Best Cheap Mountain bike under 200 (Review)

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In order to have more control in the use of the equipment and be able to reach the places where you want in the field or the mountain, it is important to have a mountain bike under 150 that will allow you to have different speeds to control the speed with which you move and also, the force you should use to climb surfaces. We have experimented and researched again and again to find out the best cheap mountain bike under 200 dollars

If you have decided to buy one of these for your personal use or that of your children, there are some key or determining points that you must analyze before making your choice.

These we have taken after making a comparison of mountain bikes that you can get in the market and some of them are: the materials of manufacture, diameters of their wheels, the size that will fit perfectly to your body and you can use it with total comfort, and of course the budget, it is crucial to know how much it costs, because you will find from the most expensive, to that which is good and economical.

But to further expand these details and to have the best choice for your needs, we have prepared a guide for you to buy the best mountain bike under 200 dollars you can find in the market that suits your needs.

How to choose the best cheap mountain bike under 200

best mountain bike under 200
How to choose the Best mountain Bike


One of the main characteristics that you must take into account before making your choice is the speed with which you need to move and the different areas in which you are going to use it, also remembering the slopes and slopes to which you must submit them.

In the most conventional models of mountain bikes, you will find a standard measure of 18 to 21 changes, which are perfect for practice or start in mountain sport. However, there are those that reach up to 24 speeds for those who are professionals.

Clothing materials

Another fundamental factor is the material of confection since they will depend on the durability of it and the resistance that can give you. Mostly the most common materials in mountain bikes, especially for the preparation of their picture are carbon, aluminum, and steel, all chosen by the manufacturers because they are very durable and good.

These materials are also combined with plastic and rubber, which are used for details and handlebars, more comfortable for users.

The quality of the brake materials is also essential, there are two types, those of rubber shoes and those discs, like the most used nowadays for their efficiency and effectiveness to stop the bicycle or simply to lower the speed control.


The size of mountain bikes under 250 is usually standard, but you can also find models that are resistant materials and also, folding to facilitate the use of them, and take up less space when you are not using them.

You must analyze the size that is suitable for your height, because not any model fits any person and the most common are S ideal for people of 1 meter 60 centimeters of 14 inches: the M that goes from 1 m 65 cm to 1 m 70 cm from 16 to 18 “: stockings ranging from 1 75 to 100 with 18 or 19 “: and the L that can use it 1 m 80 cm to 1 m 90 cm and go up to 221 inches.


As we have already mentioned before. the price can be a highly determinant factor in our purchase and this is because being a sports team, the investment to be made is usually very high but currently there are many models and brands in the market.

It is important that you take into account that these prices are referential and may vary at the time of purchase. More and more people choose active recreation. We take Nordic walking polls with us for a walk, ride skates, run or ride a bike.

Bicycles also often become basic home sports equipment. Every family member should have a bike. If this is not the case in your family, and you like cycling, our mountain bike ranking is prepared for you, in which we have chosen 10 models that are worth attention and described their features.

10. EUROBIKE EURX1 GTR Aluminium Mountain Bike

EUROBIKE EURX1 GTR Aluminium Mountain Bike

This 200$ mountain bike has the main advantage of having a 40 km/ph speed system which you can use as required and be very efficient in its movement, thanks to its large wheels of 29 inches in diameter. The tires have a double-walled aluminum coating, which makes them very durable and resistant to uneven terrain. This model comes in size 1. that is to say for people who have between 1.75 meters of height 1.84. Its brake system is both front and rear disc.

This 29 inches mountain bike under 200$ is also very easy to use since it only weighs 13 kilograms so manipulating it will not require any supreme effort. Mountain bikers considered this bike as one of the best cheap mountain bike under 200 dollars in the market. This for its quality, price, durability, and also, resistance.

For many professional cyclists, this model is the best men’s mountain bike under 200 at the moment, so we invite you to detail the characteristics that distinguish this product.


  • Versatility
  • Components
  • Damping
  • Material
  • Mounting


  • Adjustments:

9. Murtisol Mountain Bike 27.5’’ Hybrid Bicycle 21 Speed

This model has an aluminum frame to make it more resistant to the use that you are going to give it and resist the force that you must apply to achieve climbing the heights of a mountain; this is thanks to its 26-inch tires with double aluminum walls and front suspension.

