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Are you looking for a bike that will help you get to work in time? Are you tired of spending money on gas and parking? If so, then the best commuter bike under 300 is the one for you.

The best commuter bike is a reliable one. It takes you from point A to B with minimal fuss while also being comfortable enough for an extended ride. You want something that you can use every day and not worry about breaking down on the way home. Finding the right bike for your commute can be difficult, but we’re here to help!

If you are looking for the best commuter bike under $300, I have compiled a list of 10 bikes that will exceed your expectations. You can also find out which features make these bikes stand out from other options.

So let’s get started. Here we have compiled a list of the 7 best commuter bike under 300

  1. Hiland Kid Bike 20/22 Inch for boy Girl – Best durable commuter bike under 300
  2. Women Bikes Beach Cruiser Bike– Best women’s commuter bike under 300
  3. LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed– Best 21-speed commuter bike under 300
  4. Vilano City Bike Men’s 7 Speed– Best 7-speed commuter bike under 300
  5. Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bike– Best large size commuter bike under 300
  6. Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike– Best adult commuter bike under 300
  7. Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike – Best overall commuter bike under 300

Quick comparison chart of 7 best commuter bike under 300 dollars

Product name & ImageMaterialType of bikeNo of speeds
Hiland Kid Bike 20/22 Inch for boy Girl
Hiland Kid Bike 20/22 Inch for boy Girl  
Carbon SteelCommuting bike1
Women Bikes Beach Cruiser Bike
Women Bikes Beach Cruiser Bike
Carbon steelRoad Bike, Cruiser Bike1
LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed
LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed  
NARoad Bike21
Vilano City Bike Men's 7 Speed
Vilano City Bike Men’s 7 Speed  
SteelCity Bike, Hybrid Bike7
Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bik
Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bike
Carbon SteelMountain bike21
Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike
Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike  
Alloy front and rear brakesCruiser Bike7
Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike
Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike  
Carbon SteelMountain bike21

Why should you get a commuter bike? Benefits of a commuter bike?

It’s no secret that most people want to save time. The average commute for an American is 26 minutes, which adds up to five hours a week. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut down on your commute? One way to do this is by having a commuter bike.

Benefits of a commuter bike:

  • It is less expensive than owning and maintaining a car.
  • You can often use it for other activities such as errands, grocery shopping, or even to get to work. It’s also great if you happen to live in an area where the weather doesn’t allow biking during most months of the year. You’ll still have your bike available!
  • A study found that commuter bikes rode their commute twice as many times per week than people without them; this means more exercise for commuters! Bikes are not only good for society, but they’re good for our wallets and health too! If you want to cut down on time spent commuting while saving money.
  • The other benefit is that a commuter bike is often easier to store. The space needed for parking can be limited, and people with cars may not have the storage capacity in their vehicles to accommodate their bikes.
  • Many commuters find that biking offers them more control over how much time they spend commuting each day, which many consider an added benefit!

1.  Hiland Kid Bike 20/22 Inch for boy Girl

The Hiland Kid Bike 20/22 Inch is a great way to get your child started on riding. It is the best commuter bike under 300 for kids.  It features a sturdy steel frame and fork that can hold up a large amount of weight. The bike also comes equipped with reflectors for safety and a rear rack so you can carry your belongings while you ride. This bicycle has an easy-to-use coaster brake, allowing the rider to stop by using their feet instead of having.

Hiland Kid Bike 20/22 Inch for boy Girl

 The wavy style handlebar and the saddle are ergonomically shaped to make riding comfortable. The front light makes it safe to ride in the dark. This bike is made from a steel frame and fork, sturdy enough to support the rider’s weight. With a comfortable seat and adjustable height handlebar, this bike is super comfortable to ride.


High carbon steel frame: Great bike for kids. It has a high-carbon steel frame and front and rear linear brakes. The height adjustment makes it easy to fit your child as they grow.

