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We often need our phone for some important calls during rides, for listening to our favorite music, and sometimes for navigation. However, you can’t use your phone while handling a bike with both your hands. Here Best Phone Mount for Harley Davidson comes in and provides a perfect solution. Phone mounts provide you with ease to use your phone while enjoying your ride equally. Here the question arises: what kind of Harley phone mount should I buy? Does any type of phone mount work?

Obviously, the answer is No. If you really want to ensure your phone mount’s security, so it cannot drop in any condition, you should look for the best quality phone mount for this. Here we have listed some best phone mounts that really work great and ensure the products’ safety.

GUB Bicycle and motorcycle phone mount

Here is the phone holder from the GUB store with 360-degree rotation. The phone holder will provide you a safe reach to your phone while you are on your bike.

GUB Bicycle and motorcycle phone mount

 Product Features:

  • The catchiest feature about the phone mount is it is compatible with almost all mobile phones. Moreover, the width is adjustable, and you can adjust the width between 50mm t0 100mm. Furthermore, the phone mount can hold phones of 4 to 7 inches easily.
  • The phone mount material is aluminum alloy, and the metal phone mount will hold your device tightly and ensure 100% security.
  • The phone holder is designed so that it will not obscure the screen and is perfect even if you have a smartphone with a large screen.
  • The phone’s rotation angle is 360 degrees, and you can rotate it in any direction without uninstalling it.
  • It is the best phone mount for Harley, scooter, motorbike, MTB, road bike, and folding bikes.


  • Wireless
  • Warranty card
  • easy to install
  • Great suction power
  • Versatile design


  • The mount has one side fit.

Vicelecus Motorcycle phone mount

If you are planning to bike riding anywhere, the Vicelecus Motorcycle phone mount is the perfect choice for the complete protection of your smartphone in any condition. It is a high quality, safe, and full metal mount with all your needs for a Harley-Davidson phone mount.

Ciro 50214 Handlebar Mount Smartphone

 Product Features:

  • The phone mount material is a high-quality aluminum alloy, which is durable and harder than plastic.
  • For tight security, there is a tension knob on the holder. The main purpose of the tension knob is to tighten your phone firmly and securely. You can go riding, whether it is bumpy roads, without thinking about scratches and sliding.
  • The phone mount provides 100% access to your phone screen without obscuring its screen. You can get full access to fingerprint or any operation interface of your phone.
  • Furthermore, the phone mount is rotatable to 360 degrees. So you can set your phone vertically and horizontally with the best angle and 100% reach.
  • The other feature that outstands this phone mount from others is the anti-theft design. There is the use of a stronger clamp and rubber cushion, which provide complete security from thieves.
  • The installing process will take 3 minutes. You need to install the mount with an Allen wrench that will be included in the package.


  • Material is sturdy
  • Can use vertically and horizontally
  • Anti-theft design


  • Installing may take some time.

Ciro 50214 Handlebar Mount Smartphone

The Ciro deluxe smartphone holder has the option of the charger and without a charger. The cable will not be included in the charger as there is an onboard charging option. Moreover, the charger has 1.3 USB ports for charging. Let’s get into more features of the products.

Ciro 50214 Handlebar Mount Smartphone

Product features:

  • The phone holder has a 1-¼ inch handlebar mount, and the smartphone GPS holder can fit devices from 21/8 to 31/2 inches wide.
  • There are secure rubber molded fingers which hold your phones firmly. The design of the phone holder is simple and quick, and you can easily install it. Infect, you need to flip the lever to lock your smartphone.
  • The design is a ball mount design, enabling the user to make infinite adjustments according to requirements. Moreover, the ball mounting system is great for angle adjustments for a broad range.
  • The package will include a GPS/phone mount.
  • The phone holder is best for Harley Davidson, street touring bikes, motorcycles, and street cruisers.
  • Last but not least, the material of the phone mount is sturdy and designed greatly.


