Best mountain bike helmet under $100

The best mountain bike helmet under $100 is designed to protect your head from impacts and provide you with a safe cycling experience.

It’s time to invest in a new mountain bike helmet. Whether you’re a road warrior or a trail rider, you can’t afford to skimp on your safety gear. The helmet has an injection-molded ABS plastic shell, which protects the skull and brain. Some helmets also include a visor that can shield your eyes from sunlight or raindrops as you ride.

That’s why we’ve compiled the best mountain bike helmets under $100 for 2021. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of 7 helmets under $100 and have received an average rating of 4 or higher from users online. These helmets offer everything from safety features to affordability – so don’t hesitate to check out our top picks!

  1. Schwinn Thrasher- Best budget helmet under $100
  2. SIFVO Adults- Best MTB helmet under $100
  3. Giro Fixture Adult Recreational- Best low profile mtb helmet
  4. Demon Podium- Best full face MTB helmet under $100
  5. TeamObsidian Airflow- Best mountain bike helmet for beginners
  6. Mountain Bike- Best cheap bike helmet under $100
  7. GROTTICO Adult- Best Women Bike Helmet under $100

Quick overview of 7 best mountain bike helmet under $100

Product nameMaterialDimensions/weightNo of ventsCheck Price
Schwinn Thrasher mountain bike helmetEPS foam construction‎ 6.25 x 8.25 x 15 inches / 8.11 Ounces20Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
SIFVO Adults mountain bike helmet EPS core 7.87 x 10.43 x 5.91 inches/12.42 Ounces15Check Amazon Price
Giro Fixture Adult Recreational mountain bike helmet In-mold construction14.21 x 9.69 x 7.32 inches/1.52 Pounds18Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
Demon Podium mountain bike helmetEPS foam liner14 x 10 x 10 inches/ 2.2 Pounds13Check Amazon Price
TeamObsidian Airflow mountain bike helmetEPS Foam liner10.59 x 8.54 x 6.57 inches/ 9.6 Ounces22Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
Mountain Bike mountain bike helmet strong PC shell and high-quality EPS foamNA16 VentsCheck Amazon Price
GROTTICO Adult mountain bike helmetIn-mold construction10 x 7 x 4 inches/ 10.56 Ounces 23 ventsCheck Amazon Price

What are the features of the best mountain bike helmet under $100?

When it comes to mountain bike helmets, the more expensive ones are often considered to be better. But what if you’re on a tight budget? The good news is that there are some great options available for under $100. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Best mountain bike helmet under $100!

Many features of mountain bikes make them best. Some of them we will discuss here.


The first feature that makes them best is their ability to ride on all types of terrain. They have a broader tire, and they are specially for riding over rough roads, rocky and muddy trails.


The next feature that makes them best is the design of these bikes which allows you to lean forward while still being upright enough so that it doesn’t feel like you’re going downhill even if you’re doing just that!


In addition, most mountain bike handlebars can be turned from side to side allowing riders easy control when needed :-). The last thing about mountain bikes we will mention here is how durable they are because of the materials used to make them – strong metals or plastics. Many people have been using them for decades without any problems at all!

7 Best mountain bike helmet under $100 review:

We pick our top recommendations with great care. Now it’s time to go through our detailed review of each product so you can decide which one is going to be your next gear.

Best Budget Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher-best bike helmet for beginners

Schwinn Thrasher-best bike helmet for beginners

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet is the ideal choice for your next bike ride. It is the best-designed helmet under$100. Schwinn has designed this helmet to provide you with a lightweight, comfortable fit that will help you enjoy every moment of your next bike ride.

The 360 Comfort System with dial fit allows you to customize your helmet’s fit to ensure it stays in place throughout your bike ride. This helmet also provides full-shell coverage and extra protection, making it the ideal choice for any type of biking activity.

Technical details

If you’re an avid cyclist, this Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet will protect your head from any accidents on the road. The product dimensions are 6.25 x 8.25 inches and weigh 8 ounces!


