Bike Pedals Slipping Under Load- Best Technic

When I first started biking, I didn’t have any clue what and how stuff worked. Especially the mechanical parts. My cycling experience was hampered a lot. The first thing I had to face was my bike pedals slipping under load constantly.

I couldn’t put too much power on the pedals or couldn’t drive it on many hard roads. So I had to learn all these things the hard way. For this reason, I brought you the easy solutions to these problems so that you don’t face the same issues as I did. Trust me, and keep reading on. You will thank me later.

Reasons for Bike Chain Slipping Under Torque

There are various reasons for this problem occur. Before curing this complication, we need to talk about the source of the trouble. So here are a few general causes of this situation: 

  • If your new chain jumps under load, then it is because the cables aren’t adequately stretched yet. Wait for a week or so to give it enough time for stretching.  
  • The second reason might be that the adjustments might be a little off. So the gears need to be readjusted. 
  • The third possible reason is that your chain might have worn out. After using the same bicycle for a long time, chains can get rusty, and that might cause your paddles to slip.  
  • Another ground for this problem can be due that you putting too much weight on the bike. If so, it is natural for you to have a hard time paddling. Make sure your weight is compatible with your bike too. 

Methods to Solve Bike Pedals Slipping under Load Problem

Bike chain slipping when pedaling hard can be really annoying, especially on a long mountain ride. So here are some solutions to this problem. 

New Cycle Readjusting

Cycle Re-adjusting
New Cycle Readjusting

If you have a new cycle and pedals continuously slip, it is wise not to try fixing it independently. Speaking of experience, it is not a good idea. Most shops will tell you to bring the bike in after one or two weeks. This is because they will do some necessary readjusting to it. 

In my early days as a biker, I tried to do this on my own, and I failed miserably. So my advice is to go to the shop, see how they do things. And later, you can do your own whenever necessary. And if still, it doesn’t work, then ask the dealer to change the gears. 

Buying new Chain & Chainring 

Chain & Chain-ring 

Like I said before, the situation sometimes might be caused due to worn-out chains or chainring. There is no trick to remedy the situation. So you might have to buy a new pair. But the thing is you can’t change only one of them. You have to either change one of them or not at all.  A new chain with an old chainring won’t work well. On the other hand, a new chainring with an old chainring might not be adjustable. So you have to replace both simultaneously. 

Less load

Less load on bike
Less load

Putting a lot of loads can cause serious riding issues. If the bike is new, then don’t put too much. For the first few drives, try to go as far as 2 or 3 kilometers. 

Another thing to look into is that your equipment might be old, so buy new ones after being worn out. And it is a must if you go on frequent long rides. But make sure your new components are compatible with each other and also the main body. 

Sometimes your weight and extra baggage can put an extra load on the bike. Purchase a bike that matches your height and weight and also your riding purpose. 

Check the Bracket 

 Bracket Checking
Check the Bracket 

One of the reasons your bike pedals are slipping under load might be a loose or damaged bracket. You should properly check the flex of the lower bracket. 

To do this, try to paddle both the pedals one at a time. It should be stiff. If not, then there is a problem with the bracket. To do this: 

  • First, park the bike
  • Take a regular wrench or a special spanner. 
  • Then you have to  loosen the lock ring
  • Now tighten the bracket cut using the above-mentioned tool. 
  • After that, hold the bottom bracket cup steadily and tighten the lock ring. 

Adjusting Rear Derailleur 

Rear Derailleur maintaining
Adjusting Rear Derailleur 

A poorly adjusted derailleur or a loose one at that can destroy the mood even of the most fun ride. It not only hampers your momentum but also can cause serious injury. So fixing it is the essential job of a  regular rider. You can either take it to the mechanic or do it on your own by following this set of instructions. 

  • Firstly park the bike firmly. 
  • Put the gear lever on the top gear. 
  • Now paddle the pedals until the gear slips into the tiniest cog. 
  • You have to move the cable out of the way and bolt on the derailleur. 
  • Now with one hand, keep paddling, and with the other hand, push the derailleur towards the rear wheel. 
  • With a well-adjusted screw, the chain will travel towards the largest cog. 
  • Now see if the derailleur spring put the derailleur towards the smallest cog. 
  • When the derailer starts to comfortably shift between cogs, put the cable tightly inside the securing bolt and then fasten tightly. 
  • Now check if the pedals are working correctly. 
  • If somehow the bicycle chain comes off or doesn’t stay on that smallest cog, then rotate the other adjusting screw so as to shift the derailleur spot. 


So these are a few of the primary reasons and solutions for bike pedals slipping under load problems. Maintain proper safety protocol if you are doing the adjusting on your own. 

Following these tips will give you the desired result since these are the methods I handpicked from my various good and bad experiences. Go to the mechanic if doing it on your own becomes overbearing. 

Have a wonderful riding experience! 

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