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If you have been in the motorcycle helmet industry for any length of time, you must have heard about Bell Qualifier Helmets. They have been serving the market and satisfying the need of motorcycle riders for 50-years now. Bell knows exactly what the riders need and they produce exactly that.

Protection to comfort to eye-catchy look, you will get everything in mighty Bell. One of their top-rated series is Bell Qualifier Helmets, Qualifier has been a big success. Not only Qualifier but there are also a bunch of others that have been great so far as well. However, if you want to try Bell Qualifier for the first time and looking for authentic & unbiased Bell Qualifier Helmet reviews, this is your guide!

I have come up with the 8 best bell helmets including the Qualifiers. And have reviewed them thoroughly so that you would get a clear idea about whether to pick or not. 

Let’s get started.

Editor Choice: 7 Best Bell Qualifier Helmet Review

Best Pick

Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

Starting with the Bell Qualifier Street Helmet. If you are looking for a helmet that looks very classy and at the same time delivers the needed protection as well, then this helmet is for you. The first thing that is going to impress you is the classy look of it. It is a full-face helmet that makes it look even good. 

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Vista Outdoor Sales LLC
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 1 x 1 x 1 inches/4.85 Pounds
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Service Type: ATV, Street-sport-motorcycles, Scooter, UTV, Street Bike
  • Warranty:‎ 1 year

You get an optional tinted shield along with a clear shield. The clear shield is NutraFog II anti-fog and scratch-resistant. The shield is UV-protected as well. Another satisfying thing about the shield is it comes with a click release feature which makes opening the shield effortless when you are riding. 

And in any case, if you need to change the shield, that is tool-free, could be done very easily. If I talk about the shell of this helmet that is constricted with lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS. Gives the needed protection from impact. 

This helmet has a padded wind collar that works on minimizing the road and wind noise. It fits pretty well and the inside remains breathable, thanks to the Velocity Flow Ventilation System. It has Flow Adjust as well so that you can adjust that according to your need. You can close the ventilation when you are riding in the cold. 

The ventilation system of this helmet is approved by DOT. And also meets the FMVSS218 standard. Not only that, it is CARB certified as well. 


  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Offers the needed protection.
  • Looks very classy.
  • Scratch and UV-resistant shield.
  • Easy shield opening.
  • Incredible ventilation system.


  • Sometimes paddings come off from the chin section.

Runner Up

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet

If you are a regular dirt bike rider then you are going to love this one, the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS. Wherever you go people will stare at this helmet for sure. Apart from dirt biking, you can use this Bell MIPS as a regular helmet as well if you want. However, one problem with this helmet I want to address is, if you ride wearing eyeglass then you wouldn’t like this helmet

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Bell
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimensions/Weight: 15.28 x 11.34 x 11.42 inches/4.8 pounds
  • Uses For Product: Motorcycling
  • Inner Material: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Warranty:‎ 5-year warranty

Wearing this helmet over eyeglass will be very irritating and you don’t want to deal with that. That being said, this helmet does what it was meant to do pretty well. 

It gives great protection to your head, whether you are riding over rocks or mud, this helmet promises to keep you safe all the way. 

This helmet is heavily constructed with lightweight polycarbonate ABS shell. And it also has a MIPS energy management system. 

Features 3 DOT certified shell and EPS sizes, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for these. With this helmet, you get a clear shield but if you want to can add any shade very easily. 

The clear shield the helmet brings is UV-ray, Scratch, and Fog-resistant. The shield is easily removable as I have said before. 

The sizes are pretty accurate, fit very well. And it is pretty breathable as well, you will be comfortable. And lastly, if you want this helmet can be used while skating and cycling as well. 


  • Looks very stunning.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Fits pretty well.
  • Highly durable and protective.
  • Comes with a clean shield.
  • Multi-purpose helmet.


  • Cannot be worn with an eyeglass.

Best Quality

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet

Those who are a fan of Matte black motorcycle helmets have a look at this Bell Qualifier DLX blackout. It is one of the best Full face bell motorcycle helmets. Comes in 6 different sizes and 3 shell sizes, making sure that no rider misses using this helmet. And adapts the head shape pretty well, the rider will be very comfortable inside the helmet while riding.   