Atb type pedals: The ATB-type resin pedals are sturdy enough for the rough treatment kids give them. However, they are light enough that your child can easily pedal without being weighed down by clunky pedals.

Bell and luggage rack: This bike comes with a bell and a luggage rack so you can take along whatever gear your kid needs for their next adventure!


An extremely durable and high-quality bike that has been designed specifically with kids in mind! The frame of this model is made from carbon steel which means it will last long enough for any child to grow up. With its comfortable saddle pad, which features an ergonomic design, your kid can ride all day without feeling sore or tired at the end of their journey. And one more great feature about this particular beauty: It’s available in blue!– That way, everyone knows who owns this awesome new toy!


  • Beautiful blue color
  • Perfect for both girls and boys
  • Height adjustment


  • Only available in blue color

Why do we recommend this product?

Hiland bike is an innovative, lightweight and comfortable bike for kids. It comes with a front light which is very useful in the rainy season or at night time. The bike seat is adjustable according to the height of your kid; This will ensure that he/she will not face any problem while riding it.

2. Women Bikes Beach Cruiser Bike

The Women Bikes Beach Cruiser Bike is an excellent commuter bike for all women under 300. This bicycle comes with 26-inch wheels that provide a more accessible and smooth ride.

Women Bikes Beach Cruiser Best commuter bike under 300

The steel frame of this bicycle makes it very durable and sturdy, which means that you can use it for many years to come without worrying about any damage. It has an adjustable seat that allows you to change the height according to your comfort level. The front fork also offers excellent stability while riding on rough surfaces or bumpy roads.


Reinforced Rear Seat: A reinforced rear seat is a must for any beach cruiser bike. This seat keeps your butt from sliding off the back of the seat as you ride, which can be dangerous if you’re going fast.

Soft Saddle: The soft saddle on this bike is made of high-quality synthetic leather that’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s also designed to make it comfortable for longer rides so you can enjoy your time on the road without feeling sore or uncomfortable!

Anti-Skid Wear-Resistant Tires: These tires are made with an anti-skid wear-resistant rubber compound that makes it easier to ride over obstacles like gravel or dirt roads. You’ll feel more confident knowing that even if you hit a bumpy patch in the street, your tires will still grip and keep you moving forward!

 High carbon steel mountain bike frame: This mountain bike frame has been made from high carbon steel material to last longer than most other frames in its class. It is also lightweight yet very sturdy and durable at the same time, thanks to its excellent design and construction.


With its 26 inch wheels, tires made of 2 inches thick rubber (which ensures good traction), and 17in frame size explicitly designed for riders under 5’4” tall, there isn’t another bike more suited just right here than this one, ladies! The frame uses stainless steel in its construction.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Cruiser bike with humanized design
  • Portable design


  • Only one speed

Why do we recommend this product?

This bike is one of the best bikes for women because it offers a comfortable ride with its high-quality steel frame and suspension fork. The bike also comes with an easy-to-use single-speed system, puncture-resistant tires, rear racks, padded saddle and grips, and more! It’s an excellent choice for both casual riding around town or commuting to work.

3. LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed

The LOOCHO Road Bike 21 speed commuter bike is an excellent choice for daily exercise and transportation. This bike features a smooth-shifting 21 speed Shimano drivetrain, dual disk brakes and wide 700c tires that provide comfort and stability over any terrain.

LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed Best commuter bike under 300

The upright riding position, adjustable handlebars and seat allow you to ride in total comfort. The steel frame is solid and durable for years of fun!

With a quick-release seat post clamp, you can adjust the saddle height to fit your body perfectly. It has a dual disc brake system, which provides reliable stopping power in all weather conditions.


Improved Handlebar: The new handlebar is designed to be more comfortable and durable.

Improved Frame: Manufacturers improved the frame by making it lighter, stronger, and easier to assemble.

Wear-Resistant Tires:  LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed is equipped with wear-resistant tires that are perfect for your daily commute.

