Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

Riding a bicycle is not only environmentally friendly but also good for physical exercise. But all regular bikers can attest to this that boarding a bike into a car can be a troublesome headache. The bicycles are naturally bulkier compared to the car boot, and one needs to use a rack to carry them around in a private car. Not only this situation causes the ride to look bad and calls for more spending of money, but it also can damage both the vehicle and the cycle. In this, Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review article, we will introduce riders with few remarkable bikes, which are not only fast, but also easy to transport and store.

What Is ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike?

An Ancheer folding electric mountain bike is an electric bicycle that can be folded and stores after its use. They can be a real help to daily riders who need to frequently carry around their bikes in rides and lack storing places. The portability and space-saving functions of ANCHEER folding electric bicycle enable the passenger to fold it after the trip and store it in car boots, cupboards, under furniture, etc.

Such bicycles have electric batteries, and they can be pedaled both physically and electrically. E-bike’s electronic support system can make driving easier for physically weaker people and still help them in exercising. They are quite fast as well. Though they vary in their actual folding methods, their lightweight and smaller size after folding allow riders to carry the bikes not only in private cars but also in public buses and trains.

Best 3 Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike (Available Online)

While it is true that folding electric mountain bike is quite handy for portability and size, the best quality bikes are very costly, and some of those bikes cost nearly $10,000.  Still, folding electric mountain two-peddlers come in a variety of prices, and some of those are considerably cheap.

But many consider the cheaper bike as useless and almost disposable. The reason is that most of such electric cycles are of poor quality. But some budget-friendly bikes can become very useful under careful usage. ‘ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike’ falls in the latter category and can be helpful for the first-time electric two-wheeler users. These bikes cost around $700 and provide satisfactory services considering the price.

To help the potential buyers, in this article named ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review, we reviewed three Best ANCHEER folding electric bicycles. They are chosen based on their frame materials, brakes, wheels, weight, battery, motor, and other features.

ANCHEER-EB006 Folding Electric Bike

ANCHEER-EB006 collapsible electric commuter bike is a folding bike with an aesthetic outlook. Its features make it easy to carry and store. A rider only needs a few seconds to fold down this two-wheeler. There are two colors available in the market for this e-bike- black and white.

ANCHEER-EB006 Folding Electric Bike

Mainframe Material

ANCHEER-EB006 is made of lightweight and robust carbon-steel. This ANCHEER folding e-bike is equipped with an LED battery power indicator smart meter, an integrated bell, front and rear disk brakes, and folding aluminum alloy pedals. Mentioned ANCHEER folding e-bike also has a 250 high-speed brushless gear motor and 16-inch double-layered wheel made of aluminum alloy. It is 37 pounds in weight and can bear about 220lbs of weight at maximum.

Battery Capacity

ANCHEER-EB006 is equipped with a 36V 8AH lithium Ion battery, which can be removed at will. To fully charge the battery, it needs to be charged for 4 hours to 6 hours. The battery is designed in a way that will keep it unaffected by different weathers. One can charge the battery in either a separately or on the frame. The cycle can run straight from 15-30 miles with a fully charged battery depending on the working modes. Its highest speed is 16-17miles per hour.

Mode Types

While speaking of working modes, this folding electric mountain bike has two working modes-

  • E-bike mode
  • Assisted bicycle mode

ANCHEER-EB006 Folding electric bicycle also comes with a one-year service facility for the electric motor, battery and other parts. But the main metal frame is exempt from this service. The bike comes in an 85% assembled condition, and the other parts are easy to assemble by following the tutorial given in the guide or internet. Still, if one faces difficulty in joining it, he/she has the option of asking for service help.

  • ANCHEER-EB006 is a fast-folding bike that is quick to carry or store.
  • The battery can be charged on or off the frame expediently.
  • ANCHEER-EB006 folding bike’s battery is supportive of ling-time riding.
  • The e-bike’s adjustable seat allows one to find a comfortable position for riding.
  • It has front and rear brakes to help stop effectively in short notice.
  • ANCHEER-EB006’s speed transformation feature ensures smooth-shifting and easy-pedaling.
  • Despite being adjustable, the seat is not comfortable for a long-time ride.
  • ANCHEER-EB006 folding electric bike cannot be used in challenging terrains.