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Bell
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimensions/Weight: 15.28 x 11.34 x 11.42 inches/4.85 pounds
  • Uses For Product: Motorcycling
  • Service Type: Street Bike
  • Warranty:‎ 1 year

What makes this very unit more comfortable is the weight, the shell of this helmet is very lightweight. It is constructed with a Polycarbonate shell which is not only lightweight but is extremely durable as well. 

If I talk about breathability, this helmet has a unique design that makes sure that there is good airflow inside the helmet so that the rider will be comfortable. And the ventilation system in this helmet is adjustable as well, in cold, you can keep the ventilation off. 

Image source by Carl Daniel (Amazon User)
Image source by Carl Daniel (Amazon User)

With this helmet, you also get a click release shield which is effortless. And changing the shield is also very simple, completely tool-free. Bell has both dark and clear shields, you can use your preferred one. 

And now the most impressive feature. Unlike most helmets, this Bell DLX helmet has speaker pockets and a DLX door on side of the helmet where you can install the communication device. 

You might not feel the need for it yet but those who do long rides in the group, know how heavenly a feeling this is. Overall, this matte black motorcycle helmet lives up to the user’s expectation and you won’t go wrong with this.


  • Very attractive look.
  • Comes in 3 different shell sizes.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Highly protective and durable.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Communication device pocket.


  • The small size is too small.

Best Features

Bell SRT Street Full Face Helmet

Bell SRT Street Full Face Helmet

This Bell SRT full-face helmet comes with some features that no rider can deny. And buying this helmet will be very light on the wallet which is a relief. However, let’s have a look at what this helmet packs in. It comes with a very versatile forefront, whether for commute or a long journey, this helmet fits in both well.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Bell
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimensions/Weight: 15.28 x 11.34 x 11.42 inches/4.8 Pounds
  • Uses For Product: Motorcycling
  • Inner Material: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Warranty:‎ 1 year

The manufacturer has used fiberglass composite shells in the construction. Talking about the shell, it has two different shell sizes from extra small to large and Extra large to 3XL. 

And also has 3 EPS liner sizes. The variety of the sizes makes sure that no rider misses wearing this beautiful helmet. This helmet meets the standard of ECE and DOT. 

Bell has actually made this helmet suitable for most riding styles. They say this helmet can be used on the racetracks as well and that is why it comes with a little sporty look. 

It is a very stable helmet, doesn’t matter how heavy the wind blast is, your head wouldn’t bobble or shake much. 

Image source by Wicked Fellow (Amazon User)
Image source by Wicked Fellow (Amazon User)


This helmet comes with a flip-up chin bar with an easy-to-use button on it. When the chin is flipped up, do not worry about that being flipped down due to wind or anything else. There is a lock button on the left, just look at the position when the chin is flipped up and that is all. 

Another best part of this very unit is its incredible gracious peripheral vision which is due to the wide viewport of Panovision face shield that has class 1 optic. The face shield delivers great visibility. And this helmet comes with a clear shield. 

There is a sun shield as well, so no more sunglasses inside the helmet. Dropping the sun shield is effortless with a slider placed on the left side of the helmet. The sun shield covers a good portion of the vision and delivers great protection from the sun. 

The shield also has an Anti-fog coating on it. Overall, it is a great full-face helmet for riders. Long or short rides, can be used in both. 


  • Highly lightweight helmet.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Delivers good protection.
  • Have sporty look.
  • Sun and clean shield.
  • Great stability.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Fitting issue.

Best Manufacture

Bell Scout Air Helmet Matte Black

Bell Scout Air Helmet Matte Black

Do you like wearing feather-light helmets? Well, then this Bell Scout Air Helmet might be a suitable option for you. It is one of the best open-face Bell motorcycle helmets. That being said, I won’t suggest this helmet to anyone who does long rides and rides rough. Because this is not a very protective helmet. 

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Vista Outdoor Sales LLC
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimensions/Weight: 13.07 x 10.63 x 8.19 inches/‎2.7 pounds
  • Uses For Product: Motorcycling
  • Service Type: Cruiser
  • Warranty:‎ 5 year warranty

It is an open-face helmet so I will suggest this one for scooter riders, skaters, and cyclists. Otherwise, look for a full-face helmet. 