  • Hold phone firmly
  • Well made
  • Solid design


  • Handlebars are made of plastic

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

The universal phone mount is the perfect choice if you are looking for a solid phone holder for your bicycle or motorcycle. The phone mount will secure your phones during rides and enables you to listen to your favorite music, receive your important calls, and see maps and locations. Here are some most important features of this bike phone mount.

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Product Features:

  • The phone mount is a perfect co-pilot and has a secure grip.
  • It is a universal phone mount that can fit almost all types of phones up to 3.5 inches wide.
  • The phone mount handlebar compatibility is adjustable, and it can fit between the size of 7/7 to 1-¼ inch diameter of motorcycle and bicycle.
  • For a perfectly secure grip, the phone mount has the largest clamp. The clamps are made of hard plastic, which provides a perfect grip while using two contact points. Moreover, there is a silicon net with a plastic clamp that firmly secures all the mobile phone corners.
  • The product’s material is premium quality hard plastic, which is nice and sturdy and provides safety to the phone from breaking. In addition to this, the material is flexible and can stretch up to 4 times, and perfect for the wildest adventures.


  • Durable hard plastic
  • Strong clamps
  • Material is stretchable


  • The handlebar mount is a little big

New 2020 Bicycle and motorcycle phone mount

It is the universal CarGrab phone mount, the best phone mount for Harley, for bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters. Moreover, the phone mount is adjustable and works with almost all phones in the market. Here are some other features of this phone holder.

New 2020 Bicycle and motorcycle phone mount

Product Features:

  • The CarGrab universal phone mount is super easy to install, and you can install it with a tubular handlebar. Technically there are no requirements for any tool for installation. Moreover, the phone holder works greatly with pop sockets and cases.
  • The other great feature of the phone mount is a great shock and vibration absorber and provides security to the phone on bumpy roads. Moreover, there will be no screen obstruction with the phone, and you can get 100%access to all cell phone features.
  • The phone mount has tilt freedom with 360-degree rotation. You can angle and adjust your phone according to your desired angle or at any position that suits you.
  • The process of mounting and unmounting the phone mount can be done in seconds.
  • The handlebar of the phone mount is reliable and 100% safe. 


  • Easy to install
  • Best affordable phone mount for Harley Davidson
  • Material is sturdy


  • The product is amazing, and we don’t find any con with the product.

Leepiya motorcycle phone mounts with wireless and USB charger

Here is the best product if you are looking for a product that gives you ease of use with USB and wireless charging options. The Leepiya motorcycle phone mounts with a charger for your motorcycle. Furthermore, it is compatible with multiple models of cell phones.

Leepiya motorcycle phone mounts with wireless and USB charger

Product features:

  • It has a safe charging mode. You can charge your phone by a USB port or with a wireless charger; otherwise, you can turn off the switch.
  • The mounting clip has the ability to move at a 360-degree angle that would give you ease wherever to set it according to your best view.
  • For removing your phone from the mount, you have to press the release bar to remove your phone from the mounts.
  • Rubber pads and foam pads are used for the reduction of vibration and protect phones from scratch.
  • For security, manufacturers made four holding claws at the corners that hold your cell phone tightly and prevent any possibility of slipping. Simultaneously, the motorcycle is subjected to any hard jerk; moreover, it provides an ANTI- THEFT cap that protects your phone from any stolen activity.
  • The product can be used in many ways, including motorcycles, boats, electric bicycles, ATVs, Electric motorcycles, and snowmobiles.
  • The smartphone mount is compatible with any cell phone with a phone size 4-7 inches and GPS navigators.


  • Easy to install
  • Dual charging options
  • 360-degree adjustment.
  • ANTI-THEFT cap


  • No color options

Motorcycle phone mount with charger

Enjoy on the go charging with the motorcycle phone mount with charger. So there is no more fear of running out of battery during long rides. There is a 2.4A USB charging port where you connect with your motorbike battery and keep your gadget alive throughout the journey.