ANCHEER-EB003 Folding Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER-EB003 Folding electric mountain bike’s main frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. As a result, this bike is durable and very light. This electric bicycle is designed in a way that makes it quick to fold down and easy to store. The net weight of the ANCHEER-EB003 e-bike is 60lbs and is capable of bearing 330lbs of weight.

ANCHEER-EB003 Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Battery Capacity

This folding e-bike has a 250W stable motor along with a removable 36V 8AH lithium Ion front battery. The battery has its port system smart lithium battery charger. What makes the package different from ANCHEER-EB006’s is that the package contains an extra battery. Like EB006, the battery needs 4-6 hours for a full charge, and it can be charged both on and off the frame. The maximum speed of the bike is 15miles per hour, and one can go 15-30 miles in a fully charged battery depending on the working modes.

Wheel and Material

ANCHEER-EB003 e-bike is equipped with a bright LED headlight and a horn at the front. It has an aluminum alloy made 26-inch bead spoke wheels, and they are fitted with thick, anti-slip wear resistant tires. This ANCHEER folding electric mountain bike model also has a 21-speed professional transmission system along with a double shock absorption system to ensure a comfortable ride in bumpy terrains. Like ANCHEER-EB006 mentioned before in this ANCHEER folding electric bike review, ANCHEER-EB003 Folding mountain e-bike also sports two disk brakes, one at the front and the other at the rear.

Mode Types

Unlike ANCHEER-EB006 collapsible electric commuter bike, though, ANCHEER-EB003 folding mountain e-bike has three working modes.

  • E-Bike
  • Assisted Bicycle
  • Normal Bike

One can choose the electrically assisted power as per need with an LED 3-speed smart meter button. A rider can also use the throttle to add a burst of speed for a quick-movement.

ANCHEER-EB003 Folding mountain e-bike has a great outlook and available in black and white in the market. It comes in an 85% assembled condition, and the rest can be assembled easily by following the given guideline or online videos. If unable, then one can also ask for service help. This folding bike comes with a one-year service warranty, which helps with any bike part problems except the damage to the inner metal frame. In this Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review, we found some pros and cons.

  • ANCHEER-EB003’s LED bright night light is very supportive for night-time riding.
  • The anti-slip, wear-resistant thick tires are helpful in slippery roads.
  • EB003’s shock absorption feature makes riding in bumpy terrains comfortable.
  • ANCHEER-EB003 Folding mountain e-bike’s 21-speed gear-shifters provide a perfect climbing ability.
  • The three working modes help the rider to maintain a comfortable pedaling speed.
  • ANCHEER-EB003 Folding mountain e-bike has an excellent and effective customer service system.
  • ANCHEER-EB003 needs to travel 10 miles before using the maximum speed dial.
  • The tires don’t come in an inflated condition and require pumping before use.

ANCHEER 20-Inch-Wheel Folding Electric Bike

ANCHEER 20-inch-wheel folding electric bike’s collapsible frame makes folding and storing the cycle easy and fast. The structure of this bike is made of 100% lightweight, collapsible aluminum alloy, and its front fork is made of durable carbon steel. The fork is also loaded with shock-absorbers to make the ride smooth and more comfortable. The wheels of this bicycle are made of aluminum alloy, double-layered, and covered with 20inch anti-slip wear-resistant tires.

ANCHEER 20-Inch-Wheel Folding Electric Bike

Diameter Size

ANCHEER folding e-bike’s wheel diameter is 20 inches. The full length of the two-wheel-peddler is 58.1 inches while the height of the seat varies from 27.3 inches to 44.1 inches. The handlebar length of ANCHEER 20-inch-wheel folding electric mountain bicycle is 22.2 inches, and it weighs about 50lbs. It has a weight capacity of a maximum of 300lbs. A person with a body height of 5ft-1inch to 6ft-3iinches is best suitable for using this electric bike.

