Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review

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The Trek 820 Mountain Bike is one of the most legendary and wanted bikes within the low-end price range. You can find it more reliable because it is one of the most reasonably priced bikes in the marketplace, even the trek 820 bike is also consistent you can discover. Here we have described Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review.

This is amusing, versatile, dependable, and long-lasting which puts you in an outstanding point for lengthy and relaxed rides. Trek 820 Mountain Bike is very easy to ride and what’s even improved – every element of the bike insists little preservation even though this is a low priced bike.

But instead all of these factors the bike also has a few downsides. We have disclosed all of the advantages and disadvantages of the Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review from our in-depth research.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike – Full Specifications

  • Frame:  The Trek 820 frame is made by Custom Stainless Steel
  • Sizes: Available sizes in the market 13, 16, 18, 19.5, 21, 22.5 inches.
  • Colors: Available colors – Trek Matte Black or Black (Zanes)
  • Wheels: Trek used Formula FM21 for the front alloy hub and Formula FM31 for the rear one.
  • Fork:  The fork is 75mm
  • Rims: Trek Manufactured the Rims from Bontrager. Model AT-550 36-hole alloy
  • Tires: Tires also manufactured from Bontrager: Model LT3, 26×2.00″
  • Shifters: The Shifters made by Shimano; Model Tourney EF40, and  its 7 speed
  • Derailleur (Front): By Shimano Tourney TY500
  • Derailleur (Rear): By Shimano Tourney TY300
  • Bike Crank: Made by Shimano Tourney M131, variable 42/34/24
  • Bike Cassette Mechanism: Shimano TZ21, 7 speed
  • Pedals: Padel made by Wellgo. Nylon podium
  • Bike Seat post: Seatpost made by Bontrager; Model SSR 2-bolt head and 29.2x12mm equalize
  • Handlebar:  Trek 820 Bike handlebar is manufactured by Bontrager Riser. Size 25.4x30mm mount
  • Brakeset: Tektro manufactured the trek breaks. It is alloy linear-pull


  • Low Priced but High-Value Equipment
  • Adaptable and Consistent
  • Incredible Suspension
  • Very comfortable for Riding
  • Faultless Positioning
  • Reasonable priced
  • Provides a flavor of a professional bike riding experience
  • The front suspension of the bike installed really great
  • The tires grip are good and long-lasting
  • The tires are also great for road biking and it is possible to ride on normal roads and pavements effortlessly.
  • Trek 820 Mountain Bike can be customized inexpensively.
  • It will do a great job as an off-road bike too. You can get it to do your work and home again comfortably.
  • Well designed and stylish mountain bike ever.
  • Huge durability.
  • Basically lightweight while riding on.


  • Trek 820 Mountain Bike is a bit heavy.
  • Slightly bumpy Seat but you can change it.
  • 34 lbs weight is still measured as a bit heavy side if you are scheduling on it for competitions.
  • It won’t be great for tough terrain as the bike tires are not suitable for off-road. Sometimes you may become frustrated while riding off-road. But I think this the best one for mountain tracks in this low price range.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review Factors

trek 820 mountain bike review

Mountain biking always requires an exceptional type of bike. To handle the rough terrain, a mountain bike requires being sturdy and powerful. The Trek 820 mountain bike is an outstanding appetizer model with sufficient of a proficient feel that you will get an actual idea of off-road biking. But it is amazingly not much expensive that it becomes exorbitantly. We have considered it as one of the best mountain bike for beginners under $500 and it is a choice that won’t smash your bank either.

For rough road terrain, it is not the best choice for you. But it is better for light riding over bumpy roads with lots of deep holes. It will not be the right note for those who are professional road race riders but it’s awesome for mountain biking and off-road tracking.

Though the available color of the trek 820 mountain bike is extremely limited, regrettably, only black with a matte finish this model does have an incredibly shiny and gorgeous look.

Buying the Trek 820 Model it might be good for you if:

• You have no previous experience of riding on off-road.

• You desire an absolute trial before you obtain to push on a very costly model.

• You want to ride the bike both on mountain and road.

• You consider more intense within low cost bike for mountain track. Like, for example, light single track, annoy trail or pitch in the city.

• You have a low budget to buy an exclusive mountain bike.

What will you get buying a Trek 820 mountain bike

Though there is not any bell or whistle with the bike you have to consider these in this price range. So you cannot complain here. The most interesting thing is that you can the overall look of the bike if you feel the bike is a little bit generic for you. You can always customize lights, fenders, parking kickstand, etc. The main component of the bike is the alloy frame that is made of stainless steel that is long lasting to a lot of rough action.

You can trails or concrete as smoothly as the built-in tires are semi-slick. The wheels are much durable and light weighted as they are well-crafted with an alloy that will provide you the best comfort.

trek 820 mountain bike review

The Trek 820 Mountain Bike doesn’t have any rare suspension as it’s a hardtail mountain bike.  But you will be using it on the lighter trail in any case. The front suspension fork provides a great balance that you are not going to put off your teeth out of your head while going downward in the mountain track. The huge space inside the frame can be attached with a water-bottle carrier and fitness scrutinize etc.

Always remember and be cautious that the total weight of the bike frame can bear 300 lbs. And the bike weighs around 34 lbs without extra accessories. So the bike can handle up to 250 lbs easily but does not play with more weights. Another gigantic advantage is only Trek Bike manufacturing company tender models too for those bikers who are 4’9”. So you can take your teen kinds on the bike and Trek 820 mountain bike model is able to carry the weight.