Microshell design: This bike helmet has a micro-shell design that perfectly fits your head. It has two layers of material for durability and comfort. The eps foam construction provides lightweight protection.

Two micro-shell layers: The first layer is an outer layer that protects you from the sun’s rays, while the second layer is an inner layer that absorbs shock in case of impact.

Customized features: There are 20 air vents to keep you cool on hot days, as well as full padding for comfortable wear. With the adjustable dial system, you can customize this bike helmet to fit your needs!

Adjustable dial system: The Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet is a helmet designed for comfort and safety. It has a flexible dial system that allows you to adjust the helmet’s fit to your head, making it safe and comfortable.


  • Adjustable dial system
  • Two micro-shell layers
  • Airflow vents


  • Bit pricey

Why do we recommend this product?

Schwinn’s Thrasher Bike Helmet is a lightweight, full-shell coverage helmet that provides extra protection and comfort with its 360 Comfort System. The dial fit system allows for a customizable fit, and the lightweight micro-shell design makes it easy to wear for long periods. Available in adult, youth, and child sizes.

Best MTB Helmet

SIFVO Adults-best MTB helmet under $100

SIFVO Adults-best MTB helmet under $100

The SIFVO MTB Bicycle Helmet is a lightweight and comfortable mountain bike helmet for men and women. With 15 ventilation holes, the dual certified cycling helmet is perfect for both city riding and off-road adventures.

The removable visor provides extra protection from sun glare in bright sunlight. In addition, the easy one-handed adjustment makes this a great helmet for both adults and youth riders alike.

Technical details

The SIFVO Adults Mountain Bike Helmet is the perfect accessory for any mountain biker. With a size range of 54-58 cm (21.26 – 22 83in), it can be worn by both men and women. In addition, this helmet has dimensions 787 x 10 43 x 5 91 inches with a weight of 12 ounces, making you feel safe while out on your next ride!


Durability and protection: This helmet protects your head from any danger. The outer shell of this helmet has high-quality ABS plastic materials, which are durable and shockproof.

Perfect fit: The adjustable dial on the back allows you to adjust the size of the helmet according to your head circumference. It’s suitable for adults, teenagers, and kids with a head circumference.

Multipurpose: This bike helmet can be used for multiple purposes such as biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, skating, etc. It’s also great for outdoor sports like hiking, camping, or even just walking around town.

Full padding: This helmet protects your head from bumps and bruises. The full padding provides a comfortable fit, while the 15 air vents keep you cool.

Ventilation and comfort: With a total of 15 air vents, this helmet keeps your head cool and dry during any activity. The soft sweat-absorption liner helps wick away moisture so that you can ride comfortably for hours on end!


  • Fully padded
  • Ventilation and comfort
  • Multipurpose


  • Bit heavy

Why do we recommend this product?

SIFVO Adult Mountain Bike Helmet is a lightweight, comfortable and adjustable helmet. The helmet has high-quality ABS plastic, which makes it soft and durable. In addition, the helmet has 15 ventilation holes that help to keep your head cool while riding in hot weather. It also has a removable visor for extra protection when riding at night or in bad weather conditions. SIFVO Adult Mountain Bike Helmet fits both men and women with its easy one-handed adjustment system.

Best Low Profile

Giro Fixture Adult-best lightweight cycling helmet under $100

Giro Fixture Adult-best lightweight cycling helmet under $100

The Giro Fixture is an excellent helmet for recreational cyclists. It’s lightweight and has plenty of ventilation to keep you cool on the road. In addition, the Roc Loc Sport fit system ensures that you can get a comfortable, secure fit every time.

The Giro Fixture has In Form technology which allows you to adjust the helmet’s fit from the back of your head. This adjustability makes it easy to get a customized, comfortable fit for any activity. The helmet also features venting that helps keep you cool while riding in hot weather or during high-intensity workouts.