This bell scout helmet comes with an advanced innovative construction that consists Tri-Max composite shell along with an EPS liner. It is both DOT and ECE certified. 

Image source by FLMike (Amazon User)
Image source by FLMike (Amazon User)

Riders will be extremely comfortable with this helmet since it is feather-light and they can breathe air in open. And if we talk about protection, it can protect the head when the rider is riding at a very slow speed. But still, the chin area is exposed to impact since it is an open face model. 

It comes in 5 different shell and EPS sizes so that everyone can find the best fit for them. You can add a shield as well if you want. The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for this model. I have said this before but saying again, this is not a very protective helmet, it is best for cycle, skate, and scooter riders. 


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Highly comfortable helmet.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • DOT and ECE certified.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Looks decent.


  • Not very protective.

Best Structure

BELL Custom 500 Helmet

BELL Custom 500 Helmet

Presenting Bell Custom 500, an old-school-looking helmet that holds features to satisfy many modern riders. It is an open-face helmet that is extremely comfortable to wear. The outer shell of this helmet is constructed with top-notch fiberglass material. 

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Bell
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimensions/Weight: ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches/‎3.5 pounds
  • Uses For Product: Motorcycling
  • Service Type: ATV, Street-sport-motorcycles, Off-Road Bike, Scooter, UTV, Street Bike
  • Warranty:‎ 1 year

And inside there is custom fit interior padding made of Fast-wicking fabric which works incredibly keeping the user dry when riding through hot weather. 

This very model comes in 15 different colors, can you believe it? 15 good-looking colors! Choose according to your preference. 

Well, if you are a serious rider who rides long and fast, then this BELL custom 500 is definitely not your thing. Not only this, no open-face helmet is for you. You will be needing full-face helmets that can save your entire head from impacts.

Image source by Eduardo Peralta Gomez (Amazon User)
Image source by Eduardo Peralta Gomez (Amazon User)

This helmet is more suitable for scooter riders, skaters, and cyclists. However, you shouldn’t doubt this helmet in terms of comfort and durability. It is very comfortable and with proper care, it will last for a couple of years without looking ugly. 


Comes in 5 shell and EPS liner sizes, which makes this helmet suitable for almost every rider. The internal liner is removable and washable. 

You get fully clear visibility with this helmet but since it doesn’t come with any shield, you will have to purchase goggles separately so that nothing goes into your eye when riding. This is very important, otherwise, you might get into an accident. 

This helmet is very quiet, you wouldn’t hear much noise since there aren’t any air vents on this helmet. But if your bike has custom exhaust then that could be a problem. 

And lastly, if I talk about the protection, this helmet doesn’t provide any protection to the chin section of the face since it is an open face model. 


  • Very comfortable helmet.
  • Noise-free helmet.
  • Comes in 15 different colors.
  • Comes in 5 shell and EPS sizes.
  • Durable construction.
  • Good interior padding.


  • No chin protection.
  • No face shield.

Best Protection

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

Last but not least, now we have the Bell PIT boss half helmet. It is also an open-face helmet but the feature that impressed many users is the protection it offers even after being a lightweight helmet. Usually, lightweight helmets are very fragile, they don’t last long and don’t provide even decent protection. 

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: BELL
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimensions/Weight: 13.07 x 10.63 x 8.19 inches/‎3.6 pounds
  • Uses For Product: Motorcycling
  • Service Type: Cruiser
  • Warranty:‎ 1 year

But here this PIT boss is completely different. Though the chin area is exposed to impacts the helmet protects the upper head pretty well. Still, full-face helmets are way better than these in terms of protection since they cover the entire area. 

If I talk about comfort, as mentioned above it is very lightweight so you will not feel like you are carrying something over your head. 

Bell has used a shell in this helmet that is made of TRIMatrix and Kevlar carbon fiberglass blend. The specialty of this material is, it is extremely strong without being heavy. What else do you need?