The maximum size is 23, so bikers who are around 6’8” tall, can ride the bike smoothly. That means any height of bikers can ride the trek 820 bike model comfortably.

Advantages of the Trek 820 Mountain Bike

Low Price but High Quality Equipment

The whole components from the Trek norm Steel frame made by the Shimano Tourney derailleur, the Tektro alloy handbrake, and constant the Bontrager Riser handlebar compile, jointly, one of the best quality mountain bike within an affordable price.

At this extremely low price, the Trek 820 Mountain Bike is only advanced regarding quality than others at a similar level. The bike components are incredible, the structure is excellent and the overall feature will merely provide you long-lasting agreement.

The Trek Mountain Bike 820 model is one of the best bikes you will stumble on such a smart value.

Versatile and Dependable

The entire gear system of the Trek 820 Mountain Bike manufactured as one of the most adaptable and reliable bikes you will forever encounter.

You can make it better for any types of riding desire if you customize with the Shimano Tourney EF40 shifters and Shimano Tourney M131 crank.

You will be able to ride the Trek 820 on the road, on rough trails, on extreme high steeps, on rough-track downhill trails, or still just in-plane roadway without having any trouble. That means you can ride the bike everywhere and it will meet your principles without trouble.

Fantastic Suspension

The most competent suspension you will get on the low-end bike is the one obtainable on the Trek 820 Mountain Bike.

Each satisfied biker distinguishes that the most significant and possibly most competent component of a mountain bike is its suspension.

You will get true comfort while going on rough roads, tricky fast-tracks, dawdling steeps, rocky paths, and everywhere without any trouble. Moreover falling into each deep hole or stumping into each astounds – the Trek 820 Mountain Bike Model with the 75mm superior suspension will afford to consistency you are actually looking for.

Smooth Riding

The Trek 820 used twisted Bontrager LT3 tires next to the AT-550 Bontrager rims, the Shimano derailleur, and the excellent Formula wheels that will provide you outstanding performance effortlessly.

The Trek 820 Mountain Bike will be a standard choice for you as it feels smooth while riding and provides you great mountain track with comfort and fresh air.

The Wellgo nylon wheels will give you the feel of riding on a lightweight bike without having to be concerned about rigid pedaling or sluggish performance. It will constantly listen to your feet without setbacks.

Perfect Positioning

The Trek 820 bikes have an individual manufactured component that makes them improved than other bike models –the frame, handlebar, and the downward tube positioned perfectly.

It fits to basically everyone and assists to endorse an additional “upright” position, exceptional for everyone who feels affection for that feeling of an immediately and well riding through the city.

Disadvantages identified from our researched of the Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review

A Bit Heavy

A heavyweight can be sacrificed as it is high-quality equipment on a low-end bike, but you may complain of its bit heavyweight. It doesn’t consider the most profuse in the market and Trek 820 is not the toughest one to control anyway, but having a slightly heavier than most bikes on the equivalent price level – you might get it a petite poker-faced.

Particularly during quick tracks and downhill biking, the bike might sense harder to control than most. At this stage, it may be a little risky for you. However, it is manageable easily though you are not a professional biker.

Uncomfortable Seat

This is the only thing that the majority of bikers comply with Bontrager SSR seat as its saddle is not the best comfortable one out there.

This is because of its feels a bit harder than others while long time riding and it comes with a nominal intend that hurts a bit. Especially during rough trails, the saddle will be intensely disconcerting on your crotch, but you can change the seat anytime with a comfortable one.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review While Tracking

That is the best mountain bike in the world of biking; when it will offer the possibility to employ everywhere and every time you want to get perfect service without having to be anxious about anything. And that’s dreadfully close to what the Trek 820 Mountain Bike provides.

With this mountain bike, you will obtain exceptional superiority overall within an incredible price, one of the top consistent suspensions, fabulous flexibility, and a soft riding that along with the perfect standing position – will persuade any of your desires without trouble.

Of course, Trek 820 Bike is not the lightest in the market, compromising slight mobility and manageability in the procedure. A similar take place with the saddle that is not the main comfortable whichever.

On the other hand, Trek 820 Mountain Track Bike is still one of the most polite bikes you will discover. The preferred of numerous low-end bikers – and you might be the next one!

The Trek Mountain 820 is the easiest and most durable mountain bike you will ever ride!

Is the Trek 820 Mountain Bike a best buy?

In the end, it is patent that Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review is enough for everybody to choose from. But it will not outfit with the seasoned riders and may depart them feeling that they have an extremely limited level of selection. If you are an experienced biker, you will require to begin saving for a better one available in the market.

Terk 820 Mountain Bike is an outstanding selection for a beginner biker and a hobbyist cyclist. Someone who does not fairly know for sure that they will take pleasure in it and who doesn’t wish for shield out over $500 to buy the best mountain bike. (Most of the professional mountain bike models priced sound in surplus of $800.)

Final Verdict: Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review

Coming in the below $500 range means that this is truly reasonably priced and a way of taking the actual mountain tracking feeling. You will surely find an experience of the conjecture of mountain tracking and if you choose Trek 820 is not for you then you can simply ride it at home as an alternative. Terk 820 Mountain Bike is also an admirable selection for the occasional bikers – for those who only actually cycles when they want to trip on holidays.

This will provide you a practically comfortable journey with building you grimace when you observe your bank account and without costing and buying it off for the subsequent few years. All in all, Trek 820 Mountain Bike is not the awfully best bike model in the market comparing with above $1000 values bikes. But it is absolutely the best choice in terms of value for the budget. So, it can be your best payout for the most durable and versatile mountain bike and hope our research on Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review has helped you to make the perfect decision.

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