How to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike

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Riding a bicycle incorporates numerous changes alongside sitting, pedaling, and practicing. Adults and children can’t ride the same-sized bike. So, you may need to make a few adjustments when it comes to riding a bike. You may have to raise the handlebars on your youngster’s bicycle as fitting handlebars’ stature is very significant. That’s why – how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike is the main concern now. 

However, there are a few variables we need to consider before changing the handlebars. To tell you each one of those variables and techniques I am here with this inside and out the article on this subject. So, without going anywhere else, keep reading this article till the end to learn the entire thing.

How high should my handlebars be?

You are probably making a move towards adjusting the height of your handlebars. But, how much should you raise bike handlebars? Well, The rule of thumb is to raise it as high as your cycle seat.

Because, if the handlebars are located lower than the seat, it will reduce the center of gravity. As a consequence, you have to put more pressure on your wrists and arms. Eventually, the stress will radiate into your neck and back.

However, before fixing the height, it is important to consider for which purpose you’re doing this.  For example, when you are riding the mountain bikes, then you may need to push the handlebar low. But, pushing it too low can give you issues with controlling.

Besides, people who are regular bikers on the road may like to keep the handlebars below the saddle. The handlebars of a child bike are recommended to be corresponding to the midpoint of the seat. 

How to Raise the Handlebars on a Child’s Bike?

According to the type of bike headset, the method of raising the handlebars may differ. Whether it is for an adult bike or a child bike it is important to understand the type. You will find two types of headsets available for bikes that are threadless headsets and threaded headsets. Let’s know about the method of fixing handlebars for both types. 

How to raise handlebars in the case of a threadless headset stem?

The moment you get to know the concept of the threadless stem, you will be able to make the changes in handlebar height easily. Now, how could you know whether your bike has a threadless headset or not?

Well, in the case of threadless headsets, there is a bolt located at the top. It also comprises two small-sized bolts. The two help clamping the stem below. 

As for now, you get to know your bike type, below here we included some points on how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike:

Figure out the comfort level 

You need to figure out at which level your child feels most comfortable while riding the bike. First, you need to settle the saddle height so that your child can touch the ground sitting on it. After that, you can raise the handlebars at the level slightly below the saddle or the same level. 

Loosen the stem cap and bolts of each side 

Take an Allen key to loosen the stem cap by removing the bolt on it. Loosen both side’s bolts enough to pull up the handlebar easily. Then pull off the stem from the frame of the bike. 

Use circular risers to settle the height of the handlebars

These are the spacers that come in little ring forms and help to raise the height of handlebars. The more height you want the more spacers you need to add to the bike frame.

Insert the stem cap bolt and fix the alignment

After adding the needed amount of spacers you have to insert the stem cap and bolts back. Then tighten them with your hands or use a torque wrench. After that, align the stem with the front wheel so that your child can maintain proper turning controls. 

How to raise handlebars in the case of a threaded Headset?

If you see a bike has only a single continuous piece of metal to join the handlebar then it is a threaded type headset. Now get ready to know how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike if the headset type of the bike is threaded. 

Loosen bolt over the stem and the locknut

With an Allen key loosen the bolt on top of the stem but do not remove it fully. Then take a wrench to loosen the ring-shaped hex nut where the stem and bike frame connects. 

Remove the handlebars from the bike frame and wipe them

Collect wiggle, twist, and pull before pulling off the handlebars and then use them to pull off. After removing the handlebars, wipe the step with soapy water and then dry them well. Apply some anti-seize grease on the bottom of the stem.

Adjust the height of the handlebars

It is just like I said in the section on how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike in the case of a threadless bike. There I have already said that giving priority to your child’s comfort you have to adjust the handlebars. It can be at the level slightly below the saddle or the same level according to the comfort

Place the stem back in the frame and tighten the bolts

So finally the time to move the handlebar stem back to the exact height of the bike frame came. Place the stem back and then tighten the hex nuts and bolt over the stem. To tighten them your hand is enough so that you can loosen them later whenever you need to. 

Fix up the Handlebars Angle

The main theme of this writing is how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike yet you should know about some related factors. Fixing the handlebars angle is closely related to the height fixing. To ensure your child a safe bike ride both raising the handlebars and fixing the angle might be needed. So, now I will tell you the methods of fixing the angle of bike handlebars here. 

Loosen the top bolt of the stem and side screws

The process is quite similar to adjusting the height of the handlebars. First, you have to find out the top bolt of the stem and loosen it. Then loosen the four side screws so that you can adjust the angle according to your child’s comfort. 

Decide how high the angle should be

You have already adjusted the height and now it is time to adjust the appropriate angle. Choose the angle at a height so that your child’s arms can easily find the break. Be aware of the angle between your child’s waist and back while sitting on the saddle and holding the handlebars. Your child’s back should be at a 45° angle from the waist. 

Tighten the bolts after fixing the angle

After finding out the preferable angle for the handlebars you can tighten up the top bolt and side bolts around the stem. Use your hands to tighten the bolts to avoid over-tightening. At the last, test if your handlebars height and angle are okay by driving the cycle for some time. 

Some Extra Tips

Well, I have tried to give an in-detailed explanation to your query and now I will notify you of some extra tips. So let’s see what are the things you need to be concerned about while raising the handlebars. 

  • It is a must to prioritize the comfort level of your child during the proceeding. That’s why you need to test the comfort level before settling the height as final. 
  • Collect the essential instruments like Allen key, wrench, wiggle, twist, pull, etc before raising the handlebars.
  • I have suggested you tighten up the bolts or screws with your hands. But if the screws are too delicate you must use a torque wrench to avoid any accident.
  • As I have mentioned the methods separately for two types of headsets you need to recognize the type and then proceed accordingly. 
  • Do not make yourself hurt while tightening the bolts or following other instructions.
  • Always tell your child to conduct a test drive to understand whether the adjustment is proper or not. 
  • Last but not the least, encourage your child as much as possible to win against any kind of fear. 


Hopefully, now you are well known about how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike. Being a parent you must arrange every possible recreation your child should enjoy. Riding a bicycle is one of them and you have to provide the most comfortable one to your child. Raising or adjusting the handlebars is very important to make any bike ride comfortable.

So read out every point of the above article and proceed accordingly. You won’t be disappointed with the outcome when you will see your child enjoying the bike ride with utmost comfort. 

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