Motorcycle phone mount with charger

Product Features:

  • This phone holder is universal and compatible with almost all mobile sizes in the market. The phone mount is adjustable from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches that can fit almost all smartphones.
  • The phone mount’s design is engineered with perfection and crafted with high quality, durable, and sturdy plastic material. The material used for the phone holder is ABS plastic that ensures worry-free usage.
  • The clamps are made of nylon that can hold your smartphone firmly and protect from sudden shock and give protection from vibrations.
  • Moreover, the motorcycle phone mount’s design provides you 100% access to your phone ports, screen, and all buttons.
  • The installation of the phone holder is super easy, and there is no requirement for any tool.
  • You can adjust your phone mount to the 360-degree rotation, and you can adjust the phone holder to any position that fits you. 
  • The diameter of the handlebar of the motorcycle is 0.8-0.12. Firstly, for installation, mount the rotary connector and now fix the support substrate while using lock nuts on the connector.
  • The other catchiest feature about the product is manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty. So in case of any mishap, you can get a full refund and replacement from the manufacturers.


  • A very affordable phone mount for Harley and Davison
  • Easy to install
  • Material is durable
  • Adjustable phone mount


  • No wireless features

Types of Motorcycle Phone Mounts


The most common type of motorcycle phone mounts is clamp phone mounts. These phone mounts secure all corners of your phone with a rubber phone grip. The rubber phone grip also comes along with a security net that enhances the security of your phone. Usually, a phone mount attaches to your cycle or bike with hard plastic or any clamp. The reason for the popularity of clamp phone mounts is they provide 100% security and stability to your phone. Moreover, Clamp phone mounts do not obscure your phone screen and provide you 100% access to all features of your phone.


The difference between silicon strap phone mounts and clamp phone mounts is they attach handlebars using straps. Silicon strap phone mounts do not use clamps for the attachment of handles. Silicone phone mounts are preferred greatly because they are made of a material that gives protection to your phone on all roads and all weather conditions. The material used for silicon straps is washable, durable, and stretchable. Moreover, the silicon strap phone mounts are also easy to use and come at an affordable price. However, their grip is not as reliable as clamps phone mounts.


Windscreen phone mounts are the third type of phone holder. Unlike others, windscreen phone mounts need to attach to the windscreen of your bicycle, motorcycle, or Harley Davidson. The catchiest feature about windscreen phone mounts is there will be no obstruction to your cell phone screen. The reason is, the windscreens phone mounts are mounted higher than other phone holders, and you can get a better view of your mobile screen. For this reason, we can say the windscreens are the best phone mount for Harley-Davidson bikes.

How does the mount hold your phone?

Without a doubt, no one wants any scratch on their phone. So it is necessary to pay extra attention to the process of mounting a handlebar of your motorcycle. 

So the handlebars quality should be your main concern in this aspect and the process of mounting. Always try to install your phone mount with complete instructions and guidance from the manual card. Furthermore, firmly tighten the nuts and bolts, so it does not let down your phone mount in any condition.

Now the other thing is the material of the handlebar. The handlebars usually come in plastic, rubber, nylon, and stainless steel material. However, the most recommended material is stainless steel and rubber. The reason for its selection is durability and sturdiness and the ability to prevent your phone from scratches.

Buyer Guide for the best phone mount for Harley Davidson

The important question arises here what things should I look for before buying the best phone mount for Harley Davidson. As we mentioned earlier, your phone safety should be your priority, so always try to find a phone mount with the best quality. Besides quality, many other things also matter for a great phone holder. In our buying guide, we will look at all those factors and provide reliable information that will help you pick the best product.


The first and foremost thing to look for is compatibility. The product you choose should be compatible with your smartphone size. Your phone should fit perfectly in the mount, and it never let it down, even on the bumpy track.