You can count on 21 different speeds so that you can use them as best you can. Whether it is for speed, displacement, or climbing surfaces. It has an aluminum disc brake. Which is able to have a better efficiency to progressively stop the bike. Or if you need to do it quickly.

It is very easy to control; because it’s only 12 kilograms weight, manipulating it will not be a problem. It has aluminum cranks which make it more resistant to use.

This model is not one of the best cheap mountain bikes under 200 dollars which confirms the quality of its materials and its high performance, so we present the pros and cons so you know more about the Murtisol mountain bike.

Murtisol specially designed the bike for women who start mountain biking with a delicate finish. It has a combination of materials and professional components for high performance. Its violet color is visually attractive.


  • Materials: The 66 cm frame is made of 7005 aluminum, as well as the handlebar, connecting rods, and suspension are made of adjustable aluminum to ensure durability.
  • Changes: With this bike, you can travel all kinds of slopes and climbs thanks to the Shimano TX-35 speed system with 21 changes that guarantee an efficient ride.


  • Adjustments: To be a beginner requires initial adjustments in the change that must be made by a person with knowledge in the subject; the rest of the assembly is very simple because it includes the key and the assembly instructions.

8. Huffy Mountain Bike

On this bike, you can find up to 21 different speeds that you can use as you want. It will let you go at high speed or climb places that you would not have thought. But always safe for its innovative disc brake system. This model also has a double suspension.

Huffy Mountain Bike

In addition, it is a folding mountain bike under $200 which gives it greater versatility of use and will allow it to occupy less space when you are not using it and require storage. Its dimensions are reduced to 95 centimeters long by 33 cm wide and 74cm high.

It is not very heavy, although it is one of those that have more weight among others in the market, because it has a total of 18 kilograms, moving it may require a little effort. It is made of very resistant materials such as aluminum.

If you live in a small apartment you will need a folding bike, but if you do not know which mountain bike to buy that occupies little space you can review the positive and negative aspects of the Huffy Mountain Bike folding mountain 200$ bike.


  • Design: This is a bicycle that can be stored in small spaces because it measures approximately 95 x 33 x 74 cm when bending easily, ideal to carry it in the trunk of the car to the place of travel.
  • Material: This model is made of Hi-Ten steel, a durable and resistant material that can last for many years if you adequately protect it from corrosion.
  • Speed: It has the Shimano system with 21 speeds for optimal performance to drive on slopes, climbs, and any type of terrain without much effort


  • Materials: Several customers say that the pedal material could be improved to offer greater durability.

7. 26” Dynacraft alpine eagle women’s mountain bike

This best mountain bike under $200  has a fairly large aluminum frame of 27.5 inches and large wheels to handle better in different areas that you have to face, these have double walls for strength.

It has 40kmph speeds that will allow you to improve your displacement and performance on slopes and climbs, this will help you to efficiently face different surfaces when you are in the mountains: In addition, it has a locking system in its fork and also has disc brakes so you have more control.

Dynacraft alpine eagle women's mountain bike 

The total weight of the product is 15 kilograms; this means that you can handle it easily and without much effort. It is of size M, ideal for people who have between 1.59 m and 1.71 m.

For some customers, the Dynacraft Alpine is the best cheap mountain bike under 200 for quality. The 200 dollar bike designed for amateurs and professionals in this discipline. Therefore we describe the positive and negative aspects of the 10-15M model. It is the best bicycle under 200.


  • Speed: The 24 changes of speeds allow obtaining an efficient performance of the bicycle to move quickly and adapt the pedaling to the type of terrain that you are going to cross.
  • Design: This bicycle has a particular geometric design so that the cyclist maintains a more upright posture without discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and back for a better experience.
  • Quality: The frame is made of high-quality hydroformed aluminum, light and resistant for a higher level of durability with 27.5 inches, which at the same time allows easy loading because it barely weighs 15 kg.


  • Some users express that it would be more beneficial if the braking system were hydraulic instead Ot mechanical. However, those that have to offer efficient performance.

6. Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Mountain Bike

Stowabike designed this model for children to be mountain bikers. It has 6 different speeds in its opinion. Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 is the smallest of the house in this spoil as it is foldable.

The bike has 12-inch aluminum wheels so it could be perfect for children from 11 to 13 years old, you should always take into account the height and also, the weight of the users. It has materials that are quite durable and resistant to use for a long time. The mountain spaces have fit this product.

Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Mountain Bike

This model is one of the best mountain bikes under 200 dollars for its great value for money. It is one of the cheapest in the market and is very commercial.


  • Speeds: It is designed as a children’s mountain bike, it has a 6-speed pinion that, combined with the triple plate, gives you better handling, either on flat terrain or on a slope.
  • Saddle: This element is easy to adjust to the child’s height using a manual pressure mechanism, without the need for tools.
  • Materials: The bike is made of an alloy of lightweight and durable metals, the rims, meanwhile, are made of aluminum to ensure its durability and resistance to corrosion.


  • Fork: It is totally rigid, lacks suspension, which can complicate the handling because there is no cushioning during the ride on uneven terrain.
  • Seat: A user says that the seat needs better padding because it is hard.

5. Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike

This best mountain bike under 200 has become widely valued among users for its multi-functionality. Its buyers consider that its design allows cyclists to maintain a more upright posture. The benefit of the position of the back, avoiding any type of pain also at the level of the neck and shoulders.

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike 

The discs of this bicycle are from the renowned Mongoose brand, considered by users like high quality. Their rims are of type Mach I of the double-wall, which grants them greater resistance. The speeds are another of the elements that stand out from this mountain 200  dollar bike because it is in the capacity to use 24.

Although it is not the cheapest product, its buyers see reflected the quality of its components in the final finish, which is black with silver and red flashes.

The Mongoose models have positioned themselves among professionals and amateurs as the best cheap mountain bike under 200 dollars on the market. So if your goal is to find the combination between the quality and functionality of bicycles, this copy can be your great option.


  • Multiple speeds: Among the aspects that have more importance for the users of these bicycles is the great variety of speed that reaches up to 24.
  • Constitution: The fact that most of its structure is made of aluminum gives it resistance and durability that is highly appreciated by bicycle experts.
  • Wheels: The Math 1 system of its wheels, which are also coated with Geax Aka, guarantees the resistance of its surface and its safety in too intricate terrains.
  • Brakes: They have a mechanical disc system that according to the users increases the reliability of the brakes.


  • Pedals: Some buyers have reported certain inconsistencies in their pedaling system since they consider it fragile

4. Murtisol Mountain Bikes Aluminum Mag Wheels

For many users, the differentiation of bicycles by sex is a completely overridden issue. At present, both sexes use different types of bicycles of the most varied colors without any distinction.

However, there is still a portion of users who assign a gender to bicycles, so if you are looking for a mountain bike for women because of its pink exterior design; the Murtisol Mountain Bikes Aluminum Mag Wheels can be a great option.

Murtisol Mountain Bikes Aluminum Mag Wheels

Currently, this product has become popular as the best mountain bike for under 200 dollars. So it has enjoyed great popularity. Among its functional elements are the six speeds in which it is able to move, some 26-inch wheels, and resistant steel material, capable of withstanding the onslaught of the mountain.

For some users it is difficult to decide which mountain bike to buy; If this is also your case, then check the pro and cons of the Murlisol Mountain Bikes Aluminum Mag Wheels bicycle. This model is often highly praised by experts in mountain biking.


  • Design: If you go after a mountain bike for women, the design of the Murtisol Mountain Bikes Aluminum Mag Wheels will be very suitable, since its color and its finishes have a very feminine touch.
  • Wheels: Its 26-inch wheels give it the quality of being fast and maintaining a firm balance regardless of the surface.
  • Speeds: Although it has been classified as an amateur bicycle, this model has six speeds adaptable to different surfaces.
  • Material: It is made mainly of steel and aluminum, which gives it a very resistant texture against any external attack.


  • Installation: There are several users who say that the assembly of this bicycle is quite
  • laborious: In addition, its factory supply does not include manual.

3. Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike, 29-Inch

Children have an incredible ability to play sports, and cycling is one of them. Parents often buy their children small bicycles to learn how to handle them, but lately, the fact that they can buy a mountain bike for a child has taken on more strength lately.

The Kent 7-29 Men’s Mountain Bike, 29-Inch is a small bicycle that has been qualified by its buyers as suitable for the little ones of the house. The Kent T-29 is made of aluminum and has six speeds, which in most cases is more than enough for any child.

