Best chamois cream for cycling review

Cycling is fun and thrilling, but everything nice isn’t made of sugar and spice! I love cycling, but I’m not a fan of the unpleasant chafing it causes. If you don’t ride regularly, you may not suffer from sores because of the friction between the bike’s seat and clothes. But if you are a regular rider, you need the best chamois cream for cycling to prevent that discomfort.

There are so many types and brands available for this product that can easily confuse anyone. But with my expertise, I can assist you in getting the right product for yourself for a better cycling experience. So let’s get to be acquainted with the whole thing about it.

How does a chamois cream work?

This cream basically works as a layer of lubrication between your skin and your bike shorts’ pads. If you want to go for a long ride, you should apply this cream for pain-free experiences.

Chamois creams are made with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities to prevent any skin problems in your shorts area. Using this cream gave me a lot of relief in many ways, and I can go cycling every day without any trouble.

Benefits of this cream:

  • Protects you from friction
  • Gives you relief from soreness
  • Prevents infection or bacterial growths
  • Prevents itchiness, rashes, and irritation

Who can get benefits from chamois cream for cycling ?

  • Cyclists, runners, or any athletes
  • Anyone who is prone to heat rashes
  • Can be used on children to avoid diaper rash
  • People who are trying to get rid of chafed and irritated skin

And so, I am giving you a list of the seven best chamois cream for cycling to enjoy the same benefits. From this list, you can choose one for yourself as I will cover all the details to make your choice.

Editor picks: Top 7 best chamois cream for cycling

Best Pick

Chamois Butt’ r original Anti-chafe cream

Chamois Butt’ r original Anti-chafe cream

This cream is manufactured by one of the most reputed brands on this. It is a top-rated product among cyclists or any other triathletes.  This anti-chaffing cream comes with a non-greasy formula and ensures the utmost comfort of its users.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Chamois Butt’r
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 8 x 3 x 2 inches/3.53 Ounces
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Date First Available: December 17, 2007
  • Warranty:‎ Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product

The Chamois Butt’s original anti-chafe cream does not only protects your skin from chafing but also soothes the already affected area. You can apply this cream to any part of your body to avoid irritation.

This product is made with a water-soluble formula, making it easy to remove from clothes and skin. It has the consistency of a lightweight moisturizer, so it feels excellent on the skin. Moreover, you will not feel any tingling sensation even if you put it on chafed skin.

One of the many things that I liked about this product is that it doesn’t come with any artificial fragrances and colors. Those added scents react differently on singular skin types, and I am not a fan of that, to be honest. It also comes without paraben and gluten, which is also appreciated by most users.

This cream is an affordable one, and it comes in a pretty big packaging. Therefore, you can apply it generously in any area of your skin without the fear of running out quickly.

So if you are looking for a reliable chafing cream for buttocks and other body parts, you can pick this product without any second thoughts.


  • Starts to work instantly
  • Can be used on the already affected area
  • No tingling sensation
  • Comes without any synthetic odor or colors
  • Gluten and paraben-free
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Easy to wash


  • The water-soluble formula makes it a little runny

Runner Up

ASSOS chamois cream

ASSOS chamois cream

The ASSOS chamois cream comes with excellent inflammation properties and is the most popular choice among professional cyclists. It keeps your skin cool against the friction and makes it smooth over time.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Assos
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Weight: 4.7 Ounce
  • Specific Uses: Inflammation
  • Date First Available: May 26, 2021
  • Warranty:‎ 2 Year warranty

This product is made with anti-bacterial formula and doesn’t contain paraben. Therefore, it has a non-greasy texture and doesn’t leave any horrible stain on your clothes. It is enriched with menthol so that you may feel a chilling sensation in the applied area.

This anti-chafing cream also contains analgesic properties that make the chafing sores feel less uncomfortable. And it is also made with long-lasting formula so you can enjoy longer rides without any trouble. Most users said that once applied, and this cream is good to go for five-six hours!

This cream performs its best when applied in a recently washed area. The cleaning helps with the absorption of the product on your skin and makes it work better than ever.

