Ancheer Electric Bike Review in 2020

ancheer electric bike review

Everything in this world is getting update and becoming automatic. Bikes are not beyond these modern update. Today we are going to talk about such a bike that is completely working on electricity. Yes, we are going to disclose our in-depth research of Ancheer Electric Bike Review, the most wanted electric bike in the market.

Have you got something that on what we are going to discuss? We are going to know each and everything about the Ancheer Electric Bike. Almost every point of the bike, we are going to discuss in this article. So, do not waste your time search the web on the Ancheer Electric Bike Review as you will find entire information here to make decision to buy or not.

Now let us start the discussion about the Ancheer Electric Bike Review.

About the Ancheer Electric Bike

This Ancheer Electric Bike is a great product and is value for money. This bike completely satisfies the user by the work for which it is made. This bike is surprisingly lightweight and works as both manually and on electricity too. One can use it in either way.

Some such bikes come in a distorted packaging, which means after buying the bike, one needs to completely assemble it, or they need to add some add-ons in the bike by investing more of their money. But in the case of this Ancheer Electric Bike, there is no such need or adding anything from outside and wasting your money on additional products. This bike comes in a completely assembled way and has most of the accessories already connected to it. We will be talking about the various accessories in the coming next points.

One feature is that it is very lightweight; the next feature is that it’s an e-bike which means an electric bike and works on electricity too with the help of a battery present in the bike. The next most significant point which makes this point different from any other bike out there is that it is a foldable bike. Which means when not in need you can fold it and make it smaller in size, which assures that you can store it in smaller places too, or can keep this Ancheer Electric Bike inside your home. The battery installed in the Ancheer Electric Bike is attached in the frame of the bike. This bike is exceedingly versatile then other bikes are that it gets fold and converts into a smaller size, which helps it to be stored anywhere easily.

When the Ancheer Electric Bike launched?

After knowing about all the features that this bike has, I know that the only thing you wanted to do is to buy it and must be eagerly waiting to know that is this bike launched or not.

If yes, then I must tell you that this bike has been launched this year only, whereas it is going to be launched in some parts of the world. This bike does not have worldwide access right now, but according to the company, the Ancheer Electric Bike would be accessible to every part of the world soon.

This bike has some fantastic features which are making all so love it. Buying this electric bike is not just a way to stay healthy and fit, but with the help of this bike, we are also saving our environment from various issues such as global warming and all. By using this bike, we can go to our office, school and college etc easily and whenever we are tired, by pedaling the bike we can use the electric battery that is offered in this bike.

Some people must be thinking that this bike consists of a battery which is going to make it bulky than other bikes, which will create a problem while riding the bike. But with this bike, this is not the case. This bike is made up of such a material that you are never going to face weight-related issues with this bike.

The features offered by this bike and their thorough explanation

You must have got this, that this Ancheer Electric Bike is fully loaded with various and highly helpful features. With the help of this point, we are going to discuss each, and every single element of this electric bike with its complete explanation.


The first feature that comes in our mind when we have a look at this bike is that it is very lightweight. Which means that you can take this bike anywhere, if you are a trip lover then this bike is the best possible choice for you as you can even pick this bike up on your hands or anywhere else and it is not going to disrupt anything because it is highly lightweight. The total net weight of this Ancheer Electric Bike is 27kg, which is almost 60 lbs.


The bikes of current standards have an excellent suspension system, while in the case of this bike the company has not done any lousy job; they have added dual suspension system in this electric bike for a highly comfortable ride. The bike has suspension system as both the front and end sides, which makes sure that if any up and down comes in the journey, they full fill their work. The other work of suspension is that if any rock of such thing happens in the way of this bike, the rider does not have to face any issue there too, the suspension system automatically covers that part quickly.

Gear System:

Another update that is must nowadays and is seen in almost every bike is the gear system. So, in that case, this bike has a total of 21 speed systems, which helps the rider to take his bike to various speed ranges. This gear system is going to help the rider in inclined places, such as riding bike to the uphill, at that time by setting the gear system up to a certain number will help in making the pedal system light, with the help of which you will not face any issue in climbing a hill with this bike. While if you try to climb a mountain with any other bike that not support the gear system, then it will becomes tough for you to pedal the bike.