Another best suggestion for buyers that look for an amount specially made for your smartphone model. It would be a little expensive, but it would be specifically made according to your phone models that would be compatible with your phone’s proper dimensions.

Security of smartphone

Now ensure the security of your cell phone, pick the product that holds your smartphone securely. Ensure the clutch that holds your smartphone should be in a frictional and high-quality plastic material that does not let your smartphone slip from it.

Handle compatibility

Every motorcycle has a different handlebar style to make sure while you pick your product, whether it is compatible with your motorcycle handlebar or not.

It would be best if you went for a customized smartphone mount that you can easily adjust according to your phone size and clamp with your motorcycle’s handle.


Make sure the smartphone mount has the ability to reduce vibration and jerks reaction while pursuing on the harsh and bumpy road. In this situation, you should not look for the ability to hold the smartphone only, but it should be a tough material that does not break after some days.


Whenever we look for something, the most important thing is its material. For smartphone mount, the material should be robust and good in strength.

For example, while going at high speed and any object or insect hit inbound to the mount, the material shouldn’t lose its strength or deformation.

Usually, phone mounts are made from good quality plastics. You can also look for mounts that are highly recommended for high-speed motorcycles made up of metals. Moreover, there are widely available smartphone mounts made from silicon and rubber, but that does not provide much protection for motorcycle riders.

Easy to install and use

The other thing to look for in a Harley Davidson cell phone mount is ease of use. Obviously, no one wants tools that give difficulty in use. So always consider this point. Pay attention to the installation process. Is it easy to install? Is there any special tool that is required for installing? Any best phone mount for Harley usually takes 1- 3 minutes for installment.

Ability to absorb shocks

While traveling on bumpy roads, the first thing we face is vibrations and shocks, same with our phone. So a phone mount that absorbs shock and vibrations effectively is a great choice. Such phone holders will not only be great for shock absorption, but you will also face less difficulty during use.

FAQ’S on Best Phone Mount for Harley Davidson

Are motorcycle phone mounts worth it?

Yes, phone mounts let you in contact with your phone while driving a motorcycle. When your phone is just in front of you, there is no chance to miss your important calls or any notification. The most important thing is smartphones are best in navigation and GPS locator. So, for this reason, it is a great idea to buy the best phone mounts for Harley Davidson.

Are magnetic mounts bad for your phones?

No, magnetic mounts are not bad for your smartphones. It’s working great when you travel on a smooth road but not recommended for uneven or bumpy tracks. Magnetic mounts do not have much ability to hold your smartphones while passing through heavy jerks.

What are the benefits of motorcycle phone mounts?

Phone mounts are a legit gadget while riding a motorcycle. Mounting your phone on your motorcycle will help you to the best route for your objective and save you valuable time. Moreover, you can’t miss important calls or notifications. If you have a Bluetooth handset, you can enjoy some music and enjoy your journey.

Is A Mobile Phone Mount A Prerequisite For Motorcycle Riding?

Safety is the priority while we are dealing with any machine. Phone mounts are essential gear for motorcycle riders like helmets, gloves, riding shoes, riding jackets, knee pads, and elbow pads. However, it will improve your experience and make it much easier.

How to install phone mounts on my motorcycle by myself?

Yes, you can install it by yourself. Some of the mounts have latches put on the handlebar directly and a very easy installation process, but some are a little complicated. You just need to read the instructions with great care. Generally, a very easy process to keep up.


Here our attention is on phone mounts while we drive a motorcycle. Nowadays, smartphones are the necessity and the best navigation and GPS locator that helps motorcycle riders help them correct routing. They are helpful to see all calls, emails, and text notifications without interruption in driving. So phone mounts for Harley Davidson are great to buy as a motorcycle rider. We review the 7 best products for the best phone mount for Harley Davidson in this blog. Furthermore, through our buying guide, we try to provide reliable information about phone mounts. Now the choice is yours; grab your favorite one and enjoy your rides.

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