Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount Review

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When you ride a motorcycle on the road, you definitely want to find an easy way to access your smartphone. The best motorcycle cell phone mount is one of the things you need. When you use a cell phone mount, you’ll be able to use your phone to help you get to where you want to go without compromising security. Or you can use your phone to listen to the song or you have to pull it to answer when you get an important phone call.

There are different types and brands of motorcycle mounts for you to choose from as it is installed on your bike. So where do you start when you’re looking for the right one? We have reviewed some of the best bike mounts on the market starting from all styles and prices.

With all of you in mind, we have tried to discuss some of the best motorcycle cell phone mount here. So read the whole article and choose the cell phone mount of your choice according to your demand.

Editor Picks 10 Best Motorcycle & Bike Cell Phone Mount

1. RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base

If you are looking for an overall solid motorcycle cell phone mount, the RAM X-Grip Phone Mount can be a suitable option for you. It is made out of high-quality, powder-coated Aluminum.

All the other components of this mount are made out of stainless steel. The sturdy build of this motorcycle phone holder gives it outstanding durability, even in the worst environments.

RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base

The design of this motorcycle cell phone mount is “X” shaped and has a spring attached to it. Rubber caps of this mount allow excellent holding strength and keeps your phone visible.

This cell phone holder for the motorcycle also includes tethering if you are uncomfortable holding your phone with the rubber caps.

You can adjust your phone however you like using this motorcycle phone holder because of its ball and socket technology.

Also, you can mount a lot of phones on this motorcycle phone holder. But make sure to check if your phone is included in that long list of phones.


  • Solid build material.
  • Includes ball and socket technology
  • Have rubber caps to hold your phone.
  • Includes tethering as an extra safety measure.
  • The “X” shaped mount keeps your phone visible.


  • Does not support all the phones
  • Might not always be available

2. GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Do you want a motorcycle phone holder that you can also use with multiple phones? If you are one of those who change their phone now and then or own multiple phones and use a different one every day, the Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount from GUB will perfectly suit you.

This motorcycle cell phone mount is made out of Aluminum alloy, and the mount is made out of metal. This rugged build helps hold your phone tightly and provides extra safety while riding your bike through the city traffics.

GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

The holding brackets of this motorcycle handlebar phone mount include sponges that prevent any damage to your phone.

You can adjust the width of this motorcycle phone holder. This feature allows you to set almost any phone and fit perfectly, even the large ones.

The holding bracket of this motorcycle cell phone mount can rotate 360 degrees, which means you do not have to uninstall the mount if you want to change your phone’s viewing angle.


  • Suitable for almost any phone.
  • Includes a 360-degree rotating mount
  • Rugged build.
  • Holds your phone tightly while driving.
  • It can be used on other vehicles as well.


  • Does not allow any vertical adjustments

3. Lamicall Motorcycle Cell Phone Clamp, Scooter Phone Mount

You may need to reattach your phone to your motorcycle phone holder often and do not like the hassle other cell phone mounts require.

 If that is true for you, the Motorcycle Cell Phone Clamp from Lamiall may be the motorcycle cell phone mount of your choice. It is one of the Best motorcycle cell phone mount.

You can install your cell phone to the clamp only using one hand and without using any tool. Along with being easily installable, this phone holder for the motorcycle also includes other enticing features.

Motorcycle Cell Phone Clamp, Scooter Phone Mount

The shape of the phone holder allows it to hold your phone tightly so that you can remain tensionless even if you are crossing a bumpy road.

 This motorcycle handlebar phone mount mounting brackets include silicon pads and protect it from all kinds of scratches and vibrations.

 It is also adjustable both vertically and horizontally, so you can adjust it to almost any angle. You can attach almost any phone to this motorcycle phone holder as long as it is within 4.7 to 6.8 inches.


  • Allows easy installation of your cell phone
  • Has silicon pads to protect the phone
  • Can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally
  • Provides excellent safety to your phone
  • Can be used for multiple vehicles


  • Might not have the best build quality.
  • Supports phones within 4.7 to 6.8 inches.

4. Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount

Facing trouble using your phone while it is mounted on a phone-holder? If you are looking for a solution to this problem, you might want to consider buying the Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount.

This motorcycle phone holder has four claws for holding your phone firmly and prevent any movement while riding.

The feet are made out of silicon and are also equipped with non-slip PU pads to avoid scratches. These four claws also allow you to use your phone without covering up any significant part of your screen.

Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount

You can fit almost any phone inside this motorcycle cell phone mount, even the big ones, and also allows you to attach it to numerous vehicles.

As long as the handlebar’s thickness is between 0.8-1.6 inches, you can attach this motorcycle handlebar phone mount to your bike or cycle.

The support is built in a way that allows adjustments in almost infinite angels. Whether you have to adjust it vertically or horizontally, this motorcycle phone holder allows it.


  • Allows easy access to your phone screen
  • Supports almost any phones
  • Includes four silicon feet for a sturdy grip
  • Has non-slip PU pads for added protection
  • Allows vertical and horizontal adjustments


  • May not last the most prolonged time.
  • Does not include extra tethering

5. Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount – for Any Smartphone

If you are new and are not entirely sure about your handlebar and phone measurements, this can be the Best motorcycle cell phone mount for you.