Available Colors

ANCHEER folding e-bikes, this bike is available in black and white colors. ANCHEER 20-inch-wheel folding electric bicycle has one front and one rear disk brakes, bright LED headlight, and a horn at the front. It sports a removable 36V 8AH lithium Ion battery, which comes with its port system smart lithium battery charger. The battery can be charged both on and off the frame. During this Ancheer folding electric mountain bike review, we remarked charging time of the battery is 4-6 hours.

ANCHEER Company is equipped with 250W brushless gear motor and 7-speed gears. The maximum speed capacity of the two-wheeler 15-18mph depends on the working modes. But one can use the throttle to get a burst of speed if the need arises. A fully charged bike can go 15 miles in throttle mode and 30 miles in assisted mode non-stop.

Mode Types

ANCHEER EB003 folding electric mountain bike has three working modes.

  • E-Bike
  • Assisted Bicycle
  • Normal Bike

ANCHEER 20-inch-wheel folding electric bike’s electric-assist power, along with the working modes, can be chosen using the LED 3-speed smart meter button. It is also possible to combine three working modes instead of using only one way.

The bike comes in an 85% assembled condition. Users can join the rest following the video from you-tubes and the manual. One can also ask for assistance from the seller if the need arises.

  • ANCHEER 20-inch-wheel folding electric bike is durable, lightweight, easily foldable, and storable.
  • Its tires are high-quality and anti-slip, making the e-bike suitable for different terrains.
  • The shock absorbers in the fork make riding more comfortable on the arms.
  • ANCHEER e-bike’s three working modes help one to maintain a comfortable pedaling speed.
  • Its dual disk brakes help to make the ride safe and secure.
  • It is easy to assemble and comes with a service help option.
  • The weight of the bike can feel taxing on physically weaker people.
  • The bike does not have a rear light.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike – Buying Guide

A person should not just jump into buying a folding mountain bike without determining if the bicycle is suitable for his/her. Before buying, one should look into a few things-

The Proportion of Frame to Body

It is imperative to choose a bike suitable for one’s body height and leg-length. That way, one can adjust the seat in a height which can be comfortable while pedaling the bicycle and reduce straining his/her body.

Generally, for folding bike

  • 17-inch frame is suitable for riders under the height of 5ft3inches
  • 18 to19-inch structure is ideal for passengers in height between 5ft3inches to 5ft10inches
  • 20 to 21-inch frame is ideal for cyclists in height above 5ft10inches

A person can measure the bike by measuring the distance of the top of the seat post from the center bolt of the bottom bracket.

The E-bike’s Weight

An average folding electric bicycle weigh around 45-50lbs. But one should try to buy a bike, having as much lower weight as possible. It is because many times the rider needs to fold and carry the bike, and moving the bike can be hard if it weights a lot. It gets especially more laborious while climbing upper regions or stairs.

The Material of the Frame

The metal used in the making of the bike-frame determined the bike’s longevity. It is best to choose a bike which’s frame is made of durable and lightweight metal. Aluminum alloy made bike frames strong and light.  Such structures are the most popular in the market, and they are quite cheap as well. Carbons mixed alloy frames are also sturdy and lightweight. But they, like titanium made bikes, are comparatively costlier.

Besides these bikes, steel-made folding e-bikes are also available in the market. Though they are durable, they can be cumbersome. Such frames are also vulnerable to rusting. So, it is advised not to buy one if the bike requires frequent transporting or weather use.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism of an e-bike mainly determines the required time for the bike’s folding. The split-fold device quickly and easily folds the two-peddler in the middle, but such bikes usually become quite heavy after folding. If one needs to carry his/her bike, he/she should buy one with a triangular folding mechanism. Such bikes take very little space after folding despite being complicated and thus perfect for carrying.