Technical details

The Giro Fixture has a package dimension of 14.21 x 9.69 x 7 inches and weighs 1,52 pounds ( Typical weight for an adult cycling helmet). This product is well-suited to those who participate in sports such as biking or running.


Ease and comfort: The Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet is lightweight and comfortable. It has a universal fit sizing, high lead protection in-mold construction, and a complete padding-18 air vent system.

Universal fit sizing: The Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet is available in one size that fits most adults. It’s easy to adjust the headband for a custom fit.

High lead protection: This helmet meets CPSC bike standards for safety. It exceeds ASTM requirements for impact resistance and retention system strength.

18 AIR VENTS: Full coverage of air vents keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold days. Air flows through the front ducts into the helmet then out the back to prevent overheating.


  • Fully ventilated
  • High protection
  • Prevention from overheating


  • Some complaints about the MIP system

Why do we recommend this product?

Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet combines the breezy ventilation of a road helmet with the fit and adjustability. The lightweight In-Mold construction features Giro’s Roc Loc Sport fit system, allowing you to dial in your preferred level of stability and comfort effortlessly. Paired with the Roc Loc Sport is an adjustable visor that can move up or down for optimal sun protection.

Best full face MTB helmet

Demon Podium-Full face helmet under $100

Demon Podium-Full face helmet under $100

The Demon Podium full-face bike helmet is one of the most comfortable mountain bike helmets under $100 available. The removable and washable liner makes it easy to keep your helmet fresh and clean.

With 13 monster flow vents, the Demon Podium keeps you cool while riding, even on hot days. The fully adjustable visor lets you customize your field of vision for any type of ride. The fit system with five height positions means you can dial in a perfect fit every time so that this helmet fits like no other!

Technical details

The DEMON United Full Face Bike Helmet is a high-quality and professional product that will make any mountain biker satisfied. The package dimensions are 14 x 10 x 10 inches; 2 pounds in weight makes this face protection ideal for biking enthusiasts on the go!


Full padding: The full padding protects your head and face. The EPS foam liner conforms to the shape of your head for a comfortable, secure fit that will keep you protected on every ride.

13 air vent system: It has an air vent system that provides maximum airflow to cool you down when it’s hot outside. This helmet has 13 vents in total!

THERMAL ALLOY RESIN SHELL: The thermal alloy resin shell has a high-quality material built to last. It’s lightweight, durable, and long-lasting so that you can get the most out of your helmet!

Aluminum side visor screws: This helmet has an aluminum side visor that screws into place for added security.


  • Side visors
  • 13 air vents
  • Removable and washable


  • No technical flaw in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

The Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet is an excellent helmet for any rider. It has an adjustable visor to help protect your eyes from the sun and 13 monster flow vents to keep you cool while riding. The Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet also features a removable/washable liner that will keep it smelling fresh all day long. In addition, this helmet is available in multiple sizes and colors, making it perfect for every rider!

Best Lightweight

TeamObsidian-best ventilated bike helmet under $100

TeamObsidian-best ventilated bike helmet under $100

The TeamObsidian Airflow Adult Bike Helmet is a lightweight helmet under $100 that offers a great fit while providing the safety you need. This bicycle helmet has an adjustable knob on the back of it so you can adjust it to fit your head perfectly. It also has a reinforcing skeleton that helps protect your head from impact during falls, crashes, or accidents.

It is lightweight and has a reinforcing skeleton to provide extra protection. This bicycle helmet features a ventilated design that helps keep your head cool while riding. The chin strap you can adjust to fit comfortably, and you can easily remove the visor when it’s not needed.

Technical details

The DEMON United Full Face Bike Helmet is a high-quality and professional product that will make any mountain biker satisfied. The package dimensions are 14 x 10 x 10 inches; 2 pounds in weight makes this face protection ideal for biking enthusiasts on the go!


Protected, vented, and cool: TeamObsidian’s Airflow Adult Bike Helmet is the perfect helmet for your next ride! The full padding and 22 air vent system allow you to ride in comfort.