This motorcycle phone holder can be attached to almost any handlebars and support practically any phone out there.

Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount - for Any Smartphone

You can enjoy an extra level of safety while using this as it has both a rubberized grip and a silicon belt to provide the ultimate protection while riding.

It does not cover the phone screen that much, allowing you to use your phone while going through your busy day. The ball joints will enable you to rotate the phone; however, you like and adjust it to your comfort. Above all these features, this motorcycle cell phone mount also allows a hundred percent money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product.


  • A universal mount that supports almost any phone and bike
  • Has a silicon belt to provide extra safety
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Allow you to use your phone without any disruptions.
  • Provides a hundred percent money-back guarantee


  • Might not have the best build quality
  • Might not always be available

6. Mongoora Bike Phone Mount

If you are looking for a cool-looking yet safe motorcycle cell phone mount, you can try using a Mongoora Bike Phone Mount. The metal-plastic phone mounts produced by this company boast featuring the smoothest edges.

It does not matter whether you use an iPhone or Samsung, or smartphones made by any other companies; as long as their widths don’t exceed 3.7 inches, the phones will fit.

Mongoora Bike Phone Mount

 Similarly, as long as your motorbike’s handlebar diameter is within 0.9 to 1.3 inches, you will have no trouble mounting it.

Another useful feature of this device is its rotation capacity. You can rotate the rubber bungee up to 360 degrees. So, just adjust it to your heart’s content to ensure that you will have an excellent display while riding.

And you need not worry about your phone being dropped in the rough terrains. It has three durable bands made of silicone, which will hold your phone tightly regardless of the bumps on the way.


  • Durable and lightweight bike accessory
  • Available in three different colors
  • 360-degree rotation enabled
  • The bands are designed to provide full-phone access.
  • Excellent customer care


  • Installation instructions aren’t up to the mark.

7. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Another high-quality motorcycle phone mount is Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount. If your phone’s width does not exceed 3.5 inches, you can use this one.

Your phone’s model does not matter; the only thing that matters is its size. So as long as the sizing chart is compatible, you need not worry.

It can be troublesome to get a phone mount that can’t fit your bike’s handlebars. Well, no worries with this one.

Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount is designed to adjustable and fit handlebars with diameters within 0.875 to 1.25 inches.

Just consult the sizing chart to see if your bike can use this accessory before buying—no need for later regrets.

And lastly, this phone holder for the motorcycle is made of durable hard plastic and silicon. This combination allows it to ensure a firm grip on your mobile phone and minimizes the possibility of your 1000$ device falling on the road.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Features a large handlebar clamp
  • A prior measuring system before buying
  • Fits both large and small devices
  • The package includes an extra thumb screw.


  • Can’t fit clip-on style handlebars of super sport bikes

8. CAW.CAR Universal Phone Mount

CAW.CAR phone accessories are popular in the market and this CAW.CAR Universal Phone Mount is no exception, either.

This cell phone holder for the motorcycle will hold mobile devices having up to 3.7 inches in width regardless of their model.

The CAW.CAR Universal Phone Mount is well-deserving of adding the word ‘universal’ in its name. And why is that?

CAW.CAR Universal Phone Mount

Because you can attach it to any motorbikes having tubular handlebars as long as they have diameters from 0.6 to 1.4 inches. Cool right?

Not only is it adjustable for the phone size and handlebar size, but also the viewing system. As for the question ‘how’?

Like Mongoora Bike Phone Mount, it has a 360-degree rotation system enabled by a rubber ball and bracket design. Due to this feature, you will adjust your phone to any angled position with ease securely.

What’s even better is that this sportbike phone mount’s straps, combined with the rubber shock absorbers, will ensure that your phone will stay firmly attached to your bike no matter how rough your trail becomes.


  • Super-strong grip to hold the phone
  • The design includes shock absorbers to reduce tremors.
  • Fast phone attachment and detachment
  • No need for installation tools
  • Has a customer-friendly refund policy


  • Needs to remove rubber padding for thicker handlebars.

9. CAW.CAR New 2020 Motorcycle Phone Mount

Another cool product made by the CAW.CAR Company is the CAW.CAR New 2020 Motorcycle Phone Mount. As you can see from its name, it is more modern compared to the previous one.

Just like the previous model, this motorcycle phone holder is a universal phone mount. The only difference from the model reviewed above is that it can fit handlebars with diameters ranging from 0.5 inches to 1.7 inches.

CAW.CAR New 2020 Motorcycle Phone Mount

Again, like the CAW.CAR Universal Phone Mount, this device a 360-degree rotation system to quickly adjust your phone to any position regardless of the angle.

So, if you feel that the sun’s glare is disturbing your view of the screen, simply adjust it to a position you need for a clear view. So convenient!

This phone mount also features silicon straps and rubber shock absorbers to ensure strong grips. So, regardless of the terrain, you need not fear your phone dropping.


