How to Remove Bike Chain without Master Link?: Did You Know Them Before?

Worrying about how to Remove Bike Chain without Master Link? Removing a bike chain without a master link is difficult but not impossible. Know by yourself!

Bikes’ features may seem simple, but they are the most fuel-efficient transportation. In this process, the chain is a fundamental thing cause without it, and you won’t get anywhere. So no matter what, you’ve to take care of the chain even if it required removing.

The manufacturers added an extra feature in the bike called a master link to make this process easy. Being a part of the chain master link helps to break the chain easily, and it’s shiner than other parts of the chain so that you can easily recognize it.

Now there might arise a question, how to Remove Bike Chain without Master Link? If you seek an answer to this question, then no worries. You are in the right place.

How To Know If your Bike has a Master Link or Not?

First thing first, you need to find out if the chain has a master link or not. So how to do it? Generally, an additional shine is added to a master link. They look shinier and reflect. As a result, it is easily identifiable.

As you already know, breaking a chain with the master link is easy. You only need to drag the rollers to the center. And reconnect the chain push in the pin.

How to Remove Bike Chain without Master Link?

Removeing Bike Chain without Master Link
How to Remove Bike Chain without Master Link?

A chain has four parts before you start removing it. The parts are:

  • Inner plate
  • Outer plate
  • Roller
  • Rivet or pin

Remember that while removing the chain, keep the parts as normal as possible to not get teared.

You need to follow some processes and need some tools to Remove a chain without a master link.

Tools You Might Need

You know how to remove the bike chain with other special tools previously, but you may need additional equipment for convenient access.

Bike chain plier

For those bikers who have a master link on their bike, this tool will simplify their task. Unlike other links, the master link has a slot, so the plier squeezes the chain link, and the rivet comes into the slot. The chain, therefore, breaks down.

Chain breaker tool

A chain breaker tool is indeed a must-have tool. Cause use of this tool is very simple you need to push the rivet out of the chain, and your chain will be removed.

Now getting to the steps. So if you don’t have any master link in the chain, there are a few ways to remove it. Here’s how to remove a bike chain without a master link.

1. Grab Your Chain Tool

It’s a small handy tool that helps to push out the rivet from the chain. It has a rotating handle and metal pin. Generally, a chain tool has two prongs so that the chain of your bike easily fits into the chain tool.

Grab the chain tool
Grab Your Chain Tool

Now you need to put the pin on the link of your bike chain. Then slide the link and make sure it is secure in between the two prongs. After that, you need to rotate the handle in a counterclockwise direction. At some point, you’ll see that the handle is making contact with the rivet (center pin of the link). But you have to keep rotating the pin until the rivet is almost out of the link.

While taking the rivet out of the link, make sure it doesn’t fall out because it’s very difficult to put it back.

The next step will be rotating the chain tool handle counterclockwise to come out of the link.  After that, turn the handle when your bike chain is removed from the chain tool. 

Your work is almost done as the rivet is almost out of the link. So grab the link and twist it with your hand to disconnect the connection.

Be cautious not to distort the chain while twisting. If the chain gets twisted, there is no way but to replace it.

2. Breaking A Bike Chain Using A Hammer

You must get it from the title that you need basic tools like a hammer and a nail punch to perform this technique.

Brake chain by hammer
Breaking A Bike Chain Using A Hammer

If your chain is on the bike, then removing it can be a little bit difficult. But no worries. Just find a suitable place to lay it down on its side. Then place the nail punch or a screwdriver as close to the rivet’s center.

After that, take a hammer and hit the end of the punch or screwdriver. This will pop out the rivet from the other side. Repeat the process until you remove the required link. Check that the ends of the chain have matching components so that you can reassemble them.

3. Using a Saw or Steel Cutter

Steel cutter for chain
Using a Saw or Steel Cutter

Another way of removing the bike chain is by a saw or steel cutter. But it is a risky way, so don’t do it if you are not confident enough. If anything goes wrong, you might distort or deform the chain.

So that’s it when it comes to removing the chain. As you’ve removed it, now it’s time to put it back. But how do you do it? Well, read on…

Putting the chain back

Whether you remove the chain for a thorough clean or reinstall a new chain, you need to put it back carefully.

To put it back, reconnect the chain on the rear sprocket and wheel as much as possible. After that, turn the pedals, and the chain is pulled to activate.

However, if your bike has a master link, then the process will be different. Put the pins into the corresponding link and keep the other side of the connection outside.

After that, tighten the chain to places the pins in the narrow section of the conical groove.

Now here’s a quick tip for you. As most of us don’t maintain bike chains regularly, the chains can get damaged.

How to Maintain your bike’s chain

The bike chain easily gets affected by dirt and grime from the road. Sometimes, rust is also seen in bike chains. So you need to maintain them regularly.

  1. First, stand on your bike’s side and pull the back tire off the ground. Then rotate the pedal and inspect for any dirt, tight links, and corrosion in the bike chain. If there is dust or corrosion, you’ve to clean them.
  2. Use a brush to clean the links or use a lubricating oil in the chain. This will keep the bike chains clean and prevent rust and corrosion.
  3. Regular cleaning is not enough for a bike chain, and you must give it a monthly clean to lasts it for a long time. First, remove the chain and brush it thoroughly. Then soak the chain it into a chain solvent to clean built-up dirt completely. Now take a clean cloth to dry the chain and reinstall it.


How do you remove a bike chain without a master link?

With a master link, it is easy to remove a bike chain. But if there is no master link in the bike the, I am sure you already know how to do it from earlier information.

What is a master link, and what’s its purpose?

Master link is also referred to as a quick link. It is basically a removable segment that comes in very handy while removing a bike chain.

Removing a bike chain is not an easy task, as you know. In that case, a master link can ease your pain cause you just need to remove the master link from the chain to break the chain from the bike.

Does every bike has a master link?

Not every bike has a master link. For example, you’ll have a master link if your bike has a derailleur. In addition, BMX bikes and one-or-three speed bikes with internal gear are likely to have a master link provided with the chain. Otherwise, you can buy a master link from the bikes store or online.

How much does it worth buying a chain breaker tool?

A chain breaker tool is a useful tool to rejoin or repair a bike chain. It makes the job easy. That’s why I’d suggest investing money in a good chain breaker tool.


Now it’s time to hit the road. As you’ve already known about So next time if you face any problem related to a bike chain, I think you’ll able to solve it. This how to Remove Bike Chain without Master Link guide will surely save money and time.

Do a mini road test after changing the bike chain. Then you’re ready to roll. Hope this removing bike chain guide was helpful. Good luck!  

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