Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike Is The Perfect Gift For Anyone

The Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike is a wild ride intended to explore the world of BMX to nearly everyone who desires to take it a try. Framed went all in one, approaching the rim of what can be considered an entry-level ride. Here we disclosed our in-depth research to let you know the actual Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike Review.  

The Framed Impact Bike comes with a lot of exceptional components, like a Neco Headset. Hope that you will fly far above the ground and push your confines in no time! The Impact 20 BMX Bike Hiten Forks and Hiten 8″ Rise Bars are manufactured by several of the best manufacturers, so you will be convinced to be maintained in times of necessity.

Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike Equipments Manufacturer

To get started speedy high and exploding off tricks with the Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike. This special BMX bike model features a standard BMX frame intended in black and silver colors. Even the bike ground clearance is lower the ground than the electric bike or mountain bike so that the rider can get better power and control. To get Better Street, parking or trails the bike frame is manufactured from strong Hi-Ten steel to provide you consistent support and long-lasting relief. The stainless steel handlebars make sure to power and comprise Velo Mushroom Grips so you have a positive grip at all times.

Unsealed American Loose Ball Bearings supply horizontal turning around in the crank and headset. That is making sure that this 20 inch BMX bike always responds when you need it to. A rear-brake grants a secure stopping opportunity when needed. To get the appropriate fit, the seat can be accustomed by hand. This freestyle BMX bike is ideal for getting beginner riders out and splitting.

Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike Specifications

  • Bike Frame: Manufactured by Hi-Ten Steel
  • Top/Peak Tube: 20 ¼ inch
  • Bike Seat Tube: 9 inch
  • Chainstay: 14 inch
  • Bike BB Height: 12 inch
  • Stand-over Height: 22 inch
  • The Wheel Base: 36 ½ inch
  • The BMX Fork Manufactured: Hi-Ten Steel; 1×1/8 inch
  • Bike Handlebar: Framed Hi-Ten Steel 2 Pieces 8 x 28 inch
  • Grips Manufacturer: Velo Mushroom 150 mm
  • Stem: Full Alloy Framed Front Load
  • Headset: Regular 1×1/8 inch Unsealed Loose Ball
  • Bike Brake Levers: Full Framed Alloy Lever combined with Nylon Body
  • Bike Rear Brake: Full Alloy U-Brakes
  • Front Brake: No front brake
  • The Crank: 1 Portion Forged Steel 175mm
  • Bike Crank Spindle: No crank spindle attested
  • Bottom Bracket: Unsealed; American Loose Ball
Impact 20 BMX Bike chain
  • Chain Manufactured: Renowned KMC Z410
  • Bike Chain Ring Count: 36 Tooth Steel
  • The Rear Free Wheel Count: 14 Tooth Freewheel
  • The Front Hub: Full Alloy; 36H Unsealed; 3/8 inch Axle
  • The Rear Hub: Full Alloy; 36H Unsealed; 14mm Axle
  • Bike Rims: Alloy; Solo Wall; 36 Cracks
  • Bike Tire Size: 20 X 2.125 inch Front Tire, 20 X 1.95 inch Rear Tire
Framed BMX Bike Tire
  • Saddle: 1 Piece Seat with a Post
  • Seat Post: 25.4mm Full Alloy Seat Post
  • Clamp Size: 28.6mm Alloy
  • Pedals Sizes: 9/16 Wellgo Nylon Combined
  • Weight of the BMX Framed bike: 25lbs 2oz (Weights may possibly vary a little)

Why should you choose the Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike?

If you are attracted to trying out BMX then the Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike is an enormous one to start. Even though this is fundamentally one of the best entry-level bikes, it pushes the restrictions and motionless remains a huge ride. It has remarkable parts to build it such a surprising bike. It still has a Neco Headset thrust all the limits and contest at high speeds whenever you like the time calls for it.

Durable Frame

Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike

The Impact 20 BMX Bike has a chromyl major frame. The fork size is 1-1.8th and it also has 2 pieces of framed chromyl bars. The bike rips are made by Velo Mushroom 150 mm. The trunk is a full framed alloy frontage load and it has a nice push in the headset.

Alloy Handlebars

The bike brake handle is framed alloy and it has an APSE controlled U-brake. The Impact has an unsealed American foundation bracket. The Sprocket is manufactured with 25t steel and the chain is manufactured KMC Z410.

The Framed Impact 20 Bike pedals are nylon combined and 9/16 in size. The bike rims are 20 inches anodized 36h dual partition alloy pinned. It has Wanda King tires, the back tire is 20 x 1.95 inches, and the front tire 20 x 2.125 inches. It has a comfortable seat post with one seat arrangement.


  • The Framed Impact 20 Bike Rise Bars are HiTen 8 inch and HiTen Forks which are manufactured by the best superiority combinations.
  • Whenever you feel necessitate arises you will constantly be supported by the service center.
  • The bike top tube is about 5 inches larger than any other standard BMX bicycle.
  • The main clamp of the bike is full framed alloy and the pegs are not built-in.
  • The back hub of the bike is made by Quando Unsealed alloy w/9t cartridge.
  • The bike’s only axle is 14 mm.


  • The bikes are delivered to the customers not fully but moderately assembled.
  • There is no front brake.
  • No crank spindle attested with the Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike


With a 20 1/4″ peak tube the Framed Impact Bike is one of the best entry-level BMX bikes manufactured for youth and young adults who desire to get into BMX and improve their talent to the subsequent level.


Not only the Hi-Ten Steel fork is more long-lasting than any other aluminum fork, but also it recommends improved shaking diminution vs the ordinary aluminum fork.


The Hi-ten frame and forks coordinated with 8-inch Rise handlebars distribute a horizontal and comfortable journey on the road or in the park. So you don’t need an extra road bike.


  • The Full Framed alloy back U-brake is mounted straight to the bike frame so it is able to constantly dole out dependable stopping power.
  • A specialized bike mechanic has almost all the tools and capability to assemble the bike rapidly and accurately. Having a pro accumulate the Framed Impact BMX Bike will save you time, keep away from needless repairs and alleviate any possible security hazards from doing it by yourself.
  • An expert bike rider will go over and beyond by checking the bearings, truing the bike wheels, properly tensioning the drivetrain, and regulating the brakes to make sure that you have a flawlessly tuned bike. Just leave this bike to a pro so you can begin riding without any concern!

Final Verdict

Owning an enormous BMX bike is a huge dream for numerous bike riders. The Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike-specific type of bike is manufactured especially so that you always can race and pull off cool and thrilling stunts. Hope our research on Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike Review helped you to get satisfied with buying now. This BMX bike is the entryway to remarkable memories and implausible moments that are sure to amaze people and friends around you. There are a lot of reasons to own this best BMX bike ever, but the only query is choosing the right one.

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