How to Stop Skipping Bike chain-Every biker need to know

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Does your chain often skip during the ride? And you have no idea what is causing this and how to fix it? Then no more worries. Because today I will tell you how to stop skipping the bike chain for a smooth and comfortable ride. 

A skipping chain is downright asking for trouble. You will have trouble shifting your gear and lose balance over two of your wheels. No matter how dire the situation may look like, you can easily overcome it. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to do this. Keeping reading on to find out. 

Why Do Bicycle Chains Skip? 

One of the most common causes of chain skipping to the lowest gear or shifting two times instead of just once or shifting between gears is simply the derailleur(the small section of the bicycle that shifts the chain from one sprocket to the other)  adjustments. 

RJ says that: ‘’modern derailers with index shifting the pulleys in the cage should line up with the cog that the chain is on. And so what happens is if the adjustment is slightly off to where the pulleys are slightly off and not in the line with the cog. Then the chain might get in between the cog or the chain might try to jump to the next cog and back again.”

So these are a few of the other reason why your chain might be slipping constantly: 

  • The bicycle chain might be too long or too loose. 
  • The freewheel and the crankset might not be of the right size
  • The compatibility of the gear and the chain might be off
  • Not in right alignment. This might be due to old derailleur, erroneous installation, distortion, etc. 

Fixing this Bike Chain Problem 

The most common fix for this skipping chai problem is to annex much-needed tension. But sometimes the fix is to shorten the chain by taking away one or two links. Or you can wipe out the whole shifter cable. But we wouldn’t recommend doing this as a first choice. 

Why take away perfectly workable cable when the actual solution is more simple than that. So as a first choice always choose the least intruding repair possibility. Which in this case is adding tension. 

Step by Step Process- Compete Guide

Before getting too much into the details let me tell you one thing there are two types of adjustment. but one thing is for sure one or both might be at play here. They are Barrel adjustment and cable adjustment. First, try out the barrel adjustment. So, if it doesn’t work then try cable adjustment. So how to add tension to the bike chain? Let’s talk about them there

Note: Make sure you know the parts of your cycle well and what they do. Otherwise, you may work on the wrong piece and damage it further. 

Barrel Adjustment

  1. The first thing you have to do is put the bicycle on a flat surface and enable the safety mode. Make sure your cycle is parked nicely on an even floor. 
  2. Now paddle your cycle forward either with your hands or leg. Keep doing it until the derailleur is tuned down into the smallest cog. 
  3. At this point, you will have to check if the shifter is working properly or not. You can check it by pressing it once. After that check, if the chain is moving upward. If there is no action to this then you need more tension.  
  4. Now you have to do all is revolve the barrel adjuster in. You can do it by spinning it away from you. Are you confused about the potion of the barrel adjuster? You will find it behind your derailleur. It is a small screw-like object. Your cable goes through it and meets with the gear shifter. 
  5. At this point again press in the gear shifter to check if the chain now will automatically shift to the lowest ring in the bike cassette. If it doesn’t then you should keep adjusting the barrel adjuster to add tension. Keep doing it until the bicycle gear shifts properly. And if it works then that that is the gain here. 

Cable Adjustment

  1. Even after doing everything, nothing happens then check your cables. Your cable is like goldilocks that need proper adjusting. To properly investigate the cable. If it is too loose then you need to add more tension but if it is compacted then you need to loosen it up. 
  2. You need to manually adjust the cable. So you can easily spot the cable exiting the derailleur. You will see a bolt like an object at the end of that point. You need to use this to adjust the cable. To add more tension to the cable you need to first loosen the bolt with a wrench then pull out the cable. And to lose the tension just simply push it in a little bit. Keep adjusting it until the gears can shift perfectly without the chain skipping. 

Still, after doing all this, if the bicycle gears don’t shift without the chain skipping then you have to check the limiting screw. The limiting screw is situated above the derailleur. Look for the high gear screw. In many cycles, the screw is indicated with a letter H. Loosening this high gear screw might enable the gear to regear to the lowest cog. And ultimately switch gear properly. 

Conclusion About How to Stop Skipping Bike chain

Now that you know how to stop the skipping bike chain, you can easily solve your problem. Most of the time these steps will ensure a skip-free ride. But we recommend you to change your old bicycle body parts if they are old and rusty. From tire to derailleur, every part can be replaced. Using the aging material can lead to frequent problems and sometimes can even cause an accident.

If nothing works from this guide and you are not sure what to do after this then just take your bike to the mechanic. It is best to spend a few dollars rather than causing long-term damage.  

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    I switched to Wippermann chains after the original wore out on my road bike with a Shimano Ultegra 3 x 9 drivetrain.
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    I usually do this about once a year, and have been getting between 3,000 and 4,000 miles on a chain.


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