Plus, the way this helmet is designed it fits on any head shape well. And there is a speed dial as well through which the user can adjust the right fit both horizontally and vertically. 

Image source by Robert Fitler (Amazon User)
Image source by Robert Fitler (Amazon User)

Another satisfying thing about this helmet is when riding due to the design most helmet catches wind which causes the user’s head to bend or shake. But in this very helmet that is nicely minimized. 

A sun shield comes with a helmet that will save the eyes from sun glare when riding. Moreover, there is a neck curtain which you can remove whenever you want. And lastly, with this helmet, you get a speaker too that can be used for communication when riding in a group.  


  • Highly durable helmet.
  • Very strong yet pretty lightweight.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Fits very well.
  • Features speed dial adjustment.
  • Comes with a speaker.
  • It has a sun shield.


  • Unprotected chin area.
  • Not for long and rough rides.

Editor’s Experience

The bell qualifier helmets are the best choice for you. It is made with amazing design and features. Bell qualifier helmets are very strong and powerful that give you security and safety.

Bell Qualifier Street Helmet: Weight is excellent. Right on par with my old helmet that cost 6 times as much. Super pleased about that. Ventilation is very good. With the vents open I can feel a breeze coming through the top vents and the chin vent.

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet: Fit’s great, has plenty of cooling, great visibility. The visor is a little high but doesn’t catch the wind the same way as an off-road helmet. My only complaint is that if you turn your head at speed, it sounds like a jet plane is landing behind you; I assume it’s the wind coming into one of the cooling vents sideways.

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet: Love it I researched a lot prior to buying and it was noted on a few YouTube reviews that you will get a lot of wind noise. The wind noise isn’t any different than any other helmet I’ve owned. I love it it came with a clear and tinted visor. The matte black finish is awesome!

Bell SRT Street Full Face Helmet: This Bell helmet is of high quality and the price it is selling is ridiculously low in my opinion. It is one of my best purchases this year and I highly recommend this helmet.

Bell Scout Air Helmet Matte Black: The helmet is very comfortable on your head. It does not make you feel you have a mushroom on your head. This is probably one of the smallest helmets I have worn. Pads are comfortable on the inside of the helmet.

BELL Custom 500 Helmet: great look, fits perfect, the visor helps with the noise, comfortable. Padding is adequate and blind spots are minimal. Light and reduce strain on the neck when checking for blind spots.

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet: This one has an occipital adjustment in the back and really clamps it tightly on my noggin when I know I’m going to go 70mph or above. It’s also very well made as a Bell product and more aerodynamic.

How to Choose the Best Bell Qualifier Helmet?

Helmets will cost you a good amount of money and if that is your hard-earned money then you obviously want to make sure that the money is going into the right thing. And to ensure that you are investing your money in the right helmet there are a bunch of factors that you will be needing to consider right before purchasing. 

Best Bell Qualifier Helmet Buying Guide
How to Choose the Best Bell Qualifier Helmet

I have mentioned all the factors below from the motorcycle type to checking the certifications. You just go through everything and then go to the market for picking a suitable helmet for you. 

Here you go!!!


The very first step of knowing the motorcycle helmet is to know every type properly. There are mainly 4 types of helmets that serve differently. Now you will have to go through every type and find which one will fit your need. 

Full face:

This is the most widely used and highly protective one. Every rider should consider wearing a full-face helmet because no other helmet type offers protection as much as full-face models do. These helmets cover the entire head including the chin and all. 

According to research, 60% of motorcycle injuries damage the face in a different way. So covering the face should be a major priority before starting riding on a motorcycle. 

Due to their strength and top-notch construction, they could be a little heavy and you will have to deal with that. If you are worried about the look, full-face helmets come in different designs and surely they look very classy. 


Well, these are not as protective as full-face helmets. Open face helmets cover the back, sides, and the top of the head, leaving the face open. And that is why they are called an open-face helmet. Compared to full-face models, open-face helmets are very comfortable and pretty lightweight as well. 

Plus, in an open-face helmet, the ventilation is on point, which makes the rider feel even more comfortable. Some open-face helmets don’t even come with a shield. The shield is extremely necessary because anything can get into your eyes while riding and if so happens, that might get the rider into trouble. 