Some people may feel confused while buying this product because of the tingling sensation. But this sensation remains only for the first ten-twelve minutes. So, you don’t have to be troubled about that at all.

Though you can use it directly on your skin, it is recommended to apply a thin layer to your bike shorts to make them more effective. But don’t worry; this cream comes with an easy-to-wash formula, so you don’t have to make any extra efforts for your laundry sessions.

For many unique features and benefits of this cream, it is known as one of the best chafing cream for cyclists


  • Effective against saddle sores, irritation, and inflammation
  • Water-soluble, easy to clean formula
  • Comes without paraben or other harmful allergens
  • Starts to work right away after using
  • Long-lasting soothing effect on the chafed area


  • The chilling sensation doesn’t feel good in cold weathers

Natural Ingrediants

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream

Gooch guard chamois cream is an outstanding lubricant that can prevent saddle sores with excellence. Unlike most other chaffing creams, this product comes with a unisex formula, making it one of its best.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Gooch Guard
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Purpose: Lubrication 
  • Department: Unisex-Adult
  • Date First Available: June 3, 2014
  • Warranty:‎ Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product

This cream is made with all-natural ingredients and does not contain any harmful allergens. It is a petroleum and paraben-free product that works effectively on any skin. Athletes with sensitive skin have claimed to have zero discomforts after using this product.

The gentle formula of this cream calms your irritated skin and prevents any further results caused by friction. It comes with a beautiful, gentle smell that keeps your skin fresh even after sweating a lot.

It is a very lightweight cream and acts gently without giving you any unpleasant sensation. You can use it on your skin or directly apply it to the padding of your bike shorts. Apply a generous amount of product on any friction point of your body or clothe to achieve maximum comfort.

Moreover, this cream manufacturer does not use any nuts or soy products that may cause an allergic reaction to any skin type. Though any athlete can use it, it is specifically made for cyclists to avert sweat rashes.

This product is 100% environment-friendly and has never been tested on animals. Even the jars of this cream are totally recyclable, isn’t that fantastic?


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Paraben and petroleum-free
  • Allergen-free formula
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Useful for people of any gender


  • The texture needs to be thicker for better application

Best Balance

Hoo Ha Ride Glide chamois cream for women

Hoo Ha Ride Glide chamois cream for women

This anti-chafing cream is specifically made for women and keeps their intimate area healthy and fresh. You don’t have to be an athlete to use this product; anyone in need can use this product. It contains only natural ingredients so you can use them in sensitive areas without the fear of an unpleasant free. This cream helps balance the skin’s pH level and keeps it hydrated and fresh for a long time. This cream comes with anti-bacterial properties to prevent any infection. It has essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and tea tree, which help calmer your sores and provide a relaxing feeling to your chaffed areas.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Reflect Sports
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 2 x 2 x 8 inches/10 Ounces
  • Department: Womens
  • Date First Available: January 31, 2011
  • Warranty:‎ Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product

The Hoo Ha Ride Glide chamois cream has vitamin E, B5, and C and is made without any paraben or distinct odor. It comes with a non-sticky formula that feels like moisturizing body lotion on the skin. A layer of this cream works as an excellent barrier against chaffing and allows you to have a discomfort-free riding experience.

Because of the blend of essential oils, you may feel a little tingling sensation after applying this, but that sensation will go away instantly. But it contains alcohol, so using it on sensitive body parts can be challenging for some users. 

Though most female users claim to have a delightful experience with this product, every consumer has their own distinguished opinion. But according to the opinion of a vast customer base, it is the best chamois cream for women undoubtedly. 


  • Hydrating and anti-bacterial formula
  • Mostly made of natural ingredients and helps to balance the pH level
  • Paraben and silicon-free
  • Contains vitamins and essential oils


  • The alcohol in the cream can cause discomfort in some skin types

Best Skincare

Surf BUTTTA Anti-chaf balm

Surf BUTTTA Anti-chaf balm

This anti-chafing balm by Surf BUTTA comes in a handy stick design, making it easier to carry it around and use on the go. It is made with a water-resistant formula that prevents friction and sweating most effectively.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Surf Butta
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 1.5 x 2.5 x 4.5 inches/3.21 Ounces
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Date First Available: November 2, 2015
  • Warranty:‎ Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product

This cream is not only used to resist chafing, but also to prevent any kind of rashes, irritation, or blisters on your skin. It is a great skincare product for people who suffer from the adverse effect of sunlight the most. In the hottest days of summer, this balm can be your best friend!