Intuitive Shifting: The bike provides intuitive shifting so that you can focus on the road ahead of you.


This sleek bike is the perfect fit for any cyclist looking to ride on a road. The LOOCHO Road Bike has an impressive 21-speed option and features disc brakes that can stop you in seconds with just one pull of the brake lever! The suspension type is rear and front, and the wheel size is 20 inch.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Well made
  • Affordable price


  • Assembly may take some time

Why do we recommend this product?

It is a great bike for fitness, urban commuting and touring. The frame is made of high-quality aluminium alloy. This road bike has a comfortable saddle with an adjustable height to fit most riders. With the Shimano rear derailleur, you can quickly shift through the 21 gears and enjoy your ride.

4. Vilano City Bike Men’s 7 Speed

The Vilano City Bike is a retro-inspired city bike with an aluminium frame, seven-speed Shimano drivetrain, and easy to use coaster brake. It’s the perfect bike for commuting to work or class! The upright riding position makes it easy to see traffic and pedestrians, while the rear rack makes it simple to carry your belongings. This model also includes integrated lights for added safety when commuting at night.

Vilano City Bike Men’s 7 Speed Best commuter bike under 300

 This bike comes with flat handlebars for upright riding position and comfort padded seat. This bike is perfect for city commuting, weekend rides, or just getting around town. The Vilano City Bike comes with a full manufacturer warranty against any defects in materials or quality.


Comfortable: This Vilano city bike is an excellent choice for the rider who wants to cruise around town. The comfortable, upright riding position makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre at slow speeds.

Lightweight: This Vilano city bike has a lightweight steel frame yet strong enough to hold up under heavy use. It also comes with front and rear fenders for keeping you clean as you ride, even in rainy weather.

7-Speeds: The seven-speed Shimano gears are ideal for getting up hills or cruising fast on flat ground. You can shift quickly thanks to the twist shifter controls located right above your grip.  The linear-pull brakes give you excellent stopping power when you need it most!



Riding a Vilano City Bike is the best way to get around town! This bike has everything you need for an enjoyable ride. You have seven speeds, so it’s easy to find your perfect pace, and with 700cm wheels, you’ll feel like royalty on this 53cm-sized frame. There are also linear-pull brakes that make stopping quick and safe even in wet conditions!


  • Durable frame
  • Sturdy construction
  • Seven speeds


  • You may need professional for assembly

Why do we recommend this product?

We recommend this for its multiple features. The Vilano City Bike is a perfect choice for the urban commuter, with its lightweight aluminum frame and easy-to-use Shimano 7-speed drivetrain. The upright riding position makes it easy to stop at your destination or traffic lights, and the alloy wheels with wide tires offer excellent traction on all types of road surfaces.

5. Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bike

Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bike is the best commuter bike for casual riding. It has been designed to handle different terrains such as pavement, dirt paths, and mountain trails.

This bike comes with high-quality features that help smooth riding and give you an enjoyable experience when using the bike. The bike is made of carbon steel material which makes it highly durable.

Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Best commuter bike under 300

This bicycle features Shimano 21 speed shifters and derailleurs, dual disc brakes, fenders, an upright seating position, and a suspension fork for a smooth ride.


Easy assembly: Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bike is 85% preassembled. It only takes about 20 minutes to finish the rest of the assembling work.

Strong suspension fork:  This bike features a high-quality suspension fork with powerful springs. These springs can absorb most bumps on the road to make your riding more comfortable.

High carbon steel frame: The frame is made of high carbon steel, making it durable and reliable for long time use. It also has an elegant appearance that will make you stand out from the crowd!


The Hiland mountain bike is a fantastic product. It features a lightweight carbon steel frame, front suspension forks, and disc brakes that offer superior performance on all terrains. The 26-inch wheel size allows for easy maneuverability, while the 27-inch frame provides more stability than smaller models – perfect for off-road adventures!