Quick-release chin strap: This feature allows you to quickly detach yourself from the helmet in case of an emergency. It also makes it easier to take off the helmet after a long day on your bike.

Dual Fit: We all know how annoying it can be when helmets don’t fit right! That’s why the helmet has a design with dial fit, which will ensure that our helmet fits comfortably on your head so that you can enjoy every moment of your ride without worrying about whether or not it.

Adjustable helmet: The helmet is adjustable to fit most head sizes comfortably, ensuring a secure fit every time you ride. With a dial adjuster on the back of the helmet, turn until comfortable and enjoy riding in comfort!


  • 22 air vent system
  • Dial fit
  • Adjustable helmet


  • Pricey

Why do we recommend this product?

The TeamObsidian Airflow Adult Bike Helmet is the perfect helmet for adults looking to get into biking. The lightweight, durable design comes with a reinforcing skeleton to protect you from any bumps in the road. With its breathable vents, this helmet keeps your head cool while you ride so you can focus on enjoying your journey.

Best Affordable

Mountain Bike-best High quality hamlet under $100

Mountain Bike-best High-quality hamlet under $100

The mountain bike helmet has a high-quality material, and the design is exceptional. In addition, the inner layer of the helmet features a removable and washable liner that you can take for cleaning.

The outer shell has an adjustable dial system at the back to adjust to your head size, and it also features a chin strap buckle for added security. Multiple well-designed vents on this helmet allow airflow through the helmet so you don’t overheat while riding. In addition, this model has two screws, so you can easily remove them.


Strong pc shell: This helmet has high-quality plastic, which is much stronger than ABS. It can effectively protect your head from sharp objects and impacts.

EPS foam: The EPS foam used in this helmet meets the EN 1078 standard for bicycle helmets. It is also lighter than other helmets with the same level of protection.

Lightweight material: The shell and inner pads are lightweight, making them easy to carry around when not in use. 16 VENTS – Plenty of vents allow air to flow through the helmet, keeping you cool on hot days! Soft sponge inner pads make wearing comfortable even after long periods!

Removable visor: This helmet has a removable visor that can be flipped up or down as needed. You can also eradicate it if you prefer to ride without one.


  • Removable visor
  • Multiple well designed
  • ABS Plastic


  • No technical flaw in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

Mountain Bike MTB Helmet is a perfect gift for mountain biking enthusiasts. It features the adjustable dial and chinstraps, multiple well-designed vents, and two screws that attach the visor firmly and remove when necessary. In addition, the helmet with a lightweight ABS plastic shell that provides good protection for your head.

Best Women Bike Helmet

GROTTICO Adult-best safe design helmet under $100

GROTTICO Adult-best safe design helmet under $100

GRROTICO Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet is lightweight, comfortable, and safe. In addition, this bike helmet features a removable visor that provides added protection from the sun’s glare.

The design of this bike helmet makes it look like a motorcycle helmet, but it is safer than a motorcycle helmet because it has been engineered with more vents to allow airflow in and out of the helmet. With these extra vents, you will have less sweat build-up on your head when riding your bicycle for extended periods.

Technical details

The GrotTCO helmet is made with high-quality materials and designed for comfort. With its innovative ventilation system, the GROTTICO will keep you cool on even the hottest days! A 10x7x4 inch unisex adult product dimensions measuring 10.56 ounces


Removable visor: Easily remove the bill from your helmet with a quick twist of the dial. It allows you to wear goggles underneath when riding in rainy weather. If not using goggles, slide back into place and enjoy a clear view of what’s ahead!

Adjustable dial and straps: The dial at the back of our helmets makes it easy for you to adjust its size, so it fits comfortably on your head. Simply turn the dial until it reaches your desired comfort level!

23 Vents: There are 23 vents in this helmet that help keep you cool while riding your bike. It is beneficial if you live in a hot climate or ride during hot weather.

