How to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike

Riding a bicycle incorporates numerous changes alongside sitting, pedaling, and practicing. Adults and children can’t ride the same-sized bike. So, you may need to make a few adjustments when it comes to riding a bike. You may have to raise the handlebars on your youngster’s bicycle as fitting handlebars’ stature is very significant. That’s why …

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Bike chain skips when pedaling hard: Best Tips to follow

Loose cables, improper cable management, and stuck chains could be a few reasons for which your bike chain skips when pedaling hard. Moreover, your bike chains can get stuck between pedals and might not run. Sometimes, these can be easy to handle but eventually, it gets worse. However, more than half of them are easy …

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How to tighten a bike chain (4 types of bike chain fix)

how to tighten a bike chain

Almost every biker has experienced the chain falling because of looseness and has a question, “How to tighten a bike chain?“. If you are one of them who faces this problem then this article is only for you. When a bike doesn’t have a derailleur, it may often lose the chain. A derailleur is the …

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What is a HardTail Mountain Bike – The Ultimate Guide 

What is a HardTail Mountain Bike

The first thing that crosses your mind as a biker or someone who has a thing for mountain bikes is what options are available when it comes to matters bikes. There are two major types; the hardtail mountain bike and the full-suspension bike. We’ll delve into key features distinguishing the two a bit later. For …

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How to get Bike Grease out of your Clothes Easy Tips

How to get Bike Grease out of Clothes

How to get Bike Grease out of your Clothes? what are you afraid of when riding your bike? Maybe your chain comes off and you’ll wind up fixing it. Fixing chains is child’s play, but as an adult, it would be weird to get your clothes dirty from grease, during that fixing. So if you …

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