Top 7 Surfboard Rack for Bicycles: A Complete Buying Guide

While many people in the USA expect early-winter snowstorms, winter is the perfect surfing period for most of them. Using a Surfboard Rack for Bicycles avoids your parking fees as well as traffic jams. Also, it is environmentally friendly and just more comfortable to roam around the locality. 

If you plan on cycling on the beach or surfing on the shore, you must take a surfing bike rack with you. Riding a bicycle holding the surfboard beneath the arm is almost impossible. It also increases the risks for you and the precious stuff. 

However, with dedicated surfer conveyors, transporting the board is easy. If you are lucky enough to hit the beach, you will need an excellent bicycle rack.

Just keep in mind, not all racks on the market fit all your requirements. And choosing the wrong rack can ruin the board and make transportation nearly impossible. 

With the growing number of companies overwhelming the market, we have come out with the best surfboard rack for bicycles to suit your needs.

Basics of Surfboard Bike Rack

To travel with a surfboard on a bike, you have to have a bike rack. Those are specialized conveyors that you can place on the side or rear of the bike. 

They present a comfortable and safe place to carry the board during cycling. These shelves keep the board stretched while providing ample space to fly, ride, and view.

You may find a surf bike rack that fits any bike and allows you to transport surfboards any way you want. Those are flexible products designed for surfers. Also, they will make your daily beach trip so much better!

Deciding to drive without these can be disastrous. In general, surfboards are difficult to carry and challenging to hold and balance. Driving in road traffic or going down hills can be tricky if the surfboard is not correctly secured. 

These bike racks not only make cycling more comfortable, but they also become more competent as you become more careful. Plus, your surfboard is better protected, and you’re less apt to slip or bump.

List of Best Surfboard Rack for Bicycles

1MBB Shortboard Bicycle Surfboard Racks, by Moved By Bikes, Compatible ... Top Pick


MBB Shortboard Bicycle Surfboard Racks, by Moved By Bikes, Compatible …

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2MBB Longboard Bicycle Surfboard Racks, by Moved By Bikes, Compatible ... Best Quality


MBB Longboard Bicycle Surfboard Racks, by Moved By Bikes, Compatible …

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3Surfboard Bike Rack - Cruise to Your Surf Spot [Choose ... Recommended


Surfboard Bike Rack – Cruise to Your Surf Spot [Choose …

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4Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards

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5Carver Surfboard Bike Rack - Shortboard

Carver Surfboard Bike Rack – Shortboard

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6SUP Wheels Classic Standup Paddleboard Trailer and SUP Carrier | ...

SUP Wheels Classic Standup Paddleboard Trailer and SUP Carrier | …

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Best Pick

Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack

Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack

Surfing is so much better if you don’t need to go to the beach! People were not satisfied with the racks in the market. Because not all racks have fast-moving rods and extended shelves and so the MBB surf rack was born.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Moved By Bikes
  • Country of Origin: Not found
  • Dimensions/Weight: 17.35 x 11.35 x 3.05 inches/4.06 Pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Vehicle Service Type: Bicycle
  • Warranty:‎ 30 Day Warranty

These racks are famous for patented quick-connect lines. The pivot bar design means that a simple button is enough to attach the bar to the frame brackets. Just press the button to remove it when you get home from your surfing session.

When you’re done, drag and drop them until they click into place. The racks are available in 3 versions: Longboard, Shortboard, and Moped. Pick out the one that suits you.

Additionally, all the racks are from aluminum and stainless steel. It helps to prevent rusting in coastal areas.

Again it is famous for maximum flexibility. Just it fits on almost any bike and works with just about any surfboard.

Finally, this surfboard bike rack has a super-easy installation. Even there is a short installation video. This is a short video because these racks are very simple.


  • Sturdy construction attached to the head tube.
  • Easily removed and moved for use.
  • Boards up to 2 meters.
  • Shortboard Style


  • Some adverse reports about the bolts.

Runner Up

Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack

Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack

Longboarding is a lot of fun for all. But traveling somewhere with a sparkling 9 to 3-meter glassed foam is a headache. And summer is just around the corner, and you better think you can shake this thing off soon. Cycling with a longboat under your arm is not an easy task, so finding the right carrier is essential.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Moved By Bikes
  • Country of Origin: Not found
  • Dimensions/Weight: 17.3 x 11.7 x 3.05 inches/4.84 Pounds
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Warranty:‎ 30 Day Warranty

The Moved by Bikes Longboard racks are for the people who aren’t satisfied with longboard racks that didn’t perform. MBB racks offer quick release bars and a front base that connects directly to the bike frame. This also makes it more durable.