Brake system:

Providing system with the help of which you can take this bike to high speed is not the only work the companies should only work on, while they should also work on better braking systems too, with the help of which the rider can stop the bike at any time and any speed. In that case, the Ancheer Company has provided dual disc brakes system. In the disc brake system, the mechanism works as there is a disc attacked at the centre of the wheel of the bike, and on each side of the disk, there are brake pads, which when the break is pressed the pads instantly stops the bike by grabbing the plate. This is a better braking system than any other braking system.


You must be thinking about what’s the meaning of talking about mileage in the case of a bike, but don’t forget that it’s an electric bike. So the mileage range of this bike is in between 25 to 50 km.

ancheer electric bike review

This is the battery only with the help of which we can take this electric bike up to a specific mileage. This shows that the company has installed a powerful battery in the bike, and they have made no compromise with the battery power and the functioning of the bike.

Maximum Speed:

The maximum speed of this electric bike is 25km/h, thanks again to the battery system installed by the customer. This again shows that the battery is mighty, and is just mind-blowing.

Load capacity:

This bike can hold the load up to an amount of 150kg, which is a very quality of this bike and it assures that you can take heavy weights with yourself to anywhere you want. This means that the weight bearing quality would not be limited in the case of this Ancheer Electric Bike.

The complete size of this bike is 140 x 23 x 72cm/552x 9.07 x 28.37 inches. This is the general size in which most of the bikes usually come. The bike is completely made up of aluminium alloy, which is a strong, durable and lightweight material.

Design and build quality of this Ancheer Electric Bike

Now let us talk about the design and the build quality of this Ancheer Electric bike. The bike’s frame design is very sleek and lightweight, there would be no such issue regarding the designing of the bike. While the build quality is also excellent, you must have seen how mountain bikes look like, and this bike is also designed in that way as a mountain bike.

The handle of the bike is a standard type handlebar, which feels and suits the best with the design of this bike. Every part of the frame is made up of aluminum alloy, which makes it stylish, lightweight, strong and durable.

ancheer electric bike accessories

In other mountain bikes there is a rod which is placed at the downside of the upper rod, with the help of which the connection between the front wheel and lower wheel is solidly made, but in this bike that part is missing, but there is no compromise done with the build quality. The material is highly durable, and even a single connection of rod is more than enough to provide a better connection

The alloys on the wheels are also made up of very lightweight yet durable material. The battery is placed below the seat, and near on that battery, there exists a charging port, with the help of which you can charge the battery easily.


Let us talk about the performance of this Ancheer Electric Bike. The users of this bike highly praise the performance of this bike. The power of the motor installed on this bike is 250 w, you all must be thinking that it is not sufficient, but the motor is potent. The battery takes in between 4 to 6 hours to fully charge.

This bike can’t be said as the fastest bike present in the market out there, but the overall performance of this bike is highly appreciated and is excellent. This bike is built for a particular purpose, and if one thinks that we can do anything with this bike then this is not such type of bike, this bike performs well in the case for which it is made. This bike also performs well in the hilly area and has no issues in going uphill

Why the Ancheer Electric Bike is liked by many people?

There are several reasons why this, the bike is liked by many people out there. Let us discuss them all:

Value for money

The first reason why many users love this bike is that it is value for money. Every feature and the overall quality offered by this bike is just great and performs well. It is said that we can’t get better than this bike at the price range this bike is being sold out. It is even said that if we go out to find same features in any other bike, then it will cost almost double to us from any other company, which means this company is providing users with a better deal than other companies.

Different from other

This bike is very different in almost every aspect. No matter it’s the design of the bike, it’s the performance corner of the bike, it may be the add-one that are pre-installed in the bike or any other thing it may be. The bike is purely versatile and never fails to satisfy its users. The two main things that make this bike even more versatile are first is the battery system, and the other one is the folding quality offered by this bike. These are the two main things by which it is different from other bikes.