It is made with 100% organic ingredients and doesn’t contain paraben or any harmful allergen. It is very soothing and gentle to any skin. You can use this on sensitive areas regularly.

This balm is designed like a deodorant stick so that it can be applied quickly and easily to an area prone to friction. It has a non-sticky texture and doesn’t leave any residue on the clothes. This fragrance-free cream can be applied smoothly to any hard-to-reach area for its ergonomic design.

Moreover, this product is 100% vegan-friendly and has never been tested on animals, which is a plus for me. Isn’t it?


  • Allergen and paraben-free, non-sticky formula
  • Designed like a deodorant for easy application
  • Fragrance and additives free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Water and sweat-resistant


  • The texture might be a little thick for some people

Best Reliable

Chamois Butt’ r Euro Style anti-chaf cream

Chamois Butt’ r Euro Style anti-chaf cream

It is one of the three types of anti-chafing cream manufactured by Butt’ r. And it is enriched with menthol and witch hazel for an extra soothing effect.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Paceline Products, Inc.
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 3.2 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches/3.2 Ounces
  • Department: Unisex
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty:‎ Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product

This cream can be applied directly to the skin or clothes and provides instant relief to the already chafed area. But with the menthol and witch hazel, there comes an intense tingling sensation. If you can handle that, the rest of the ride will be smooth like butter!

It is a high-end European version of the regular Butt’ r chafing cream. And it is specifically designed for professional athletes. With this cream, they can efficiently avoid friction and enjoy the utmost comfort.

This anti-chafe cream comes with a water-soluble formula, which makes it easy to clean from any fabric. You can use regular soap and water to wash any residue of this cream very quickly.

It comes with a lightweight texture that can be absorbed by the skin to a great extent and lasts longer. So if you want to go for more significant cycling events for an extended period, this cream can be your savior.

The formula does not contain any paraben, additives, gluten, or synthetic odor. Thus, your skin will not get irritated, or clothes will not have any discoloration after using this cream. Though it would be better to use it on clean skin, you can re-apply it on the run if you want.


  • Water-soluble, light-weight formula
  • Doesn’t contain paraben, gluten, and synthetic odor
  • Comes with potent anti-bacterial properties
  • Easy to wash and apply


  • The menthol in the formula can create discomfort for some user

Best Effective

Enzo’s Buttonhole chamois cream

Enzo’s Buttonhole chamois cream

This anti-chafing cream is enriched with essential oils and can be used before or after cycling for a soothing effect. It is one of the most popular anti-chafing cream brands out there.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: UnAssigned
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 3.25 x 3.25 x 3 inches/10.55 Ounces
  • Type of Style: cream
  • Date First Available: December 1, 2012

It contains sunflower seed oil and cocoa seed butter, which makes it super hydrating, and it acts as an excellent barrier against friction. This cream has a smooth buttery texture that feels like a high-end moisturizer on the skin.

This anti-chafing cream comes with peppermint and tea tree oil, which will help you keep your skin bacteria and infection-free. The Cocoa seed butter provides a sweet natural odor that keeps the applied area fresh for a long time.

Even if you are not riding, you can use this cream as a salve to soothe your chafed and irritated skin. It will make your skin smoother without any side effects.

This product is vegan and cruelty-free and effective in healing sensitive skin. You can also use this cream in any area of your body that is vulnerable to friction.


  • Very hydrating and anti-bacterial formula
  • Non-greasy texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used before and after riding to soothe skin
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Made of natural ingredients


  • The peppermint and tea tree might be a little strong for some users

So, this was my list of the best chamois cream for cycling, and hopefully, you can pick one for yourself from here. I have mentioned all the information you require to make a choice. 