Kent T-29 Men's Mountain Bike, 29-Inch

Its derailleur is the triple plate and the bushings are steel with the nut. Its wheel size is 12 inches, which allows the greater capacity of movement that any child can have, according to their buyers.

If you are looking for a bicycle for your child, that is of good quality, beautiful and cheaper. Check out the pros and cons of the Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike, 29-Inch promoted as one of the best mountain bike under 200 dollar.


  • Tires: Its aluminum and 12-inch tires give it all the firmness and resistance that the bicycle needs for a correct movement.
  • Speeds: Although it is a bicycle for children, this model has 6 speeds. This represents a great advantage for those who are venturing into cycling.
  • Diverter: It has a steel derailleur and triple plate that give even more stability to the bike.
  • Design: Its delineated and striking colors make it the favorite of users who care about aesthetics.


  • Gear shift: There are users who say that these bicycles do not have the capacity to change speed in different terrains.

2. Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If you are looking for the best mountain bike on the market for quality. And of course, its functions and the versatility that the driver enjoys when he is on i1. The Merax Falcon is a Full Suspension Mountain Bike that could be an important candidate.

Users’ value in this 29-inch mountain bike is one of the best. The wheels have been valued because, in addition to their size, they are double aluminum and professional level walls.

Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike 

All these features allow the bicycle to move freely in both urban flat areas and steep mountain terrain. In addition to being a mountain bike with double suspension, it has a double-disc system.

Going mountain biking is one of the most practiced activities around the world. So if you are one of these people, in this article we present all the benefits and disadvantages of the best mountain bike under 200 of the moment.


  • he resistance of its wheels: The experts in mountain biking highlight that the wheels of this model are very resistant due to its composition of double aluminum.
  • Double suspension system: This system can make this bicycle travel in all kinds of terrain, both in flat areas and on mountainous surfaces.
  • The adaptability of its structure: TheMerax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike can be adapted to three different sizes with the use of a simple tool.
  • Design: The users point out that the structure and design of the bicycle are some of the most aesthetic of the market.


  • Seat: There are users who say that the seat can be somewhat uncomfortable for some physiognomies.

1. 26″ Women’s Kent KZR Mountain Bike

If you are considering buying a mountain bike for women, the Women’s Kent KZR Mountain Bike should interest you. The product is available in several color versions (including red, pink, and blue).

Consumers show many advantages of the presented equipment. One of the most important is the attractive price-quality ratio. You can purchase this best mountain bike for under 200 as it is a relatively small amount. The bike has been made of strong materials. That is why it provides the ladies with safety and entertainment for many years.

Women's Kent KZR Mountain Bike 

According to consumers, Women’s Kent KZR Mountain Bike is a noteworthy mountain bike. The product is equipped with a comfortable saddle. A properly profited steering wheel allows easy control of the vehicle. The handles have a soft plastic cover. Which prevents the steering wheel from slipping out of the hands. Among the advantages of the equipment are also durable brakes and strong tires.


  • Handles: The handles on the steering wheel are covered with a delicate material for the skin. We do not have to worry about our hands being exposed to irritation. In addition, the material is covered with a non-slip coating V-Brake Linear: V-Brake Linear brakes are resistant to damage. As a result, the child is guaranteed safety while driving.


  • Seat: When deciding on the choice of a model with a pink frame and a white seat, we must reckon with the fact that any dirt will be visible on the saddle.
  • Pedals: According to some consumers, pedals should be made of more durable plastics.

Why these are the best cheap mountain bike under 200 dollar?

For those who are lovers of riding a bicycle but want to go beyond what conventional ones can offer. They have to acquire a mountain and allow them to walk at different speeds. They also have more braking capacity and in addition resistance for the places steep and irregular surfaces. You will find it on the mountain allowing you to reach almost anywhere. There is a great variety of models and designs in the world market that is why you can use it from beginners to professionals of mountaineering on two wheels.

Cycling is a way to be active and relax. One of the most popular types of bikes is the mountain model. Dynacraft Alpine, often called MTB – mountain bike will guarantee great fun. It is comfortable for riding on any type of ground from roadways to mountain trails. Thanks to the special shock absorbents and the wide tires characteristic of this type of bike. You will be satisfied with every bike trip.