  • Lightweight, durable
  • Sturdy frame
  • Carbon steel frame


  • Complaints about customer support

Why do we recommend this product?

The bike is designed for use on paved roads and hard-packed dirt trails. It has a steel frame and forks durable enough to withstand regular city riding and rough terrain. The suspension fork provides a smoother ride over bumpy roads or trails.

6. Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike

This Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike features retro-styled cruiser bike that are perfect for urban and campus riding. A step-through frame makes it easy to mount, while the upright seating position provides comfort and control. The steel frame is strong, durable, and lightweight for easy pedaling. The 7-speed drivetrain gives you plenty of options to tackle hills or flat terrain with ease. A rear rack lets you strap on bags or baskets to carry your stuff. This Schwinn bike has 700c wheels with 26-inch tires.

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike

 The comfortable seat has a spring suspension to cushion your ride. The Schwinn steel hybrid bike has an easy-to-use 7-speed drivetrain for cruising around town or taking on the paths and trails.


 Adult Hybrid Bike: Retro city-style steel frame with a robust suspension fork. 7-speed twist shifters, front, and rear alloy wheels, swept-back handlebars.

Retro City Style: Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike is a stylish bicycle that features a retro city-style steel frame with a robust suspension fork. The seven-speed twist shifters allow you to change gears quickly, while the front and rear alloy wheels give you excellent traction on all types of terrain.

Powerful Suspension Fork: Schwinn’s patented suspension fork absorbs bumps in the road for a smooth ride every time! This feature is essential if you live in an area that has rough roads or lots of potholes. You don’t have to worry about your bike getting damaged because it will absorb the impact!

Front & Rear Alloy Rims: The alloy rims are lightweight and durable so that you can roll with confidence on any terrain.


What’s better than a long bike ride on the open road? A leisurely cruise around town! The Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike is just what you need for both. It features an 18-inch frame with seven speeds to keep your pace smooth and steady. This cruiser-style bicycle also has steel construction, aluminum rims, front and rear brakes, and alloy pedals – all at a weight of 42 pounds.


  • Multiple speed settings
  • Rear and front brakes
  • Lightweight


  • Some complaints about the seat of the bike

Why do we recommend this product?

The Schwinn Wayfarer is a classic cruiser with an upright riding position, swept-back handlebars and step-through frame. The comfortable seat has a spring suspension to cushion your ride. The Schwinn steel hybrid bike has an easy-to-use 7-speed drivetrain for cruising around town or taking on the paths and trails.

7. Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike

The Hiland 26 inch mountain bike is best affordable commuter bike. It has a sturdy steel frame with a suspension fork that makes it perfect for riding on trails and roads. The Shimano 21 speed gearing system allows you to choose the right gear for the terrain and conditions.

Hiland 26 Inch Best commuter bike under 300

The front disc brake provides excellent stopping power when needed. And, there’s also an alloy crankset with a triple chainring, which makes pedaling easy as well as fun!

It features a high-strength steel mountain frame and fork that combine to create an extremely sturdy and durable ride.


Powerful suspension fork: The front wheel is equipped with a robust suspension fork to absorb shocks and vibrations.

26-inch wheels: The large size tires for better grip, more comfort, and more excellent stability.

Double V-Brake: Dual brakes on the handlebar for maximum braking power in all weather conditions.

85% Preassembled: Hiland 26 inch mountain bike arrives 85% preassembled, so you can enjoy riding it quickly after purchase!


This 26-inch mountain bike from HILAND is made with riders like yourself in mind. With front suspension and linear-pull brakes, this bad boy has all of your needs met! The frame comes in 15” height for those who prefer to be closer to the ground while riding.


  • Height adjustments
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Sturdy frame


  • No technical flaw in the product.

Why do we recommend this product?

