How to Make a Mountain Bike Faster on the Road?

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Whether you are a regular commuter or hardcore athlete, riding a bike is what you enjoy the most. Though many people ride on plain roads as a hobby. But some want to notch up their riding level by choosing a mountain bike. So you might ask, what’s the difference between a mountain bike and road bikes? Well, there is a long list between their differences. But it all compresses to a single conclusion. The road bikes are faster but less durable. While mountain bikes are for all-terrain, quite high on the durability, but speed? If you really want to make a mountain bike faster on the road, this blog is just for you.

Mountain Bike Cleaning Techniques

For many of us, your right to take the adrenaline rush on our mountain bikes. Indeed it’s nothing like riding downhill from a cliff. Mountain bike is exclusively made for. But going straight on road, after reading this guide, you will surely sense some improvement on-road tracks as well. The tools you need if you are like those people who don’t usually back off from making his hands dirty. Then you are about to do some hardware shopping my good friend. We are going to provide you with simple tips and you aren’t restructuring your bike with an additional combustion motor.

Two major Steps to keep clean and make your Mountain Bike faster on Road

There are only two departments we will focus on while making our mountain bike faster on the road. One involves cleaning your bike parts while the other goes towards maintenance. Tools with the right focus on cleaning and maintenance areas are the need of this task. But fear not, as we proceed towards the more detailed part of our blog. You will come to know, how easy it is to tune up your mountain bike go faster.

First thing at the first

You would need a washing liquid for cleaning purposes. Along with an apron (for your clothes), clamps, and most importantly chain cleaners. For scrubbing up you might need to buy two brushes. And a gear brush for cleaning up the gears around the back of your mountain bike.

The second thing is to using soft bristle brush

To clean your chain and grease from inside, better go for a grease fluid. Which is powerful, water, solvent liquid, used to dissolve all the build-up grease and grime from your chain and gears. Ah and get one of that good old washcloths for after cleaning. Tools for Modification/maintenance let’s talk about the tools which are more related to assemble/disassemble your mountain bike, For that, you have to go around your local hardware store. Get yourself a screwdriver set, some basic lubricants, Allen wrench set, Torx wrenches set and a pressure gauge for tires.

For some minor adjustments, you should also get your hands on some cable cutters, chain pin remover, needle-nose pliers, chain pliers, and some dental picks for handling small pieces. If you think that there is quite a long list of tools to purchase, well you won’t be wrong.

Mountain Bike Maintenance

Although, trading with tools in order to make your bike go faster on the track is worth the shopping. Set your tire pressure it may be possible that your mountain bike only needs a suitable tire pressure evaluation. Neither it should be too low, nor too high, but it must be perfectly set. If you are wondering how does higher pressure affects the speed of your bike, well it’s pretty easy to understand. Your bike will become a bungee jumping machine, will be skipping every bounce and you might lose your control over it.

So how to set your bike’s tire pressure at the right point? If you are thinking of a number, well, there isn’t any. Many factors come into play when finding the right tire pressure for your mountain bike. Which includes your bike trails, the size of your rim, and tires. And what is your riding position on your mountain bike, are you rough, aggressive, or light on the pedals.

Check Your Tire Pressure Sometimes

There is, however, a trick to find the most suitable pressure number. Which you can go for based on some generic conditions. For tubeless types, bikes should be set at 26 PSI in the front. As well as keep 26 PSI pressure in the rear tire. If you can add an additional 2 PSI more, it would be more optimized.  Then comes the testing phase to check whether your bike riding has improved or not. If not, keep on adding or releasing 2 PSI until you get to the most ideal setting.

You must savor the moment, and make sure to keep a record of your tire pressure for later use. You also must write your thoughts about how did your mountain bike react to the most optimum pressure. Make it fine corners and do the tire grips improve than before. The entire purpose of this trial and run type of practice is a self-learning routine that will help you to learn the mechanics of your mountain bike better. Keep doing that, and you’ll soon be riding your bike with incredible speed in no time. Set your rebound suspensions after tiring. The most important thing about a mountain bike is its impeccable suspension. Which differs from other bikes available in the market.

Riding Tricks to Make Fast Mountain Bike on Road

Mountain Bike on Road

Riding up with speed, but still not satisfied, must be your rebound may act up. The suspension or dampers of your bike are not recovering faster than they should be. Because your suspensions are not rebounded. For this exercise, we tested our mountain bike over the hilly park. Then we tested on rough terrain to check the suspension through a trial and error process. For people who might be thinking what does a rebound damping do? Well, it’s what makes your bike in your control and for a smooth ride. Its main job is to absorb the bumps or unsteadiness of the track by making the wheel go in an upward direction. The rebound dampers make the wheel go down in its regular place, as quickly as possible. The rider won’t feel any discomfort or loss of control of the bike.