Making Quality

As discussed above the design and build quality, we concluded that the build quality of this bike is excellent and is just fantastic. Every part of the bikes made up of good quality stuff; either it may be the frame, seat, handle, stand, pedal or anything else. Every part is durable and, and the company has made no compromise with the quality of the bike.

Why do some people not like this bike?

Each and everything in this world has both qualities of being good and bad. Same thing happened in the case of this Ancheer Electric Bike. Till now we have only discussed the liked features of this bike, but at this point, we are going to talk about the features which users of this bike does not like. Those features are-


As we already know that this bike comprises of a 250 w motor, which is good but not the best. Even we can’t take this bike up to very higher speeds. This is the first disliked thing about this bike, which is said that there could be a better option for the higher acceleration of the bike. Nowadays, acceleration has been an essential part of any vehicle, and people expect the same from such bikes also.

The battery of the bike- There is no such problem with the battery of the bike. The battery installed in the bike is just incredible and does its work very efficiently.

The problem is that the battery is placed in the wrong place. It’s said that the battery could have been placed in the centre of the bike. This is the second disliked thing about the bike. While everything is just great in this bike and it serves the riders with the best performance in the field for which it is made.

Cost of this bike

Here comes the main question without which this article can never be ended. The question is what the price of this bike is. As I have told above that this bike is value for money type bike, and the features and the build quality of the bike is outstanding and no one can even think of the price that with such excellent features one can even get such bike for a lower price also. The cost of this bike if you buy it online from Amazon is $ 615.99, which is such an affordable price by seeing the features of this bike.

When you are investing for such a deal, then there is no need for thinking about such things, just grabbing the deal should be the only motive.

Accessories Pre-Installed in the Bike

There are some accessories pre-installed in the bike, we will discuss every accessory-

Battery: The first thing is that this bike comes with a pre-installed chargeable battery.

ancheer electric bike battery

Charger: A smart lithium battery charge does come with the package.

Horn:  A horn Installed on the handlebar comes in the package too.

Headlamp: The next essential accessory is the headlamp, which is already installed by the company itself.

Seat: There are some bikes companies which do not provide a seat with the bike, hence in that case the rider have to buy a new one to install it by him. But this is not going to happen in this case, as the seat also comes pre-installed by the company.

Wheels: There comes 26-inch pre-installed wheel which are upon the magnesium alloy wheels.

  • Ancheer Electric Bike is one of the best bikes with great features at this price range.
  • Very versatile, as you can fold and can also work on battery supply.
  • Excellent build quality, as it is wholly made up of magnesium alloy, both the frame and the wheel alloys.
  • Well Designed
  • Durable components
  • Battery pack position, as it places just below the seat of the bike, which makes it feel uncomfortable for the rider.
  • Acceleration of the bike can be increased, as this bike contains a motor of 250 w, which is good but not enough and cannot offer better acceleration.

Ancheer Electric Bike Review through Consumers Feedback

Before talking about the reviews which users gave this bike on Amazon, let us have the rating provided to this bike by the users.

Value for money: Under this section, the bike is given 10 out of 10 points.

Build quality: Under this section of build quality, the bike is given 9 out of 10 points.

Features: The next one features corner, and in these points, the users gave this bike 8.5 points out of 10.

Performance: Under the performance corner of this bike, the points given are 7.5 out of 10.

Reliability: Under the reliability corner, this Ancheer Electric Bike is given 9 out of 10 points.

Now let us discuss some reviews through consumers of the Amazon for this bike. Those reviews are as follows:

  • Under easy to assemble corner this bike got 42 stars out of 5 on Amazon.
  • Undervalue for money, and this bike got 4.0 stars out of 5.
  • Under battery life cornet this bike got 3.9 stars out of 5.

These were the ratings given based on features; let us have a look at the reviews that the customers had given to this bike. These reviews provided by customers are as follows:

Electric vehicle: The ratings under this corner given by the customers are 3.4 out of 5.

Reliability: Under the reliability corner, this Ancheer electric bike is given 9 out of 10 points.

Mountain Biking: The next one is mountain biking, and under this corner, customers gave 3.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Bicycles: Under the bicycle corner customers gave an overall rating of 37 stars out of 5.


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