Types of Mountain Bikes

Sometimes we fall into confusion that what kind of bike should I get or buy. There are basically four types of Mountain bikes that we would like to summarize here. Types of Mountain bikes depend on the nature and extent of the suspension and the structure of the frame.

E-mountain bike:

A Mountain bike with an electric motor is useful if you are looking for a model that can assist you in driving up the mountain. Due to the technology, additional weight, and battery, e-bikes are heavier compare to classic bicycles. But have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Rigid Mountain Bike:

Rigid bikes have o suspension. The frames are so rigid built. As a result, this design is suitable for less demanding trips in quieter terrain. The tires play a big role here as they ultimately affect driving comfort significantly. Compare to other types, it is usually much cheaper.

Full Suspension Mountain Bike:

Full suspension mountain bike design is also called fully. There are both front and rear sprung. Traction and dumping are very good here, so these wheels are particularly suitable for particularly rough terrain. A lock system, which is available with higher-quality wheels. You also can determine the suspension if necessary.

Hard Tail Mountain Bike:

The suspension is installed in this type only front. The simpler design makes it a bit lighter and cheaper than a full-suspension bike. Often the front spring, you can lock it additionally. So that it can be converted into a rigid bike.


A fat bike is the further development of hardtails and rigid bikes with a fixed fork. They are ideal for slippery surfaces such as snow or sand, but can also be used well on classic routes. The tires of the fat bike are excess in width, whereby the rims are correspondingly wider. Cranks, forks, and hubs of the frame are particularly resilient here.

FAQs on Best Cheap Mountain bike under 200

What is a mountain bike?

A mountain bike is very versatile; you can ride on it both on rough terrain and on roads with absolutely smooth surfaces, such as city streets or paths in the park. Mountain bike is easy to distinguish in appearance. Usually, it has a powerful aluminum frame, suspension fork, wide tires with aggressive tread, as well as a large number of gears, up to 30.

How tall does this bike fit?

The absolute majority of bicycles have several sizes of frames, designed for different growth of the rider. The size of the frame is often called size and is measured in inches or centimeters. Details on the correct selection of size bike you can find here.

Is it possible to replace the saddle?

It often happens that the standard bicycle saddle does not fit you in any way. This may be high or, on the contrary, insufficient rigidity, the shape of the saddle, or just its design features. We are not able to change the standard equipment of the bike, including changing the saddle to another. But you can choose a replacement saddle that is convenient for you.

Does the steering wheel rise and can it be tilted?

Due to the design features of a mountain bike, you can raise the steering wheel using the steering wheel height and tilt adjustable, as well as by replacing the wheel with a higher one. Raise the wheel way, as on the old bicycles of the USSR, it is not possible.

What wings are suitable for this model?

Wings are optional accessories for a bicycle and usually, the manufacturer does not include them in the package. Some exceptional models have wings with equipment. You can see the presence of wings directly on the photo of the bike on the site.
Our store offers a wide range of wings. Most of them have universal mounts that allow you to install them on almost any bike.

What comes with the bike?

You can easily find out about the complete set of the bike from the photo. All components presented in the photo, whether its wings, trunk, basket on the steering wheel, pump, footboard, etc. included in the package of this bike. In addition, with each bike, you get a detailed instruction manual in Russian.

Can I install a child seat on this bike?

Bicycle child seats have a variety of mounting standards. You can mount on the upper tube of the frame, mounted on the trunk, cantilever mount on the seal post, or universal mount, allowing you to install the chair in any convenient way. The child seat can be installed on almost any bike. In case of difficulties with the choice, the staff of the accessories department will easily select a child seat suitable for your bike.

Is the front wheel removable for transportation?

Absolutely all bikes have the ability to remove the front wheel. The difference is only in the method of attachment. Most bikes have a quick-release eccentric front wheel mount. It allows you to remove the wheel in seconds. Extreme bicycles can have an axle bush with a larger diameter. Which is attached with hexagonal screws or has a quick-release mechanism. Road Bike, Children Bike, and BMX Bikes are fittable with front-wheel mountings using ordinary nuts. To remove such a wheel, you must use the key.


Mountain bikes can be used not only for long trips but also for everyday riding. Therefore, these models are very popular and most of the bikers bought in this year. If you are also wondering what equipment to choose? Don’t think more, we are already convinced that the ranking prepared by us will dispel your doubts.

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