branded with a metal Mongoose engraving which is crooked out of the box.  Due to its rugged construction, this bike can handle some punishments’ when you set it out on a mountain bike trail. This means you can ride it for long hours against the most adverse roadways and it will come out unscathed at the end of it. Pro riders of mountain trails who used this bike attest to its efficiency, speed, and durability. 

Obscure Design

 Part of what makes art thick is the obscurity perceived from it, particularly in cases of paintings or photographic expressions. This probably could be one of the thoughts of these bike designers to give it that sort of expressive art feature.

29" mongoose xr-pro review

The top tube of the Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike features XR-PRO branding but it is partially obscured with a weird squiggle design. The squiggle continues on the down tube partially obscuring the Mongoose branding. The down tube also features cage mounts. 

Beautiful Rugged Tires and Excellent Disc Brakes 

When it comes to mountain bikes, what is expected of a quality one is the reliance on its brake. That is the assurance of comfort for any rider so that at any point in time when the brakes need to be applied, there is immediate ease to it. The Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike comes with a front suspension system SR SUNTOUR XCT V3 for a preloaded adjustment, but on the other side of the SR SUNTOUR, we have a 160m PRO MAX disc brake set-up that is pretty much quickly skewer.

mongoose xr pro 29 reviews

The rear brake is the same as the front – 160-millimeter PRO-MAX. The rear wheel has a quick release so much so that the wheels are quickly gripped upon the application of the brake.  Although the alloyed double wall of this bike is completely generic with no brand name whatsoever, it comes with 29 by 2.10-inch tires. This exemplifies true ruggedness for the bumpy terrains the bike is meant for. You can go for hours on rocky adventures on hills and mountains without the trembling of potential malfunctioned tires. 

Haters made Lovers 

The part most mountain bike pros love to hate is the coil-over rear suspension system. Many are not big fans of this but the one on the Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike is rated 850 pounds per square inch which is significantly more than many mountain bikes out there and it is branded K-Speed number 258. So you might want to check out the brand. And if you are also a hater of SR SUNTOUR, get ready for an early Christmas surprise. You won’t find the usual framework sticker from Wal-Mart on this bike that tells you not to ride it on trails. How cool is that? 

Excellent Gearing for Top Performance

The 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO men’s mountain bike also features an SR SUNTOUR superpower flow crankset which looks pretty decent. It also comes with SRAM SX4 trigger shifters which allow for riders to set up for different surfaces with desired speed out of the 24-speed variants.

mongoose 29er mountain bike

The front derailleur is generic but it is considered better made than any of the other Pacific cycle generic front derailleurs. It has a KMCZ 72 chain that meets up with a G-Falcon 8-speed 11 to 32 tooth cog set.  

Speed and Safety 

There goes a feeling of riding a bike and enjoying the breeze that goes with it when you are at full speed. With the Mongoose gearing system and a 24-speed variant, speed is not a problem for this bike. Either for racing sport or for the sake of fun, you can be assured of Mongoose XR-PRO bike delivering top speed at your game. More so, safety is a given at the level of speed you operate due to its reliable brake system.  You wonder how a seemingly large bike can move at such top speed. This bike has been built to be lightweight, yet keep a sturdy balance. 

Excellent Dual Suspension 

The good or bad thing about any bike ride is the suspension interaction of the bike with terrains that are quite tough and rough. For a bike with a terrible suspension, bikers would have bad days riding through rocks and valleys. But for the Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike, which is equipped XR PRO with a Suntour suspension fork; riders would enjoy smooth rides across the toughest conditions. The interesting thing is that riders of this bike need not be standing while riding through these tough conditions. So you can get to sit and bump into rocks and still not feel the effect owing to the high suspension tenacity of the bike. 

Easy Upgrades 

The 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO men’s mountain bike can be a great bike for people who plan to upgrade their bikes. Although the factory form of the bike is not bad at all, upgrading it will definitely place it off the hook. Many users say that if this bike is upgraded with about 500$ to $1000 worth of parts, it is more or less equal to the worth of $2000 to $3000 local bike. This is a premium buy without a premium price. 


  • This mountain bike is constructed to deliver high-level performances with a full alloy aluminum suspension frame.
  • It has an excellent safety protocol with its disc brakes which comes good when applied.  This bike has a great sense of appeal due to its aesthetic looks and finishing.
  • Mongoose XR-PRO is very good for smooth riding along bumpy terrains due to its excellent suspension frame.
  • It comes with a 24-speed variant gearing system which allows for the top speed of your choosing.  It is very easy to assemble as there aren’t many technicalities involved.
  • It can be very easily upgraded to any professional status of your choosing.
  • With the quality of components and functionalities of this bike, the price is relatively cheap.


  • The mainframe has a certain great finish and as mentioned earlier, void of any warning stickers of riding on trails but it does mention it is heat-treated aluminum.
  • Unfortunately, the totality of the Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike is not made up of alloy aluminum. Instead of alloyed pedals, this bike comes with polymer Mongoose branded flat pedals paired up to SR SUNTOUR XCT branded crank arm.
  • There is no frame sizing with this bike; you kind of get what you get.   It is a large bike. Even for a 6-foot tall individual, the bike can appear too big as hardly is there enough room between the top bar of the bike and such an individual’s seat clamp. So for a smaller person, it can as well be a most uncomfortable ride.

Final Words 

The Mongoose PRO mountain bike review has actually made us see the efficiency of this bike. It comes with comfort and style but most important is its functionality. It surpasses many other mountain bikes in terms of components and it has been built to endure the difficult terrains available.  Its excellent dual-suspension unique feature delivers a comfortable ride through rocks, bumps, and roots.

The quick release of its disc brakes ensures trust is established between the rider and his bike.  On the other hand, its gearing system and a 24-speed variant ensure this bike can go in a fast space without compromising safety.  We started the Mongoose XR-PRO 29 review with the essence of creating a connection between a rider and his bike. For this bike, I guess the connection is already established even if you are yet to get one.   

Customer Opinion of the Mongoose XR-PRO

The bottom line of any great product or service lies in the opinion of its users. It is important to get what people have to say about this product and examine things from their own perspectives. Besides, buyers are very much wary of what a seller has to say about his own products.

So, here are some well-considered thoughts of users who have tested this product. 

Showing 8 reviews 

Verified Purchase Mongoose XR-PRO 29” Review

 Awesome bike. Love this bike, I never had a 29er before but it feels just right for a 6’0 140lb guy. I’ll love to take it on a trail someday and see how well it holds up also upgrades will definitely be coming soon for this bike.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How much does the 29" Mongoose XR-PRO men's mountain bike weigh?

It has a shipping weight of 101 pounds with dimensions of 68 x 23 x 41 inches. 

Who can ride the 29" Mongoose XR-PRO men's mountain bike weigh?

This is a professional bike and it is meant for skilled pro riders involved in mountain trailing and such sports. It may also be difficult for short people to ride it comfortably. 

Can I upgrade the 29" Mongoose XR-PRO men's mountain bike to my style?

One great thing about the 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO men’s mountain bike is that it is constructed to allow for desired upgrades of the individual. More so, each upgrade will make this bike more valuable at a lower cost than costlier bikes in the market. 

How do I assemble the 29" Mongoose XR-PRO men's mountain bike?

Each of these products comes in handy with its manual with instructions on how to assemble. However, since about 90 percent of its parts are already installed, you will only need to attach the quick-release rod to the front wheel. Afterward, get the front wheel installed with the fork and lock it with quick release. Following this, you will need to install the handlebars and pedals.  

How much travel does the shock of the Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike has?

It has 100mm (3.9in) 281g (6.2lb).

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