What kind of Bike should I get Quiz

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There’s an old Chinese saying which goes like this, ‘Choosing the right Bike or the right Pizza is hard on’. Well, that’s actually not a saying, but it’s true though. Everyone may have thought this at least once in their lifetime, What kind of Bike should I get, Quiz? It goes without saying that, buying the right bike is the most beautiful thing in the world, cause the attachment and love between a man/woman and a machine are forever, at least till robots take over our world make made us their slaves.

Anyways, we are here to provide you perfect bike quiz to put your worries away with a bit of fun. Make sure you answer them to the best of your abilities because you really don’t want to get a Wheelchair. Make every option count, so here we go.

1. What do you like?

a) I love to travel with a friend or family or with my dog.

b) I occasionally go outdoors. I dislike noise pollution and traffic. Whenever I go out, I try to enjoy myself among nature.

c) I don’t know what I like, but I have a good heart if that’s what it counts.

d) I like food and also sleeping  

2. What do you dislike?

a) I hate watching TV and listen to music. Also surfing the internet, so that means I’m also strongly disliking this bicycle quiz.

b) I don’t like to go out during night time, cause I can’t see the beautiful scenery around.

c) I think I’m not sure what I hate, but sometimes I get annoyed with extra noised d) I hate bicycles, yeah cause we live in the 21st century. We have cars instead.

3. What do you think about personal hygiene?

a) After every workout and a heavy round of exercise, I take a bath. That’s pretty much it.

b) Simply by walking, I tend to sweat heavily, must be my hormones going bad.

c) I can’t stand sweating, it smells bad and makes you quite wet

d) Sweating gives me a rash, a painful one.

4. Ever try playing Sport?

a) It would be a disgrace to even answer this question. What will you say If I ask, do you ever breathe? I mean, come on man.

b) I occasionally play football. And yeah regularly watch on TV.

c) Can’t say for sure. Last time I remember, I used to play chess with my uncle when I was 5.  

d) Does playing video games count?

5. Which landscape you enjoy the most?

a) I like rocky mountains, Just the idea of mountains are so exciting to me, I think I should go outside and travel there right about now.

b) Parks are nice, with the lush nature, trees and flower everywhere. Oh yeah, Did I mention that I like parks?

c) I only go out for emergency only, Maybe a sidewalk, if it still comes under the landscape domain

d) I like to see the sky, from my windows XP screenshot

6. What comes to your mind after hearing crossing the limits’?

a) Yeah, my body. I just want to work out and get better. Work out more, and get better more. Crossing the limits is what I am.

b) It thinks its about working hard, I really believe in hard work.

c) I already have crossed a long time ago, not limits, my patience with this quiz.

d) I think I can live before the limits just fine

7. Did you make frequent targets in your life?

a) Yeah, all the time. I and my physical trainer are like best buddies. He always increases my pullbacks and push-ups, but I really follow his leads.

b) I always make targets, sometime I reach it, but most of the time I fail.

c) I like to go where the wind takes me, that more natural the better

d) I think that’s too advanced for me.

8. How much longer can you endure?

a) No pain, no gain, That’s what my papa used to say. So I think, I can endure the endurance.

b) I have never calculated it before, but I think I can go until I’m getting uncomfortable

c) For less than 1 minute, maybe even lesser than that.

d) Did I mention that I live with my parents, who really endures all of my shortcomings.

9. Are you adaptable to change?

a) I’m a trainer, an athlete and I love my job as well. Changing all that is hard for me.

b) Yes, I am, if the objective is straightforward enough

c) I think I’m pretty much changed already, what’s adaptable?  

d) I live by my rule book, which says customers is always right.

10. What is your point of view on triathlons?

a) Wow, I really want to join it one day. I heard its pretty intense.

b) Quite a rough race, which includes swimming, biking and running. I don’t imagine I can participate in it.

c) It’s good for die-hard athletes, I’ll pass.

d) I like watching them on TV once a year.

11. Your views about professional biking?

a) If it means I can travel around the world, then I’m in.

b) That’s a hard choice to make, I don’t dislike it, but just never tried before. c) I like to watch it upfront, but it never came into my mind joining them. d) It’s not something I enjoy.

12. How solid is your grip?

a) Pretty solid grip, I am a builder so you can imagine

b) I can’t catch a fish with my hand, but still I have nothing to complain about.

c) It’s going to be better, but I don’t want it to be.

d) I’m looser and a bit clumsy.

Types of Bikes based on the answer: What kind of bike should I buy

Mountain Bikes

You love to work out like to go outdoors and want to lose steam just to go into a vigorous riding regime. You like to come closer to nature and bring adventure into your life. Then you just have to choose the best mountain bike as you are a bike lover. Although Mountain bikes can be used for simple riding on the tracks as well, having one means you can take off to mountains simply at a moment’s notice.

Hybrid Bikes

You are a stroller, who likes to go out in the best of shape, and with a happy heart. You like to get closer to nature, but which is near your home. Hybrid bikes are comfortable and are well equipped with everything a professional bike has. Just make sure you come back home by 6.

Road Bikes

They are built for athletics, looking to cross country-side with these babies. They require more aggressive riding skills with nothing short of extremities. You just want to go straight into the pavement, along highway or country-side road is your best pick.

Triathlon Bikes

You have made up your mind to participate in this year’s triathlon, and for that, you need to pick up the pace and practice as much as possible. They are putting great stress on aerodynamics, so if you happen to be out of shape, it’s a good opportunity to have one of these for the roughest sport of your life.

BMX Bikes

You have a great and colorful imagination, which means you can go a long way if you choose a BMX as your personal choice. Not just it’s extremely lightweight, but it also helps you gain tremendous exposure to on-bike skills, and a few tricks along the way.

Commuter Bikes

You dislike traffic and want an alternative solution to reach from point A to point B. Just having a commuting bike will do the trick. No unusual feature of a mountain or BMX bike, simple structure with a handle, a seat, two paddles, and two wheels.

Cyclocross Bikes

You must be a fan of Motocross racing, similarly out of the same family you get Cyclocross. It is used to ride on dirt tracks with certain obstacles in between that have to be completed. It’s fun and most exciting among the batch.

Track Bikes

When time is of the essence, you need the best of the best from the bike that not only does the job right, but also leaves you wanting more. Track bike goes well, if you have guessed right, with tracks, either straight or circular.

Now you may know how difficult it is to pick a perfect bike, due to the variety of selections to choose from. There is always some pertaining question on peoples’ minds like What type of bike should I buy?, or What bike is right for me? If you have successfully completed this Quiz, you may get to understand the real mystery behind your moods and aspiration against your type of bike. But as they say, the rider doesn’t choose the bike, the bike chooses the rider.

Well, that’s too is something not true at all, but I like to quote something which is pretty closer towards the truthfulness of the entire practice of our quiz so that you can fix this question, What bike is best for me, into I love this bike.

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