Again, this rack offers a cheaper option if your tremors are less than 12 feet. You can mount Longboard racks on the head tube and QR holder socket.

Moreover, the arms are easy to mount, adjust, and remove with simple buttons. This makes installation quick and easy. Also, stable frame mounting works with lighter stand-up paddleboards. It also includes dog leash loops on rack ends.

Finally, if you’re searching for the best longboard surfboard rack for bicycle, this one can be a way for you!


  • The stable frame base works with portable support paddleboards.
  • Surfboards fit equal to 12’
  • With dog leash loops.
  • Famous for Nice versatility
  • Comfortably Light weight.


  • Sometimes U-bolt is not fit with the head tube.

Best Features

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack - Cruise to Your Surf Spot

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack – Cruise to Your Surf Spot

The Ho Stevie! Adjust with all kinds of bicycles, whether BMX, beach cruiser, road bike, or mountain bike. We recommend the windsurf mount for windsurf boards up to 2 meters long. It can handle larger boards, though it complicates the task.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Ho Stevie
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 16.75 x 3 x 8.75 inches/3.25 Pounds
  • Type of Style: Beach Cruisers, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, BMX Bikes
  • Date First Available: August 16, 2016
  • Warranty:‎ Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product

It is also lightweight and, because it is from aluminum, it does not rust in the salty sea air. This way, Ho Stevie makes sure you carry your surfboard safely on your bike!

This Rack is also available in anodized color, which is a thing of the past. Likewise, you never have to headaches about searching for a parking space or payout for parking while surfing your bike.

Besides, you can install the carrier arms on windsurf board and bike. And the bungee cords keep the surfboard in his mother’s beloved hands.

Again, you can use this Rack conversely without a bag. The Foam coated arms forbid bumps and scrapes on the surfboard.

Furthermore, you can quickly lift or rotate your arms when you’re not using a surfboard to reduce congestion.

Finally, the quick and easy installation method will help you fix it to your seat position (material and instruction manual included).


  • Comfortable Thickness.
  • Extreme Durability.
  • Works with All types of Bikes.
  • Strong Aluminum Construction.
  • Sturdiness and Anodized Color.


  • Some controversy about the relevant issue.

Best Quality

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards

This is one of the highest quality surfboard holders for your bike. It can hold longboards up to 10 feet long during a test ride on the beach. Do you live on the beach or live on the beach by bike? You will need a windsurfing base for your bike.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: SkateboardLink
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 17 x 15 x 5.7 inches/5 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Department: Unisex
  • Warranty:‎ Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product

If you have a board, you know what a light gust of wind can do to your windsurf,  it works like a sail. We all know how much force the wind can produce on a surfboard while carrying it to the beach.

Moreover, riding a bike with a rack can be very unsafe—especially when you are in a difficult situation and suddenly stray. Even if you’re a short distance from a block or two, a surfboard base is a must.

This model is from Carver, renowned for its high-quality bicycle racks. This Rack has an integrated luggage compartment (included).

You can fit it to the rear of most bicycles. Plus, it is suitable for large boards equal to 10 feet, equal to 4″ thick, and up to 25 pounds.

Again, it comes with TIG welded 6061 Aluminum – no rust! And The MAX has a wider mounting stance than the MINI version.

Finally, it comes with a comfortable installation facility. If you have a keen interest in longboard racks, you can go for it!


  • Easy installation with short YouTube video.
  • The construction is solid and it can be attached to eye-lets on your bike without a hitch.
  • It can easily hold a 9’6″ longboard and a 6′ shortboard.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Sometimes it is really easy for someone to steal the arms off the rack.

Best Supportable

COR Surf Longboard Bicycle Rack

COR Surf Longboard Bicycle Rack

The COR Surf Longboard bicycle carrier is the perfect solution for beach travel! This surfboard rack for bike supports large boards up to 3 meters and up to 15 cm thick. You can install an integrated rear rack can on the back of almost every bicycle. The Extra wide and vividly green soft foam wadding will give shelter to your board. Also, this will ensure that this Rack is lightweight and made from TIG 6061 welded aluminum. It won’t rust!

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Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Dimensions/Weight:
  • Type of Style:
  • Maximum Power & Voltage:
  • Warranty:‎

Length-adjustable arms are here to fit almost every bike, translucent aluminum structure and have 25kg / 55lb load capability. Again this Rack can Fits TWO Shortboards!

Furthermore, it is too much effortless to set up and all Mounting material Included. Entirely place on the rear wheel and settle and you are fit to travel! You can also screw up the bungee to your mandatory length to ensure the longboard is risk-free and secured.

In conclusion, COR Surf is a domestic organization of Surfers and Paddleboarder Committees. They give a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Additionally, they assure you of a 30-days full refund facility with no questions!