Rugged and lightweight: This helmet has a tough outer shell and a soft inner lining to keep you comfortable while riding. It also comes with an integrated rear light for extra safety.


  • Tough and lightweight
  • Adjustable dial and straps
  • 23 vents


  • Bit heavy

Why do we recommend this product?

GRROTICO Bike Helmet is the perfect choice for your next bike ride! This lightweight, the adjustable helmet is designed to provide you with maximum safety and comfort while riding. In addition, its adjustable straps allow you to customize it to fit your head shape perfectly. At the same time, the removable visor will protect your face from harmful UV rays when cycling under direct sunlight.

Best mountain bike helmet under $100 Buying guide:

What is the best mountain bike helmet for under $100? It’s a question that many people ask themselves when they are searching for a new one. We’ll help you find out with our buying guide! In addition, we will discuss features that you need to consider before purchasing.

Size and weight:

The first factor you need to consider before purchasing is the size and weight of the helmet. A good mountain bike helmet should be lightweight to reduce fatigue when you are wearing it for a long time. Moreover, if your head doesn’t fit well with this item. It will not protect your skull as much as possible in case of an accident!


As a second factor, there is ventilation: helmets can get hot inside, which leads to unpleasant smells after wearing them for some rides, so what’s better than getting one where air flows through? Finally, it keeps our head cooler while biking on those summer days or even winter ones depending on where you live!


The third factor to consider before purchase is the helmet’s visors: depending on the weather, you can use it or not, but we all know that when we ride in the rain, dust, and even wind, one visor will protect our eyes from unwanted things.

Fits properly:

The fourth factor is the fit: make sure to choose a helmet that fits your head because if it doesn’t feel right, then obviously, there’s no way for you to enjoy cycling! But, again, you have been warned so don’t say that nobody told you about this important thing before buying.

Type of bikes:

Finally, what type of mountain bike are you going to be using? Remember to get something perfect both for its purpose and riding style – otherwise, forget about everything else as well, at least while wearing such an accessory! If getting sweaty isn’t your issue, you probably need to consider a lightweight helmet since that’s an essential thing to pay attention to when it comes down to cycling.

With so many factors playing an important role in choosing the best helmet for your mountain bike, you should take some time and think things through before making such a big decision!


What is the best mountain bike helmet?

The GROTTICO adult men mountain bike is a perfect helmet, and it has a low profile. It’s also durable and lightweight. I recommend the orange one because it’s evident to motorists! It’s affordable, soft, and breathable, so you don’t overheat in it. Plus, it has a visor that keeps the sun out of your eyes when riding!

Are mountain bike helmets safer?

Mountain bike helmets are becoming more common. They’re so popular that some people even wear them when riding a road bike! Well, I think that no helmet is better than a bad one. You have to consider the quality of the materials it’s made from and how well they’re attached, especially if you plan on using it for more extreme sports.

Do I need a special helmet for mountain biking?

I recommend using a helmet when mountain biking. It’ll protect you from head injuries. In addition, It is best to use a full-face helmet for mountain biking because it can save your life. For example, in case you fall while going downhill. Besides, they’re more comfortable than helmets without a visor.

How do I choose a mountain bike helmet?

For mountain biking, you want a helmet that is both comfortable and protective! I recommend looking for one with adjustable straps, so it fits snuggly. One of the essential features to consider when choosing a mountain bike helmet is ventilation.

Why are MTB helmets different?

Mountain bikes are one of the fastest-growing types of bicycles. They’re also very versatile and can handle different terrains thanks to their wide tires. That’s why they require a particular type of helmet made with solid and durable materials like rigid foam or poly.


We’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best mountain bike helmets under $100 for 2021. All are high quality, durable, and offer great coverage while not breaking your bank account! If you’re looking to buy one this year but don’t know which ones will work best for you, we hope our review helps make that decision easier. Then, pick up any of these before your next ride – they’ll keep your head safe without hurting your wallet too much!

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