Pure Fix Bike Review (The Best Fixie Bike)

Pure Fix Bike Review

Gear bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes have become extremely popular because of its stylish design and comfortable riding advantages. If you are looking for pure fix original fixed gear bike with higher features and performance then you are in the right place. Even some fixed gear bike manufacturers are also launching fashionable designed bikes nowadays. Here we are going to describe pure fix bike review.

If we compare pure fix original fixed gear bike with most other types of bikes, the fixie seems to have less components. But if we compare it for the comfort, most other bikes will be disqualified by the pure fix bicycles quality. The fixie provide a superior comfort feel while riding though it doesn’t has battery like electric bike or bunch of gears like road bikes and mountain bikes.

Everybody knows, bicycling is one of the best outdoor workouts, good for our health and we can have a great date on a pure fix bike too. But fashionable bikes can’t help us to remain healthy.  Only fixed gear pure fix bike can be part of your outdoor workouts. Pure fix bike review under the following:

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike Features

Features:  Pure fix bike is laden with features including fixed gear single speed mode and low weighted.

Quality: The pure fix cycles materials are aluminum and stainless steel mixed that is much durable.

Frames: High Tensile Steel

Breaks: Optional Front Brakes

Physical Dimensions: 53.94 x 31.89 x 7.48 inches

Tires Size: 700cc x 28 inches

Others Features: The pure fixie has a top handlebar and padded artificial leather burden seat cover.

Price: Price of pure fix bike is under affordable though it is stylish and solid material made.

Summary: Most pure fix fixed gear bikes are under $399 priced. The bike is affordable, durable, solid materials made, easy functional and the best fix gear bike for rough use.


  • High-quality materials
  • Expedient
  • Durable at rough using
  • Lightweight and moveable anywhere
  • Price is affordable
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Good customer service


  • Weak tires
  • Not good packaging

Whenever I saw the pure fix bike, I just loved it instantly. It has dirt free chain line and gorgeous look. Basically, we become tired of searching gear bikes, electric bikes and hybrid bikes. Pure fix bike are everywhere but we don’t follow. Professional riders do their practice by these pure cycles india bikes. Even they are getting into the minimalism  and intuitive skill with these fixed gear bikes

Riders love pure fix bike because of one bike, one gear and one speed.

How does a reasonably priced pure fixed bike look like?

The best pure fixie romeo bike are basically fashionable that is well intended and simple but gorgeous. The pure fix bikes have great durable mechanism with hard frame that is well constructed.

I denote that road bikes like pure fixed custom gear bike is conspicuously cheaper than other geared bikes. It has much less materials that mean a lower priced and lower maintaining cost.

Performance and Comfort

Pure fix bikes convey high performance with comfort. Because the fixed geared and solo speed pure fixie bike has 50mm riding wheels and a bendable flip-flop hub. The hub is effortlessly detachable. The front brake is smooth with a 40mm disk brake and 32 rims. The bike also has a 30mm excellent handlebar with well-built rubber grips.

The best feature of a pure fix bicycle is weight. The bike is only 24 pounds weight and easy to move anywhere.

Pure Fix Fixie Bike Combine Assembled

Pure Fix Bike has a genuine fixie seem to be feeling that you will notice right away. The bike frame and handlebar have built and assembled together to provide the bike a trendy design and manifestation of a factual customized fixed gear renovation bike that you might have seen on the different urban roads.


Pure fix bikes contains a handlebar, saddle and a water pot holder. You also can add food straps and several gadgets. The gears set of the pure fit bike are adequately attested and it is durable. The frame is abundant tight welded aluminum outline and pedals are 9/16 inches slim nylon comes up to superior materials. The tires and tubes are Kenda, grips are Oury and chain is KMC brand.


The simple design of pure fix bike created opportunities to provide services that you want. You can use it for daily workouts to reduce fat. Even you can use pure fix to make a ride with you partner. If anyone is preferential above the other, that might finish up with an average cycle that doesn’t carry out to its fullest prospective.

Pure fix bike structure, handlebars and wheels are delightfully modified. The bike is obtainable in 30 special colors which consist of vivid and gorgeous looks. The simple but gorgeous designs take hold of the concentration of most riders.

Pure Fix Bike Colors

The Pure Fix Original Bike is basically obtainable in 30 special colors. These varieties of colors are from an all-black glance. Icon is another piece of the fixed gear bike planet, so the capability to select the right colors that fit your personal appreciation.

Pure Fix Bike Weight

The pure fix bike weight is 22-24 lbs with fully equipped, the bike load any place compromising on the size. The weight is not come upon the lightest, but tranquil so much appreciable. The 30mm top handlebar provides the rider to get an aggressive riding position.

Pure Fix Bike Chain

The pure fix chain is made with a 74.25 KMC Z-410. Basically the chain is used with the hard-hitting BMX bikes platform. It also has ProMax caliper front and back brakes that cleave along the stopping aspects. The pure fix juliet bike wheels grant prosperity of back up performance too.

Pure Fix Bike Tires

The pure fix bike tires are made by Kendra WTB. The chunky polished tires size is 700cc x 28 inches. Pure fix bike wheels are 40mm subterranean coat 32 holes beam wheels. The wheels provide incredibly quick feel with different types of speed, hardiness and mobility as well.