  • Extra-wide and vividly green soft foam wadding.
  • Full Refund facility
  • Made from TIG 6061 welded aluminum.
  • 100% Guarantee of satisfaction.


  • Some controversy about a hardware issue.

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Best Compatiable

Carver Surfboard Bike Rack - Shortboard

Carver Surfboard Bike Rack – Shortboard

Carver bicycle surfboard Racks Set the Industry Standard! The Shortboard version comes out with a manual bike carrier, suitable for all panels up to 8’0 ”.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: Carver
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 8 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches/1.25 Pounds
  • Type of Style: Bicycle
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Warranty:‎ 1 Year Limited Warranty

This innovative, adjustable support rack fits almost all bicycles with seats from 25 to 32 mm. Also, this comes with a heavy welded construction.

In the same way, the Carver Surfboard bike racks come from all-welded aluminum alloy. This has been constructed from such material that will not rust.

It is resistant to corrosion and rust and has a solid construction. Moreover, the foam and tubular foam handles will protect your bike and dashboard from scratches.

Furthermore, it fits any standard bike seat post. Attach this Rack to your bike seat post comfortably. The adjustable fore-end allows you for secure and safe board placement.

However, this Rack can accommodate an 8ft board. Also, The Simple and elegant design can protect your bike frame. Plus, its comfortable installation facility makes it the best support for you.

Finally, some online dashboard gallery gives this surfboard bike rack 2 “Likes”! And the company provides social support for every customer. In short, you can go for it confidently.


  • Extremely high power aluminum welded structure.
  • Rubber pads to protect the seats.
  • Almost lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Mounting material included.


  • Uncertainty with longboards
  • It is necessary to adjust periodically.

Best Transport

SUP Wheels Classic | Standup Paddle Board Carrier | Walking Board Transport (no Strap Handle)

SUP Wheels Classic | Standup Paddle Board Carrier | Walking Board Transport (no Strap Handle)

This revolutionary product will attract a lot of attention as it progresses, and also will impress people. The patented transfer system protects you and your board so you can quickly get to the water.

Quick information about this product

  • Manufacturer By: SUP Wheels®
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 28 x 14.7 x 4 inches/7 Pounds
  • Type of Style: Sport
  • Date First Available: October 1, 2011
  • Warranty:‎ 30 days money-back guarantee. 1-year warranty included

SUP Wheels Classic is durable and can configure two boards with a strap (not included). That ties the two boards together whether you’re rowing alone or with your family or team.

SUP Wheeling is a fun and easy way to get out on the water. Save energy on water. Walk easily with your SUP board or boards.

This surf bike rack is from UV and water-resistant salt materials. It also has a floating aluminum shaft that prevents the metal bears from getting clogged with sand.

Again, these complete board carriers must have no assembly. Press down on the end of the cardboard and wrap the bungee in place. This gives you the ability to take items with you wherever you go!

As standard racing or touring boards, new flexible functionality gives you the ability to walk or cycle with the same device. Also, there is no permanent equipment or tools to attach to the bike. However, it is the best and most popular ferry service in the world with distributors in 17 countries.

Finally, they assure you of a one-year warranty. They will solve the problem or replace the entire unit for free.


  • Ultra Violet and saltwater tolerant materials.
  • No metallic bears to rust-brown or get choked with sand.
  • Marine class aluminum shaft.
  • Responsible and Dependable warranty service.


  • Some negative reviews with moving.

Editor’s Experience

When you go to the beach with a surfboard by cycle you need a rack for it. These bicycle racks are the best choice for you. They are strong, lightweight, and good looking designs.

Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack: This is the most amazing product I have purchased in a long time. I thought about building a PVC rack and looked at all the racks, and WOW, this rack is so high quality and well thought out I can’t believe it. On my old mountain bike, I can mount it on the seat tube, OR on the frame below the seat on the backside between my sturdy back rack and my frame.

Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack: This is a well-thought-out and put-together package. It goes on easily, with multiple options, and is well built with solid components.

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack – Cruise to Your Surf Spot: This rack works perfectly on my Tern GSD to hold my board, leaving enough room for the storage bags in the back and no impending pedaling motion nor steering in the front, so I’m really happy with it, especially for this price! The only drawback so far is the installation.

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards: This thing is great! I have attached my 9’4 longboard and rode it all over time! Works great. It seems like it’s flimsy when you hit bumps in the road or something like that but your board will stay on there just fine! Love it!

COR Surf Longboard Bicycle Rack:

Carver Surfboard Bike Rack – Shortboard: This rack was easy to install on my old beach cruiser. It is lightweight and sturdy. I like that you can remove it from the bike pretty easily when you are not carrying a surfboard. Great rack for the money.