  • No need for removing phone cases or sockets
  • Superfast phone mounting and dismounting
  • The bands are designed to provide full-phone access.
  • Reduced vibration due to rubber grips
  • Easy to install and adjust


  • Not long-lasting

10. Tiakia Bike Phone Mount

The last but not the least product to be reviewed is Tiakia Bike Phone Mount. If you are searching for a motorcycle handlebar phone mount having good testing scores, try this one.

Take Bike Phone Mount is considered a motorbike phone mount with a zero percent fall rate due to its fail-proof back fixing screw.

Tiakia Bike cell Phone Mount

Do you know that during the testing, the bracket did not drop for even once!? Believe it or not, but it is true.

Like CAW.CAR New 2020 Motorcycle Phone Mount, you can rotate it up to 360-degrees to ensure a favorable viewing of the screen.

We know that for many rotating devices, the rotation system tends to fail fast. But you won’t have this problem with the Tiakia Bike Phone Mount.

How can we be so sure of our claim? Again, it is because of the testing result. According to the results, even after 5000 rotation tests, the device held strong. So cool!


  • Fashionable outlook
  • Suitable for 4.7 to 7.2-inch cell phones
  • Made of durable, high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Zero screen obscuration
  • A long-lasting device


  • The phone cradle is made of plastic.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

Motorbikes are one of the most popular vehicles nowadays. It is the most preferred transport, as it enables us to reach the location within the shortest possible time. It can easily bypass the traffic. Sometimes it becomes difficult for someone to reach the exact destination without a map. Here comes the need for a motorcycle cell phone mount. One can easily put the cell phone on the mount, see the map and finally reach his destination. Besides, a cell phone will give you a variety of options while riding your favorite vehicle.

While buying a motorcycle cell phone mount, one definitely must want to know which one will be the best option for him. To make this task easy for you, we are here with a buying guide for what should you consider while buying a motorcycle cell phone mount.

Durability of cell phone mount

The first thing to consider while buying a cell phone mount is its durability. The cell phone mount should be of high build quality. Usually, a cellphone mount is plastic made. If the cell phone mount is made of hard plastic, it can withstand continuous vibrations and also the bumps on the road.

Phone suitability

A huge range of mobile phones is available in the market. People frequently change their phones. So, the second thing to consider while buying a cell phone mount is its phone suitability. If the cell phone mount is compatible with any kind of phone, you can go for it.

Adjustment with the handlebar

Different motorbikes come with different handlebar sizes. Check the highest and lowest diameter size of the handlebar to make sure it can fit well various sizes of handlebars. Adjustment of the cell phone with the handlebar is an important issue. If it is not fitted tightly, it may fall off along with your phone during the bumping on the roads.

Gripping of the phone

The cell phone mount should be able to hold the cell phone tightly. The gripping material used should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, the phone may lose grip while traveling on uneven roads, or it may create scratches on the back of your phone.

Shock absorbent capacity

As the motorcycle is made to ride on rough and uneven roads, it is certain that a good quality cell phone mount should have enough shock absorbent capacity.

Mount size

Since the cell phone is fitted in the handlebars, it takes some space. If the cell phone is of large size, it will take a lot more space from the handlebar and makes it uncomfortable for the riders. So, one should always opt for a small-sized cell phone mount.


Motorcycles do not have any sunroof for protection against sunlight or rain. So, the best cell phone mount should always be a waterproof one. One can easily clean it when required.

360-degree movement

One of the most important things to consider while buying a motorcycle cell phone mount is its 360-degree movement. It is a very important and useful feature for a cell phone mount. Using this feature, one can easily fix the angle of the mount according to his preference, be it in the landscape or in portrait position.

Types of mount

A large variety of mounts are available throughout the market, such as clamp handlebar mount, windscreen mounts, etc. Choose the suitable type of mount suitable for your ride.

Some FAQs for Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount:

Can I use a bicycle phone mount on my motorcycle?

The answer is, yes. One can fit a bicycle phone mount on a motorcycle. But not all the bicycle phone mount adjusts perfectly with the motorcycle.

Where should I put my motorcycle phone mount?

There are different types of phone mount for motorcycles. Usually, handlebar phone mounts are more popular. Handlebar phone mounts can be benefitted from the handlebars. If you have a large windscreen, it can be fitted there also.

How do you put a mount on a motorcycle?

Adjusting method of phone mounts is different for different models. Some phone mounts can be adjusted like the strip of a wristwatch. Again, some come with the screw option. Whatever the method is, the installation process of every cell phone mount is super easy.

Which side do you mount a motorcycle phone mount?

It entirely depends on you; on which side you want to mount. There is no definite rule of where to fix a cell phone mount on your motorcycle. Always fix the mount in an easily accessible and reachable place where you feel more comfortable.

Final Thoughts:

Since there are different types of phone mounts in the market, it is a challenging task to choose the best one. You do not want to waste your money after buying something that is not suitable for you. That’s why it is so important to choose the right one carefully and keeping some things in mind. With all of you in mind, we have tried to give details about the best motorcycle cell phone mount here. We hope you will benefit from our small efforts.

If you have any further questions related to phone mount, you can comment us in the comment box or contact us directly. We will definitely try to answer you. Thank you all.

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