This bike is perfect for the city commuter who needs a quick and reliable way to get around town. It features a Shimano 21-speed drivetrain with easy-to-use thumb shifters, an alloy crankset, a front suspension fork, and rear linear-pull brakes. The mountain bike also has a lightweight aluminum frame built for speed and comfort on any terrain.

Buyer Guide:

Choosing the best commuter bike is not an easy task. You will need to consider different factors, such as price, style, and comfort level. This post provides a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best commuter bike under 300.

Your budget:

The first and most crucial step in selecting the right bike is to make a list of your priorities. You need to know what you can afford before you start looking into different bikes. Once this has been established, visiting websites such as Amazon or Walmart will be much simpler because they have plenty of commuter bikes for under $300.


There are many styles available when choosing a good commuter bike – cruiser, mountain bike, city-style etc. So it’s best if you decide which one would suit your needs the most beforehand for those who want something that looks more like an average bicycle but still provides the benefits of having gears.

After that, you are getting either a hybrid or comfort bike might be a good option. If you’re looking for something more like an upright bike, then getting something similar to cruiser or Dutch-style bikes might be better as they are easier on the back and could also come with features such as fenders which can keep your clothes dry in wet weather.


Make sure you choose the right bicycle size – depending on whether it is for children, teenagers or adults. Because otherwise, you’ll find that things won’t fit properly, and this will make riding uncomfortable at best!

For example, if there’s not enough room between the seat post and handlebars when seated. It means that their weight has been shifted too far forward over time which could cause pain in their neck from looking over their shoulder.

Type of Frame:

There are two main types – steel and aluminum; the former is heavier but more durable, while the latter is lighter weight. For this reason, it reduces vibrations which can be tough on your joints if they’re not used to that type of cycling. The different materials will also affect how much a bike costs!


You’ll need something with gears for use in hilly areas or when there are strong headwinds. Otherwise, you may find yourself having trouble going up inclines or mastering descents. In this case, anything from three-speed bikes to nine-speed could work well depending on what you want.


You’ll need pedals for the bike to work; however, they are often included with the purchase of a new bike. If you’re an experienced cyclist, it might be worth getting some clipless pedals that give more power to each pedal stroke than flat or toe clip-type ones.

However, if you’re not used to cycling and want something easy to use (e.g., commuting), flat or toe clips would be better as they won’t slip off your feet easily when going downhill!


The saddle should have enough padding so that it feels comfortable after 20 minutes of riding. Also, make sure there’s no pressure on sensitive areas between our thighs and behind our knees. A saddle with a cutout is also worth considering as it’ll help you stay in the correct riding position and get air flowing around us when we’re cycling!


The handlebar should be wide enough that our elbows can hold on to them but not so wide that they are too close together. Ensure there are no pressure points at the back of your hands that would cause discomfort after an hour or two of commuting.

Also, make sure it matches how tall you are. If it doesn’t, then chances are you won’t be able to reach the brakes easily without bending down, which could lead to fatigue and neck problems!


Can you get a good bike for $300?

Yes! If you know where to look, you can find a great bike for $300.There are some good bikes at that price, but you will have to do your homework to find them. Good bikes don’t need to cost a lot of money. And you can get one for $300 if you look hard enough!

Is Schwinn a good bike brand?

Definitely! Schwinn makes some of the most popular and best-selling bikes in the world. Schwinn is a well-known brand. I’ve seen many people who use them, and they are delighted with their bikes.

What is a good bike for casual riding?

Well, it depends on your needs! If you’re looking for something to ride around the neighborhood, an upright cruiser would be a good choice. The vertical position will make it easier to see obstacles and stay safe.


Whether you are looking for the best commuter bike or just good quality, affordable option that will work on your commute to work, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite options. The bikes we’ve shared with you today are all under $300, which is relatively affordable for what they offer. We hope this post has helped provide some insight into the best commuter bike under 300, choices that will suit your needs and budget.

If you’re still not sure about which one to choose, or if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!

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