And now, I will tell you about the factors that you need to consider while buying a cycling chamois cream.

Editor’s Experience

Here is some chamois cream with good quality and protection for cycling. It is made for your cycle ride comfortable. If you are a regular cyclist then these products could be the best choice for you.

Chamois Butt’ r original Anti-chafe cream: Gotta say, I’m impressed. I don’t chafe badly at all on 2-hour rides, but I’ve noticed a difference with vs without. Heck, I’d buy it JUST for the better smelling soiled bib!

ASSOS chamois cream: I love the fact that it is a white cream as it doesn’t discolor my clothing as much as other ones I’ve tried. Be careful as it does feel minty fresh.

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream: It has a lovely mild smell and no worrying ingredients that I’m afraid to rub ‘down there.’ It’s become a natural part of my ‘manscaping’ routine.

Hoo Ha Ride Glide chamois cream for women: The best! I ride 50-65 miles twice a week now, and when I first started using it, was riding 100+ miles a week. The cooling sensation lasts a long time, and I have noticeably less pain and chafing than when I use other creams or (god forbid!) go without.

Surf BUTTTA Anti-chaf balm: Lifesaver especially since I’ve gained a lot of weight in the past few years! My thighs touch and it’s not fun during the summer! I recently went to New York (Middle of September- Still super hot weather) and it was amazing.

Chamois Butt’ r Euro Style anti-chaf cream: The cream has very little fragrance and washes off your hands easily and out of the chamois without leaving any oily stains. At the rate I am using it, this jar should last a long time, which is good because I intend to use it generously every time I ride.

Enzo’s Buttonhole chamois cream: Works like a champ! I dig the cooling sensation! (Enzo’s makes a non-tingle version for those ultra-sensitive types.) Most importantly I’m not applying some parabens or other weird stuff to my undercarriage. Plus it is vegan for those that are animal friendly!

A buyer’s guide to the best chamois cream for cycling:

Best chamois cream buyer’s guide
A buyer’s guide to the best chamois cream for cycling

Type of anti-chafing products:

Though anti-chafing products usually come in cream forms, they also come as lotion, wipes, roll-on sticks, or gels. Let me give you a brief idea about them so you can make a better choice.

Lotion and Creams

Lotion and creams are the most popular form of anti-chafing products since their invention. They come with a silky-smooth texture, are well-absorbed by the skin, and last longer. 

But applying lotion or creams is quite hectic as you have to wash your hand every time you apply it. And if the packaging comes in a jar, you may have to dip your hands twice in the jar. This process can get a little bit messier.

However, most of the lotions or creams come in a water-soluble formula. So, it’s easy to rinse away the product from the fabric and skin just using some regular soap and water.

Roll-on sticks

Roll-on sticks are handy; you can use them quickly on the go. But the anti-chafing products that come in this form and have a comparatively thicker texture. 

But roll-on sticks are less hygienic as they directly touch the chafed surface and come with a higher price range.


Wipes are the most popular form of anti-chaffing products among travelers and. Each wipe contains the exact amount of product to clean the chafe are so there is wastage of any products.

But with a wipe, you can cover a small portion of or skin. Therefore, you may need multiple wipes to get the job done properly. This process can be quite time and money-consuming.


Gels are the most appreciated form of anti-chafing products. It gets absorbed quickly, feels light-weight and non-greasy on the skin. Moreover, a little amount of this gel goes a long way.

But anti-chafing gels are comparatively expensive than other forms of anti-chafe products.


The anti-chaffing balms protect your skin from friction by creating a moisture barrier between the fabric and your skin. So it mainly contains moisturizing properties like essential oils, beeswax, paraben, petroleum, and triglycerides. Not all of them are hydrating; some of them work as thickening agents to the formula.

These chamois creams also contain anti-bacterial properties to keep your skin infection and bacteria-free. So you need to check every ingredient carefully before you buy one. If you are allergic to one of the ingredients, the result may prove to be hazardous for you.

Some anti-chafing products are all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free; some are made with a blend of synthetic and natural ingredients. So you can choose one of them according to your preference.