Pure Fix Bike Accessories

Pure Fix Bike has intended spacious series of accessories which can be effortlessly attached with the frame bike and top handlebar to compete with any bike in the market.

Pure fix bike comes with a Flip Flop Hub

Pure Fix Bike appreciates the requirement to regulate from fixed gear mono speed free wheel, mainly if you do not have any experience even now. The pure fixie bike review has comfortable flip-flob hub that provides awesome flexibility wherever, however or whenever you want.  That doesn’t matter that you always keep connection with your stylish bike or just use it to for your simple need on the road or in the city. You just feel relax that our pure fix bike review will fulfill more than your expectations.

The most noticeable point of view is that you can use it easily and remove your bike brake at any situation, because it has a full welded stainless steel made frame. The hardtail pure fixie frame made the pure fixie much durable and long enduring than other fixed gear bikes.

The Original Pure Fix Bike contains an alloy full-flip hub with preserved bearings to remain the internal mechanism free from dust and humidity.  Just flip the wheels whenever you want a wheel free riding mode.

Pure Fix Bike Grips

A well known bike parts manufacturer named’ Oury’ produce soft rubber grips for the pure fix bike. The Oury ensures the secure navigation feel.

Pure Fix Bike Gear

Pure fix bicycle featured with a clean and strong 44:16 gear ratio that is great for inner-city biking, particularly in the city street. The Pure Fix oscar Gear Bike is an enormous paradigm of contemporary fixies. It is a combination of gorgeous design with supreme mechanism. The opportunities of advanced customization make the bike tremendously advanced to the bikers who basically want inexpensive adaptability to add to their bike compilation.

Pure Fix Bike Feels Solid on Tough Roads

Most of the fixed gear single speed bike feel like extra lightweight and make vibration on the tough roads. But the pure fixie fix bike has extensible high quality frame and fixed wheels that is able to reduce the vibrations on the toughest transportation in the city. Moreover the fixie has a high quality aluminum pedals that’s unexpectedly powerful. The strong pedals will provide you the additional grip that required while you will track by fixed gear bike. Talking of the bike gears, that one is much simple to change from single speed to fixie form.

Do not feel that the fixed gear is built cheaply as it is one of the best quality maintained product. The parts of the bike are cheaper and you don’t have to cost much for the future maintenance. It feels really solid while riding. Even you can change it anytime as you want. The assembling of the pure fixie got a strong and resilient finish to provide the riders to ride with safely assurance. That is why the investment on the bike will make you feel satisfied and it is obviously a praiseworthy bike.

Outstanding Fixie Novices

Pure Fixies are fairly suitable for dating if you know something about it. Conversely, this is actually an incredible bike for biking and sharing any kind of benefits like dating on bike with someone that will devise your riding more and more.

Selecting the right fixed gear, the bike starts off immediately for you to move on.

If you are a fixie beginner then you will discover the casual pure enjoyment to ride on. The bike is appealing effortlessly to get together; a reliable top turner and a uncomplicated preset gear will not fuss around. Even, you can straightforwardly change the bike parts near your bike shop as same level or you can modify any section of your bike to justly make it your own.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear: Pure Fix Fixie Bike Reviews

Pure Fix Original Fixie bike has 4.4 Out of 5 stars in Amazon shop. There are ton of questions answers with hundreds of reviews about the bike’s stability, well-design and dependability on the city road. Some professional bikers have mentioned in the comment box on how the bike extremely smooth to ride. Moreover, others have mentioned that the assembling of the bike parts is amazing.

Though, the bike has few negative reviews there as well. Some people have complained the sellers about getting their bike with some scratches and dents. Some complained that the tires quality is not faithfully the best one approximately. Few buyers felt that the bike seat could be more comfortable and soft. But the good news is that you can change the seat and customize any parts of the bike as you like.

The Pure fix bike Seller Feedback

Pure Fix vector Bike is mainly noticed in the road biking scene. The bikes are recognized for some of the best pure fix fixie bike cycling zone that is reasonably priced. The pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie bike is one of the best brand sellers. Let’s have a glance at how we researched pure fix bike review.

Who is it for?

Pure Fix Original  Fixie bike is for midway and daily bikers who like to have their days with fixie style. Ahead of using pure fix bike frame  for everyday commute, this is an amazingly consistent bike for weekend trails and city road adventures. The bike is predominantly prepared for intercity ride with a flexible 44/16T single gear. Moreover it has 700cc x 28 tires that make sure a full control on the wide road or in traffic jam.

The pure fix fixie bike accumulated with different brands components. The components brands are casually well known to the bikers. So there is no way to compare the bike with other road or fixie bikes. Do not hesitate to take the best fixed gear bike that is casually the best one holding pros. Otherwise, you may stumble upon troubles next to the way.

Buying Guide Final Verdict

Gradually, we are polluting our environment by different kinds of vehicles and transportations. But one vehicle is environment friendly that is bicycle. If you want better experience on cycling then you must have to choose pure fix bike, also known as fixie. There are different types of bikes in the market but a fixie is the one that is most effective for your health.

Hope, you get a wonderfully reasonable priced bike that provides a genuine fixie feeling. And our pure fix bike review helped you to choose the best fixie bike under $400 budget. Above all, you will obviously get a solid frame, divergence and a huge sum of useful features end of the day.



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