SUP Wheels Classic | Standup Paddle Board Carrier | Walking Board Transport (no Strap Handle): Tried a SUP trailer that just has a strap (instead of the bar that this trailer has) for looping over the top. Because of the curve of the fin, the strap did not hold the board from sliding. This one works great!

Why Use a Surfboard Rack for Bicycles?

Cycling on the beach has many advantages that you simply cannot experience without a bike rack. Going to the beach leaves no trace of carbon. 

In fact, it is an excellent exercise for the body (especially great for warm-ups before surfing) and a lot of fun. Also, it will simplify parking.

If you’re fortunate enough to ride a local bike, you’ll require a means to safely transport your windsurf board. However, the bike racks hold your board securely while riding. Despite being based on the same idea as a car roof rack, they are much easier and more effective to use.

With a windsurf holder, you can also concentrate better while riding because you don’t have to bother about the board. These can be very simple devices and significantly improve your safety on the road. If the riders don’t have it, they will go crazy.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are many things to consider before buying a bike surfing rack. In fact, those things are crucial to go on; otherwise, you have to pay for them. So, here we go!

Consider Before Buying bike surfing rack
Things to Consider Before Buying

Surfboard Size:

Consider the size of the surfboard before buying a bike rack, as larger boards are only suitable for specific types of bike racks. 

Shortboards – Shortboards are the most trivial boards that work with side supports, rear supports, and trailer supports.

Longboards – They usually only work with bumpers and container mounts. Still, small mini wires fit in the rear brackets.

Oar Racks – These are huge and usually go with specific side racks, but usually better with trailers.

Rack Types:

There are mainly three types of surfboard bike racks. They are,

Trailer Mount

They are portable devices attached to the rear of your bike. It is the best choice if you are the owner of large windsurf boards or longboards. Also, they work well as portable devices.

Side Mount

They are the most prevalent type with single or dual connection points. They are simple to place on the side of the bike and go with just about any type of bike.

Back Mount

They offer better center balance. Moreover, the rear grille is a fabulous option for those who dislike pedal balancing. The main disadvantage is that it is not suitable for some bicycles and usually only works with small surfboards.

Durable and Quality Construction Materials:

Most surfboard racks contain stainless steel or aluminum. That’s because the frame needs to be light and sturdy so that the boards can be thrown and held easily. In addition, when it rains, the materials must be resistant to rust. Keep away from those products that don’t have those elements.

Easy Installation:

Going for a surf bike isn’t tough, but some are simpler and clearer than others and are simply better designed. You need to consider the total support points the carrier will need (1 or 2) and whether it will fit your bike. Also, see if they can be easily held or if they are installed forever.

Cost of Surfboard Rack for Bicycle:

A standard longboard bike surfboard costs between $ 100 and $ 135, while the short-board version usually costs between $ 85 and $ 100. Towing systems usually cost between $ 100 and $ 155, and even more in a few cases.

FAQ About Surfboard Rack for Bicycle:

How do you carry a surfboard on a bike?

In general, you may find three methods to transport surfboard by bike: from the side, from the back, and upright. The most convenient way to ride a bike with a surfboard is to use a side bike rack. Though your bicycle will be a little wide, you don’t have to face safety issues, and the wind won’t stop you from accelerating.

How do I hang a surfboard in my garage?

When it comes to storage solutions for surfboards, the obvious choice is the Vertical Surf Racks. A surfboard usually holds four/five shelves and can be stored in the hallway, garage, or even back.

Can I fit a surfboard in my car?

If you have a car rack, it is straightforward to carry your surfboard with it. If your vehicle doesn’t hold a hard roof stand, or you don’t desire to invest, you can utilize the prospect of installing a soft rack on the roof (also called a soft roof rack) your car’s roof transport the surfboards. This padded luggage rack contains parts of foam that you attach to the car’s roof.

How long do fiberglass surfboards last?

The service life of conventional glass fiber (PU) polyurethane is 5-10 years. Many people suggest this board construction as “PU,” considering that the makers use polyurethane to create them. As you may have noticed, those boards have the shortest lifespan with a soft foam upper.

Final Verdict:

A surfboard rack for bicycles is always an important thing to keep with you when you love to ride and surf. However, we have minimized your list among so many products out there. 

If you are searching for a sturdy one with easy operation, you can try out the MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack. In fact, it is our top pick. For versatility, you can have a look at the MBB Longboard Rack. Even you can’t neglect the Ho Stevie Surfboard Bike Rack, Carver Surf Rack, and much more (as I mentioned). So, try one for you today, and enjoy surf riding!

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