The packaging:

Though this product mostly comes in a jar, it is also available in tubes. If you get the jar, you have to dip your fingers to get some cream, which doesn’t provide maximum sanitary.

So, if you want to keep the using process clean and hygienic, you can get a cream that comes in a tube. 

Price range:

Anti-chafing products come with various price tags. You can get anything that comes within your budget. But not all of them come with the same service.

A budget-friendly anti-chafe cream will cost you around 10-15 US dollars. These creams are manufactured by reputed companies in large quantities, so the budget does not determine its efficiency. You can get these products for regular usage.

The premium quality products will cost you 20-25 US dollars and contains high-quality ingredients. But it will not be wiser to get these products if you need to use a generous amount of products on your skin.

So these factors I mentioned above determine the efficiency of an anti-chafing cream. If you consider them while picking up your cream, you will get the best performance out of your product.

The process of using chamois cream:

On your skin:

  • Sanitize your hands
  • Put your fingers on the cream jar, pick up a generous amount
  • Rub the cream on your fingers and palm to make it more buttery and warm
  • Apply it on the skin

You can use this cream before or after your cycling sessions. You can apply this to healthy or already irritated skin. When you are done, you can rinse it off with soapy water.

On your bike shorts:

  • Turn your clean cycling shorts inside out
  • Put your sanitized finger on the jar to get some cream
  • Rub it on the pads of your bike shorts
  • You can also apply it to the area that touches your inner thighs or any other parts that makes you uncomfortable during cycling
  • Apply the cream on your skin for better results

Most of the anti-chafing cream comes with a water-based formula. So washing your clothes shouldn’t be more problematic. If you apply this cream to both fabric and skin, you will get the best result.

Tips for using chamois creams:

  • Apply it on a clean surface; it will help you with the absorption of the cream.
  • If you are a runner, you can apply it to your feet before putting on socks. It will prevent blisters.
  • You can also rub it on your skin on a beach holiday.
  • Apply it on your inner thighs to keep it fresh and irritation-free
  • You can use it on your underarms to prevent excessive sweating.
  • Apply it under your bra to avoid sweating and irritation during summer
  • If your cream is sticky, wash it carefully to avoid product build-up on your skin.

However, before applying this product to your body’s most sensitive parts, I would like to recommend a patch test. It will help you understand the strength and effect of the product on your skin.

Some frequently asked questions about chamois cream:

Should I use scented chamois cream?

Some anti-chafing products contain artificial odors to keep intimate areas fresh. But these chemical odors can cause severe irritation to some skin types.
So, if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid products with strong smells that can worsen the situation. You can get anti-chafing cream made of natural ingredients, providing a subtle smell with zero discomforts.

Do I have to pick chamois cream according to my gender?

Like any other skincare product, chafing creams come with a gender-specific formula. Women’s skin is much more delicate than men’s, and it needs to have a balanced pH, especially in the crotch area.
So you can get a product that’s specifically formulated for your gender. Otherwise, you can get a cream that has a unisex formula.

What should I do if my chamois cream does not work?

If your chafing cream isn’t effective, switch to a different one. And if it is ineffective even then, you should try changing your bike shorts or try a new saddle.

What can I do to heal my saddle sores quickly?

Besides applying chafing creams regularly, you can follow the suggestion I am mentioning below.
Take a bath with Epsom salt and warm water
Let the airflow in the affected area, wear loose clothes at home
Take a few days off from cycling in severe situations

What can I use as an alternative to anti-chafing creams?

You can use these products instead of anti-chafe creams:
Coconut oil
Petroleum jelly 
Nappy cream
Shea butter
Anti-septic cream

In conclusion:

If you have taken the wise decision of using anti-chafing cream while cycling, you may have already gone through hundreds of chamois cream reviews to understand its nature. And that’s a good thing because you should always analyze every pro and con of any skincare product.

And so, in this article, I have tried to inform you about every little thing that comes with this product. Hopefully, after reading this review, you will be able to choose the best chamois cream for cycling without any hesitation.

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