Best bike seats for women

Best Bike Seat for women

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 36 total views When cycles were introduced in the 19th century, they quickly became popular among peoples worldwide. Since then, cycles are being used for both sports and recreational activities of many kinds. These simple two-wheel machines have their use in both indoor and outdoor activities. People like mountain bikers, and professional fitness folks, and women … Read more

Bike Pedals Slipping Under Load- Fixing for Pedals Slip

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 240 total views When I first started biking, I didn’t have any clue what and how stuff worked. Especially the mechanical parts. My cycling experience was hampered a lot. The first thing I had to face was my bike pedals slipping under load constantly. I couldn’t put too much power on the pedals or couldn’t drive … Read more

How to Stop Skipping Bike chain-Every biker need to know

How to Stop Skipping Bike chain

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 166 total views Does your chain often skip during the ride? And you have no idea what is causing this and how to fix it? Then no more worries. Because today I will tell you how to stop skipping the bike chain for a smooth and comfortable ride.  A skipping chain is downright asking for trouble. … Read more

26-inch bike for what size person-Everyone have to know

26-inch bike for what size person

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 282 total views Finding the right size bike is a crucial factor for beginner riders.  Picking the wrong one can prompt a devastating cycling experience. So after choosing the right cycle, you need to determine which inch will perfectly suit you. Different bike sizes match different people. A 26-inch bike doesn’t go with everyone. So in … Read more

Best cadence sensor for cycling Reviews

best cadence sensor for cycling

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 158 total views If you’re an immense fan of cycling analytics – observing your correcting speed, health level, and driving speed – you’re probably knowledgeable of the numerous convincing cycling computers out there. They’re convincing devices for boosting your game, upgrading your times, and touching your athletic pinnacle.  In this article, we will show you the … Read more

Best Noseless Bike Seat – Top Noseless Bike Saddles of 2021

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 138 total views I don’t mean to scare you but you should know that a traditional bike seat nose can cause erectile dysfunction! This is something that no one wants! And I barely saw few people talking about this.  If you ride a bicycle regularly, especially if you do long rides, then you shouldn’t use traditional seats … Read more

How to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike

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 102 total views Riding a bicycle incorporates numerous changes alongside sitting, pedaling, and practicing. Adults and children can’t ride the same-sized bike. So, you may need to make a few adjustments when it comes to riding a bike. You may have to raise the handlebars on your youngster’s bicycle as fitting handlebars’ stature is very significant. … Read more

Best Bell Qualifier Helmet Reviews – Invest Money on the Right Helmet

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 102 total views If you have been in the motorcycle helmet industry for any length of time, you must have heard about Bell Qualifier Helmets. They have been serving the market and satisfying the need of motorcycle riders for 50-years now. Bell knows exactly what the riders need and they produce exactly that. Protection to comfort to … Read more

How to Remove a Bike Crank without Puller- A Complete Guide

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 138 total views Every biker knows the importance of removing the crankset. Most often you need this special puller tool to remove it. But by misfortune, you might forget it at home while riding a mountain or countryside. And without a puller or mechanic nearby, you will definitely have to search how to remove the bike … Read more