Best Bicycle for Wheelies in 2021 (Buying Guide for Rider)

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Do you venture off-road to skip the traffic jam? Or, are you in love with downhill biking? Then, maybe you are affected by the mountain bike bug. And, that’s especially good for your health and mostly for shaping a fertile mind. Biking helps to maintain a sound immune system and a robust body. So, purchasing the best bicycle for wheelies is not just a cup of tea. To get the perfect bike, one should do some legwork. As you are here, don’t worry about that. I have tried my best to inform you of the exact erudition about the top 5 bikes for the mountain. 

Top 5 Best Bicycle for Wheelies in 2020 

My selection method is based on some principal factors like frame materials, suspension, traveling time, rim, disc brakes, wheels, comfort, handlebars, seats, pedals, and many more. I pick only those bikes on my list, which have performed well in all circumstances on the uneven roads

Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

Ignaz Schwinn (American icon) founded Schwinn in 1895 in Chicago, IL. He had made iconic bikes like the original Karate (bikes for kids), the Varsity, and the Phantom. From children to adults, everyone trusts the name of Schwinn for its world-class quality.

Bicycle for Wheelies

For being lightweight and durable trail mountain bikes are always ready for action. They are specially built for robust, rocky, and bumpy ways. If you are in love with the firm air and natural beauty of the hill, a Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike can be your best choice. That mountain will not be scary anymore for you. The Schwinn Bonafide bike comes with an aluminum mountain frame. Also, it consists of a frame and a sturdy Schwinn suspension fork, which can soak up bumps and thumps. Your journey seems more fun to you because it’s soaking the terribleness of the dangerous road, and this makes it the best bicycle for wheelies. 

What is exciting about the Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike is that it makes front and rear gear changing easy and smooth with a 24-speed Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifter. Front and rear mechanical disc brakes can stop your bike when you are in crisp condition on the trail. Also, durable Schwinn alloy cranks accommodate consecutive gearing and a few annoying maintenances. The Schwinn Bonafide Bike has double-wall alloy rims, which are high profile, stable, and add durability. The knobby mountain tires are 2.25-inch wide and always ready for a bumpy path. The rims and plugs end are the same in color, which looks so elegant with the 29-inch big wheel. 


  • Excellent durability with an aluminum alloy frame
  • Lightweight
  • Hardtail suspension for extra climbing power
  • 29-inch tires for a sleeker ride.
  • 24 speed Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifters
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • 3×8 gearing needs fine-tuning
  • Front suspension is not locked

Bottom Line

The Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike is adjustable. You can add some distinct pieces of accessories to get the customized ride adventure that you want. You may find a few small issues at first. However, those can be quickly fixed with fascinating modifications.

PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser 

The PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser is a supreme quality BMX road bike. The stylish retro bike prefers a unique geometry, and thus, it is enlisted in the best bicycle for wheelies. Trail lover bikers want it as PL 26 BMX has numerous unique features as compared to the other 26 BMX Bikes. 

PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser

The bike is featured with a Chromoly steel Red-line frame and fork. This material is light in weight, but you will feel sturdy while using it. The suspension chrome alloy fork is efficient for dampening vibrations and aftershocks. With an incorporated head tube, the frame has a bottom bracket that allows regular support to the bikers. There is no built-in cup holder.

To ride all day comfortably long, it has double-wall rims with aluminum hubs, which provide you a wheel-set. Also, the PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser appears with a flip-flop hub. The hub is able you to put a smaller rear cog on the bicycle. Furthermore, the 14 g stainless spokes and KMC Z33 chain provide a lot of strength and stability. And, the sprocket of this bike has 39 teeth. 


  • Chrome alloy fabricated durable frame and fork
  • Steady and relaxed biking
  • Featured with excellent retro design
  • Handy for freewheeling
  • The double-walled wheel rims and hubs are built with aluminum
  • Can be ridden for elongated limits
  • For changing cogs at the rear end, there is flip flop hub
  • To halt instantly, there are linear V-brakes


  • Toes can be trapped in the pedals
  • Hard V-brakes

Bottom Line

The PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser is ideal for 13 years or 5’ tall and taller bikers. The stability of this bike is enough to ensure your journey safe. 

Diamondback Bicycles Hook

As enthusiastic about traveling the hills and forest with two wheels, I will suggest picking the best mountain bike. I drive Diamondback Bicycles Hook with my insane mountain lover friends, the wood. The riding was amazing, even though on a dirt path. Also, the Diamondback will allow me to ride over the large stones, rocky terrain, or fallen trees. Let’s have a closer look at why I listed this bike as the best bicycle for wheelies. 

Diamondback Bicycles Hook

The performance of the Diamondback Bicycles Hook bike is outstanding as it has a modern frame with a low-slung. At the first look, you can notice the back is short, and the front is long. This unique design makes it maneuverable to ride but a little bit low. It’s common to ride downhill on a mountain; the Diamondback Bicycles Hook will offer you a stable ride at that moment. To absorb the vibration, the designers have used a 120mm SR Suntour fork. Also, there is a drivetrain of SRAM X3 1×8-speed, which will help you to spin up and downhill smoothly. You may have a question; will the 27.5” wheels work well? Well, before riding a bike on the hill, you should know this measurement of the wheel is perfect for an excellent trail bike. 