So if you are choosing an open face reel for you then make sure that comes with a sun-shield. Otherwise, you will have to purchase goggles separately.  


And these are almost the same as open face helmets but provide less protection than open face helmets. Open face helmets cover every side of the head apart from the face. But half-face helmets cover everything half. And they are not protective. If you are a skateboard rider or cyclist, then you can consider choosing half-faced helmets. For motorcycle riding, they are not protective at all. 


Modular or Flip-up helmets are the most versatile ones and they are highly popular among youngsters now. This type is a blend of both open-face and full-face helmets. Gives as much protection as full-face helmets but if you want you can flip the face part of the helmet up and make it an open-face helmet. Due to their versatility, they are a little expensive but they are worth every penny. 


The United States has released a rule that every motorcycle helmet sold in the country must go through tests. And they will be approved for sale only when they pass the test. The test is regarding the quality and the protection. They try to figure are these helmets really have the ability to save the rider from impacts or not. 

And once the helmets pass the test, they are labeled with a DOT sticker. The sticker is seen easily and when you see that, it means the helmet you are picking is approved by the Department of Transportation of the US. Do not purchase helmets that are not certified. 


The first priority when choosing a motorcycle helmet is definitely protection. But after that, you should look for comfort too. You will be riding wearing the helmet and if that constantly irritates you that is going to bring more trouble since you will be distracted throughout the journey. 

Comfortable helmet

So you need to be very comfortable with the helmet. And the first step to ensure comfort is to pick a helmet that fits in properly. If you are purchasing from a physical store then you can obviously try but if you are buying online, then this could be a trouble since you cannot try the helmet. 

In that case, you can make an in-depth tour of the review section. See what the majority of the users are saying and then decide. 


The helmet should not stop you from clearly seeing the road and vehicles around you. And also ensure the helmet you are purchasing comes with a good quality face shield. Doesn’t matter whether that is clean or tinted as long as the quality is good. However, you will be needing a sun-shield if you will be riding in sunny weather. 


The helmet needs to remain breathable so that the rider feels comfortable inside that. A lot of helmets don’t come with any ventilation port, so air cannot get in, and nor it can get out making the inside very unbreathable. This can divert the rider’s attention which can lead to a road accident.  

So when you are purchasing a helmet, ensure that comes with ventilation ports and also make sure they are adjustable. Otherwise, in cold seasons you will feel very cold. 

Extra Features

Now latest helmets come with innovative features that riders appreciate a lot. One of the most needed features is the speaker and microphone. In other words, a communication device. A bunch of motorcycle helmets now comes with such devices so that when you are riding with a group, all of you can talk to one and another. That makes riding very satisfying. If the helmet doesn’t come with such a device, make sure there is space for that so that you can install it whenever needed. 

Warranty & Price

If you want reliability, then always go for big brands. Well-reputed brands will never deceive their customers since that can hurt the reputation they have built over the years. Helmets from top-line brands might be expensive but they deliver proper value for the money. On top of that, you will get a genuine warranty from leading brands, so in the future, if anything goes wrong they will take care of that. 

FAQ About Best Bell Qualifier Helmet

Is the bell qualifier a good helmet?

Yes, that is a pretty good helmet. That delivers great protection and comfort as well.

Is the bell qualifier Snell approved?

Yes, Bell Qualifier Helmets are Snell certified. Some are DOT certified as well.

Which type of helmet is best?

That depends on your need. If you ride long and round then you will be needing a very protective one like a full-face helmet. On the other hand, if you are a scooter rider then a half-face or open-face helmet will do fine.

Are Bell Helmets made in the USA?

No. Bell helmets are made in China. But some are manufactured in the USA.

Do Bell Helmets run small?

No, they don’t! As long as you take the right size, you shouldn’t face any trouble regarding fitness.

Conclusion of Best Bell Qualifier Helmet

I hope this Bell Qualifier Helmet Review guide satisfy your need. A lot of users have been using these helmets and so far most of them seem to be pretty happy with their performance. So you shouldn’t worry much. But still, I would urge you to do your research and clear the doubt. 

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