E-bike’s Battery

The battery of an e-bike is the determining factor behind the bike’s performance. Despite various types being available in the market, most of the e-bike batteries are lithium-ion batteries. They are comparatively cheaper and less cumbersome.

The charging time and use the duration of the battery are the other main key points to consider while buying a folding electric bicycle. It is best to look for a bike with a removable battery with good mileage per charge. The reason behind purchasing an e-bike with a removable battery is that this way, one can change the battery after it wears down. The charging time should be 3-5 hours.

Motor of the Bike

The motor rating of an e-bike is also a critical determining feature of a good quality e-bike. Usually, engines vary from 250W-1000W power. The higher the watt of a motor, the more it’s power. But it does not mean that everyone should buy the e-bikes featuring the most potent engine as that can be contra-productive.

The leisurely riders and the riders who will most probably use the bike in smooth urban roads should buy an e-bike with lower motor power to save money. The electric bikes with higher motor powers are most useful for mountain terrain riders.

Suspension, Brakes, and Wheels

For a secure, comfortable ride, it is vital to have a sound suspension system to absorb bumps on the road. Choosing the best electric bike with an aluminum front-suspension fork system for their durability.

Compared to mechanical brakes requiring frequent adjustments, the disk brakes are better despite being costlier. They are self-adjusting and produce short-noticed strong force.

Wheels are essential for ensuring a good, safe ride. Not all wheel sizes are suitable for everybody and every use. For example, 16-inch wheels are best for their lightweight and portability, but they are not ideal for long-bodied riders and long-distance traveling.

20-inch wheels are the most common standard wheels in the market, having a wide range and excellent speed. The wheels having more diameters provide safer and more stable rides, but they are not much good in their portability. Besides, a rider should also look out for the tires. It is best to use broad, anti-slip, multi-terrain tires for ensuring safe rides.

Seat and Other Accessories

The seat of the bike should be adjustable to different heights and, most importantly, comfortable for long-time riding. One should also check for proper headlights, tail-lights, horns, racks, etc. before buying an electric mountain bike. Also, one can buy extra accessories depending on needs.

FAQs on Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

Are ANCHEER electric bikes any good?

Good quality folding e-bikes are very expensive. ANCHEER e-bikes offer one the opportunity to use a folding e-bike at a cheaper price. Despite being cheap, the bike comes with some useful features and they are quite long-lasting. They are one of the best low-priced e-bikes available in the market for the beginners.

How do you start an ANCHEER electric bike?

Steps to start an ANCHEER e-bike:

Turn on the power switch by inserting the key.
Pedal one cycle to start engine.
Continue pedaling or use the throttle to control speed.
Stop using the throttle for more than 30 seconds to turn off engine.
Pedaling one cycle once more to start engine.

Can you ride an e-bike without pedaling?

The throttle, a key feature of ANCHEER folding electric mountain bike enables a rider to move the bike without any need for manual pedaling. This feature comes in very handy when the biker is tired or need to go very fast.

What are the cheapest e-bikes?

The following bikes are the cheapest e-bikes available in the market. They are priced lower than 1000$.

ANCHEER Power Plus E-Bike.
Ride1Up Ghost.
Nakto 20″ Folding Electric Bike.
Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 e-Bike.
Nakto City Electric Bike.
Merax Aluminum Electric MTB.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

While electric bikes offer many useful features, they are more complex than regular bicycles and thus hard to manage. Bikes having good electric parts are also heavier as they come with a battery, an engine, and a controller which adds to the bike’s normal weight.

Concluding remarks

While it is true that the maintenance of a folding e-bike requires more attention than a regular bike, a folding electric bike offers services that can’t be provided by a regular one. Folding e-bikes are now getting more popular day by day due to their useful features. As it can be noticed from this Ancheer folding electric mountain bike review, mentioned Ancheer electric bike provide many valuable features for a comparatively lower price. While these bikes lack some exclusive features available on pricy folding e-bikes, they can be useful for general riders and save their money from unnecessary spending.


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