Moreover, the silicone handlebars and saddle seats provide a super comfortable ride to the bikers. Any rider will love both of them as these are flexible. So, you can modify it according to your decision. As a bonus, at the front and end of the bike, there are Tektro mechanical disc brakes. If you are a professional biker, you know what I am talking about. Yes, it’s real, and I can see your shiny eyes after recognizing the brakes. Plus, the wheels have 14g stainless steel spokes. 


  • The bicycle is very versatile
  • Light in weight
  • Durable enough for a bumpy road
  • Great built quality
  • The suspension system is unparalleled


  • For riding uphill, the 8-speed drive train is not suitable

Bottom Line

For being lightweight and having a great suspension system, the Diamondback Hook is perfect for wheelies. Each part of this bike is built to enjoy the trail fully. 

Tommaso 2019 Gran Sasso 29er

Most of the bike brands mixed up the material from several 3rd party manufacturers. The problem is the performance of a bike declines because of this poor combining. And, here is the reason why Tommaso 2019 Gran Sasso 29er is another best bicycle for wheelies. Drive into the article if you want to know more authentic information about this bike. 

Tommaso 2019 Gran Sasso 29er

You may don’t know that Tommaso is the direct consumer brand, where you will get 100% Shimano gears optimized bike. Their Tommaso 2019 Gran Sasso 29er is the best preference under $600, including an aluminum lightweight frame and reliable fork. When it comes to versatility, you are going to love this mountain bike for a 24-speed full Shimano drivetrain. According to your conditions of the terrain, this drivetrain will allow you to shift the speed quickly. The Shimano Acera Shifter consists of rust-resistant components, which makes the bike long-lasting. The Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brake will provide you an unbelievable stopping power. So, realize how safe it is! 

To absorb the vibration effectively, the Tommaso 2019 Gran Sasso 29er has a 100-mm suspension, which is at both the front and backside. That ensures your every ride secure and comfortable. Besides that, you will love to assemble the bike after taking it out from the packaging. This mountain bike doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to gather all the parts accurately. 


  • The bike contains full Shimano group-sets
  • Optimization handlebar, stem, crank arm length
  • Aluminum lightweight frame and fork
  • 24-speed full Shimano drivetrain
  • Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brake
  • Incredible stopping power
  • 100-mm suspension for a safe ride


  • The saddle can be annoying
  • No bike cup holder

Bottom Line

As a regular biker, I like their lifetime frame warranty and the excellent service throughout customer service of the U.S. I love two highlighted qualities of this bike- one, it’s a budget-friendly bike and the second-lifetime warranty for the bike frame.

New York Bicycle Wheelie BMX Bike

Here is another BMX bike in our list of the best bicycle for wheelies. New York Bicycle Wheelie BMX Bike is the name of trust and confidence. It is designed in Schenectady New York; manufacturing is done in Mainland China and the inspection of quality control in Schenectady New York. This circle of the building process is the same for every bike of the New York Bicycle Co. 

New York Bicycle Wheelie BMX Bike

The most impressive factor of this bike is it has all the small details ideally. To provide exceptional comfort than others, it comes with precise work from handlebars to the wheels. Lightweight and durability make this trail mountain bike eternally ready for action at any time. For fearless biking in the terrain of the hill, New York Bicycle Wheelie BMX Bike has 3 pieces of the durable crank, double-wall rims with reliable hubs. The crank has a sprocket with 25 teeth. You will get the perfect grip while paddling on uneven roads. 

Plus, this BMX bike has a rear hand brake. The geometry of the stunts/breaks is excellent. The handling of the bike is much more comfortable, which helps the rider to do wheelies. The entire frame and handlebars are well featured with chrome. And, after getting the two-year defect warranty on each part, you can use the bike how you want.


  • Chrome finished frame and handlebars
  • 3 Piece heavy-duty crank and 25t sprocket
  • Perfect height and weight of the tires
  • Sturdy V-brake on the rear wheel
  • Great grip while paddling
  • 2-year parts warranty


  • No cup holder

Bottom Line

The New York Bicycle Wheelie can be your best BMX bike on the hill or mountain forest. Before purchasing the bike, don’t forget to measure your height.

How to Choose the Best Bicycle for Wheelies?

Regular bike and bike for wheelies are not the same. So, definitely, the determination processes are different. Wheelies mean dirt jumping or free-riding on a hill or in the scenic forest loops. I have created the best list after testing the top 15 different bikes for 20 days and consulting 7 professional bikers (obviously better than me 🙂 ).

Frame Material

Nowadays, the frame of a mountain bike is built with different metals. Some made from steel while some made with aluminum, carbon, and titanium. You will get to know some experts who will say theirs is the best for wheelies or free riding. I am not indicating they are wrong. But the point is, if you are new to the world of wheelies, you should take a ride for testing your preferences. That’s what matters for you, not the materials of the frame. Most of the mountain bikes are made with aluminum as it is a transcendent metal for this type of bicycle. It provides a lightweight, durable frame, affordable, and also good looks. 