A rebound damping is controlled by a small knob with positive and negative signs used to indicate decreasing and increasing numbers.

Reduce the Rebound Dampers to Zero

The easiest way to have a fast mountain bike on the road is simply by reducing the rebound dampers to zero. Zero rebound damping means it will not bounce at all. Now you can go as fast as you can, depending on if the road is clear and glassy. But in truth, it isn’t for that, you need to keep adding 2 more points. First of all, rebound damping along with a test drive on any bumpy terrain. Keep repeating this by removing 2 points, until you feel the perfect setting for the suspensions. Don’t forget to write down the number for future reference. Check your stem length. The stem is basically a bike component that is used to entertain handlebars with the steered tube of your bike fork. The length of the stem is referred to as the distance between the steering tubes against the handlebar is.

Before anything else, you should take a ride on your mountain bike and test out are you comfortable with the adjusted stem length. That was there since the beginning of your biking era.  So how does lower or higher stem affect on your bike? Lower stem length improves your control over the front wheel, which means your turning and corner controls will improve dramatically.

Do not press down your Stem

For Higher stem length, your posture will get affected and also it will ruin the aerodynamics of your body’s structure. Just make sure not to press down your stem to the extremities of both, cause to lower also affects you to manually control between high turns and shallow turns.  The trick here is to try out various combinations by setting your stem length on the plus and negative direction. Drive on harsh terrain as well as on straight roads and be a better judge of yourself. The point was you are more comfortable from your grip; keep a record of the stem height, by measuring its length from handlebar to steered tube bike fork. Is your brake rubbing?

Everyone knows the importance of a break in the very vehicle, either a car, motorcycle or a bike. Without it, our lives are at stake. Besides its safety reasons, the bike is also used for controlling your speed and keeping the bike within your jurisdiction. So a healthy break is in everyone’s best interest. There could be a drastic flaw on your brakes, even its working fine if you apply for it. It’s just rubbing with your tires rims.

Rebound your Dampers

Checking it is pretty straightforward, simply pull up your bike and spin the tires by your hand. If it’s revolving smoothly with no signs of stopping any time soon, you are in the clear. But if they spin for a second, then that’s it, it is time to fix the brakes of yours. The brake rubs are for people who might be thinking what does a rebound damping do? Well, it’s what makes your bike in your control and for a smooth ride. Make the wheel go in an upward direction. Its main job is to absorb the bumps or unsteadiness of the track.

The rebound dampers make the wheel go down in its regular place, as quickly as possible. The rider won’t feel any discomfort or loss of control of the bike. If you think about it, it’s pretty sad to imagine. All those wasted energies that were spent due to your brake rubbing situation. Not only it makes your bike go slower, but also it will degrade up your brakes quickly than usual.

Fix your Mountain Bike Brakes properly

Fixing it is pretty straightforward. Just separate your brake calipers away from the pads if they are joining it. Check the performance of your revolutions, until its properly fixed. A silent bike is a faster bike that’s pretty much sums everything up if you are looking. Make a fast mountain bike on the road. You can tell whether your bike is making any type of noise. It may be loosened nuts or bolts, suspension brushes may be hit with each other. It’s the chain sounds that are something bugging you for a while. There is no fast way of making sure that your bike gets a silent treatment. Here comes the cleaning treatment of your bike.

As mentioned with all the tools for cleaning your mountain bike, it’s actually time to put them into practice. Open up every nut, bolt, and separate them altogether. Start to clean all the dirt, dust, or grease from the bike. Make it like it is manufactured today from the factory. A rule of advice never washes your bike with water. At first, cleaning of brush and washing soap would do the trick. Water may make the bike’s components exposed to rust.

Apply Grease over Chain, Gears and Suspensions

After a thorough cleaning, make sure you apply grease over the affected areas such as chains, gears, suspension openings, etc. The grease should be of extra good quality so that your bike can have the best of both worlds. Together with cleaning and greasing, your bike will surely ride quietly and faster than ever. Conclusion Understanding how to make your bike go faster is extremely important for everyone who owns a bike. This is because, your bike and how much caring you put on it, determine your actual interest in riding your bike on different terrains, either rough or plain with better results.

Most people who participate in triathlons are usually interested in making their mountain bikes compatible with every type of landscape. Having said that, just following these steps on how to make your mountain bike faster on the road is a dream of every bike owner because frankly, who would buy a bike just to get beaten down against a tricycle.

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