Best Bicycles for Wheelies

If you ask for a steel frame on a mountain bike, the price will drop as it’s the least expensive material. At the same time, steel is the most traditional metal for bike making. It offers durability, sound lightness, excellent ride experience, and, most importantly, repairability.  

If your budget is high and you want to ride on a beast bike, you can search for carbon and titanium. Both of them are costly and only found in expensive bike models. Carbon bike frames are super-lightweight, top-notch corrosion resistance, and excellent absorption power of vibration. On the other hand, titanium is pretty similar to aluminum and steel. Titanium frame bikes are comfortable, scratch-resistance, and rust-resistance. 


According to today’s, demand most new mountain bikes are implemented with suspension. Eventually, if you order a rigid bike, you will get a particular level of suspension. It is highly beneficial for trail riding. It helps the tire to travel PS and down. For this support, you will get a speedy but safe ride. In fact, few bikers have discovered they can trail ride for having a suspension system, which they supposed to skip for some risk. 

Travel Timing

There are diverse types of full-suspension bicycles limited by the measure of travel the shocks afford. One to three inches suspension is featured in short-travel bikes. These are favorites for cross-country. You will get three to four inches of suspension while using slopestyle and gated-racing bikes. When you stand up off the seat and riding the bike, the stand-over height helps you to land safely. 

Disc Brakes or rims

There are remarkable advances in the brake system from the last few years. Usually, there are two types of the brake; number one is disc, common standards are mechanical and hydraulic. And number two is the rim, typically called, V-brake, linear-pull, and direct-pull. Rims are traditional, which slows down the bike to stop. It has some disadvantages, such as damage in time, reduces gripping power while riding in wet or muddy conditions. Thus, the disc is the first choice for most trail bikes. Discs are attached at the center of the bike wheel that works as car brakes. They are not affected by wet or muddy conditions like rim, so your disc will last longer. 

These are affected less by wet and muddy conditions (so you don’t lose much braking power), and they don’t wear the rims so your wheels will last longer. Some bicycles employ hydraulic disc to get impressive stopping power, modulation, and reliability. So, your little maintenance can give your bike long-lasting, excellent service. 


You need robust and reliable wheels or tires for a mountain bike. Off-road wheels are best for this job. Rider weight, territory, and riding method are factors in how long off-road tires will last. For riding on super-rough or thorny regions, take some additional protection for the tube, which will prevent flat tires. Your scarce care can run them for years after years.

Wonder Wheels

My listed mountain bikes come with firm wheels you can depend on. If you spend some more money, you can get lighter wheels. As the wheel rotates the weight, you can pedal much easier after stripping a few ounces from the tire. You can have wheelsets that have customized design ultra-light and super reliable feature like, fewer spokes, featherweight stuff, trick spoke lacing, etc. 


On mountain bikes, there are two necessary handlebars- flat and riser. According to the frame design, the flat handlebar sits lower and inappreciably lighter. Long-distance bikers love them most. A riser bar is higher than a flat bar, also broader and more comfortable to reach. 


Here, you need some personal experience to get better comfort. Venture once before purchasing the best bicycle for wheelies. Keep in mind that, after having some rides, your body will get used to the bike. 


Try to choose pedals with toe clips and straps, which will provide support in all-around riding. The pedals should have sufficient space to fit your fit because that will help you to manage the bike on different terrain. 

FAQs about Bicycle Wheelie

How do you do a wheelie on a heavy bike?

Firstly, adjust the seat to a low setting. It will keep you in the center of gravity and give you the right balance. Begin to roll the speed at a low or medium gear. To pull your body over the handlebars crouch your upper body and shift the cranks at 11:00 position. Now, pedal down concurrently. Not to flip over backward, trust your rear brake. 

Does wheelie damage the bicycle?

If you try to wheelie on a regular bike, you can damage not only your bike but also your joints. You need the best bicycle for wheelies (Check my list).

How can I get better at wheelies?

Firstly, buy a bike for wheelies and secondly make some friends who are practicing or always ride off-road. 

How do you do a wheelie on a bike without gears?

It is risky to wheelie on a bike without gears. Gears help you to control your speed when you need it. Shifting the gear makes an incredible wheelie experience. 

Do wheelies damage your mountain bike?

The damage depends on your building quality, frame material, rims, and disc brakes. The steel frame is cheaper but less lasting than aluminum. Rims are sometimes responsible for damaging the mountain bike as it’s not suitable for muddy and wet situations.

Final Verdict

We are at the end of the article. The five listed best bicycles for wheelies can be your perfect preference for wheelies on the mountain. I have enlisted them not for only their building feature, but I have personally ridden them for some days. And, that’s why I can suggest the bikes for a long-term investment. Aside from that, the bikes are versatile that you can utilize them wherever you want. Another essential point that you must remind, don’t compromise your bike quality with your budget. A poorly featured bike can lead to an accident. For more information, leave your comment in the comment section below. 

Have a safe ride!

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